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for December 23, 2021


We are about an hour away from the arrival of four grandkids, three of whom will bounce off of the walls until after midnight and maybe later and that means blogging will be the least thing on my mind. I have a few things I want to commit to writing before they get here, so here we go:

Last night I spent a good two hours out at the garden, and boy did the tears flow. I bundled up for 35 degree weather, clear skies and a little damp from the early morning light rain that went through the area. I took a Lynchburg Lemonade, the Bluetooth speakers to play the piano music through, a heavy coat, wool cap, gloves - the usual garb for a cold night. It took a few minutes and about the fourth song on the playlist before I started feeling the tears bubbling up. I just finished that glass and held back the tears, telling Princess and Reggie that I had to go inside, take my heart pill and supplements and fix another Lynchburg - which I did. As I was about to go back outside, Whiskers came up next to me, meowed once as if to say: "Can I go out with you?" So, I let her go.

This is the third time in about ten days she has gone out with me to the garden; twice in four days. Whiskers is slow coming off the porch as she came out the back door and was immediately hit with a 35 degree differential. It stunned her and she took a minute to get used to the cold air. I had called for her to follow me, but she tarried. By the time I got to the garden and started to sit down in the chair near Princess and Reggie's resting place, I heard her meow, I called and said "Come on, I am right here." She meowed again; I called her again. She slowly made her way to the garden as I stood up so she could see me more clearly.

When Whiskers got to the garden she sat right next to me and I petted her to let her know I wasn't going anywhere. She stay next or near me for the next thirty minutes or so, only moving once or twice away to see the markers and to go off a couple of feet to find where the garden ended. She came back when she heard me cry out loud - not to the dogs, but to God. I had a very intense conversation with Him, asking Him to let me know what is in my heart as I haven't been able to find out what is in it for the longest of time. I have not been able to read or know what has been or is in my heart since all the bad stuff started at church nearly five-and-a-half years ago. I words of my heart seem to translate into a foreign language every time I meet with serious controversy or mere contempt from a member or members of the church I am serving. It happened in 1984 in Bluff City, Tennessee; I happen in 1987 in South Norfolk, VA; and it happened at Forest Hill Baptist back in 2008 and 2009. I get so tangled up inside that I can't begin to describe it. It is all that I can do to keep my heart from hardening. Instead, it breaks.

I only drank two Lynchburgs last night and sat out there for about an hour and a half. Whiskers was very loyal staying with me. She did the same thing that Reggie did those many times I went to the garden to talk with Princess from the time she passed in September, 2016 until I felt her tugging at me to spend more time with Reggie - since his time was limited. I felt that coming from Princess right after Reggie got over his serious bout of illness in October of last year. It was if she were telling me that his last few months should be spent with me giving him my undivided attention. I know that if Princess were still here, she would understand. There wasn't a jealous bone in her body.

Anyway, Reggie accompanied me to Princess's resting place at least three out of every four times and he stood right beside me or close by as if to keep a lookout for me. When it was winter and very cold out, I would pick him up and put him right beside me in the chair and cover him with the blanket or coat I had with me to keep him warm. It looks like Whiskers has designated herself to be my caregiver, taking over from where Reggie left off. I don't know if cats do that, only time will tell.

As for the other few things on my mind, I will just fill you in on the events of the day and as I write along, I may have a comment or two.

I got up this morning with just two tasks I had planned. I had to pick up a couple of air filters for the HVAC units. I took care of that matter and then I thought to myself that even though I am on vacation that I should go out to church if only to meander around for a few minutes so as to give the appearance that I haven't started vacation. Most folks think that since I am performing the Christmas Eve service that I haven't started vacation and that I should be out holding hands or something. The Chairman of the Deacons, head of the Stewardship Council and Chair of the Building renovation team, along with a lot of other positions that no one else wants to do and easily pass off to him, lives across the street and down about three houses and can look over into the parking lot from his house and see if my car is there or not. If only to go and be there for an hour it would give the appearance that this pastor was on duty. I really went out there for no other reason, but while there I laid out the candles we will be using tomorrow night and fixed up the Communion Table so that the elements could be properly placed there for the service as well. I also printed a couple of things, rather than leave them for my secretary to do next week.

Then, I drove back to Chesapeake, stopping off to fill up my car with gas before the price of gas goes up again. I went to Sam's Club where the price has been around $3.12 recently, but it was down to $3.00 this morning. I'm not complaining; that was a blessing.

I came home and Janice was about five minutes out. Upon getting home, she immediately set to work on chores around the house. For the third time in as many days she vacuumed the downstairs. When I asked her if she was going to make that a daily thing, she merely shot back: "We have company coming." I responded, "Yeah, and one on of those coming is a four year old who believes a messy house is the way to go and will start the process within three seconds of arriving." With Janice doing a lot of cleaning, that meant that I would be helping out as well. Which I did!

I stopped at about 4:35 telling Janice that I hadn't had lunch and that I was starving. I ended up ordering dinner from Cracker Barrel and I did so from their app. Upon hitting the pay button, I got the response that the dinners should be ready at 5:04. I arrived at Cracker Barrel to pick up the food at the exact moment. It wasn't ready, ten minutes later, it still wasn't ready and at about that moment a man walked in saying he was late to pick up his food and his wasn't ready either. he was supposed to be there at 4:55. Ten minutes after that, a lady came in and asked about her order. A minute or so later hers came out on two carts! There were three boxes on each and I noticed that she had ordered several pies, pecan, apple and some other type. it must have been about eight pies. She had also order twenty to twenty four dinners. I could help but notice that her bill was extremely long and dangled on the floor and I heard someone ask if she was having a party. She said that her entire family was eating an early Christmas dinner and that they had better enjoy it. It cost her over $550!!

My food came about five minutes later (5:30 to be exact) which was about two minutes after the gentleman who was supposed to pick his up at 4:55. $550!!!

After picking up the food I came home and Janice and I woofed our food down like there would be no tomorrow and then, she laid out a few more chores to do before the family gets here. I went upstairs and quickly vacuumed the bedrooms and hallway and now I am sitting here trying to get this blog finished before they arrive.

That being said, I will stop now so as to make sure this gets posted before they arrive, for I know that my attention will be preoccupied for the rest of the night. I may or may not be able to blog some tomorrow, but if not, please know that I am enjoying my time with the family and preparing for a great Christmas holiday.

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