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for December 24, 2021


Well, Bobby's family is all here with Brad's coming in on Sunday. Then, we will have a full house and then some.

Bobby, Emily, Robby, Madi, Landon and Reagan got in around 9 o'clock last night and were ready to rock and roll, after over 11 hours in a car driving up from Florida. The traffic was heavy but the only slow up occurred a couple of places in South Carolina. The kids brought their luggage into the house and immediately pulled out all their electronic gadgets, phones, tablets, etc. and started playing games. Reagan, the four year old, got out a box we have near the fireplace for little kids, and she pulled out every item in it and proceeded to play. It was, indeed, a wonderful homecoming.

A couple of hours later, Bobby and Emily wanted to go up to A.J. Gators to see Brad and tell him they made it safely. Once we got there, it seems that all the kitchen help had gone home and Brad was left to clean up, do the dishwashing, and prepare things to today. He was pissed. I didn't know it at first so when I rounded the corner for him to see me, he said, "You'd better not order a thing or I will go off on you." I said, "Whoa!, What's up?"  That's when he told me that all the kitchen help (all three under 18 years of age) had to go off the clock and he was slammed with customers between 10 and 11. The manager allowed Brad to stop cooking at 11 since he had no help and he would probably be working until after 1 am. He was supposed to get off at midnight.

A couple of minutes later, Brad came out of the kitchen and saw Emily and Bobby. He gave Emily a big hug with a large smile on his face; slapped Bobby up beside his head and just shrugged at me. I have always known that Brad was a woman's man, not his own man.

After about thirty minutes or so and Bobby downing a couple of beers, we came back home, stoked the fire in the fireplace and Janice went off to bed while I stayed up for another hour or so, going to bed before Brad got home.

Today has been an enjoyable day. Except for when Bobby and I took the three oldest to the mall at T-Mobile for him to return a tablet that was no longer working. He had insurance on it and they were going to send him the replacement to his store in Deltona, Florida but he told them he was going to be up here and to send it to Virginia. So, off to a very dead mall we went. Afterward, we had to go over to Wal Mart to pick up some Musinex for Reagan and some Nyquil for Emily as she has trouble getting to sleep in weather that is colder than 70 degrees, or something. The older kids needed to pick up something for Reagan for Christmas too. When we got there, Wal Mart didn't carry the Musinex in powder form for children, most of the toys were sold out and when we got to the self-checkout lines, it was backed up about 80 people deep! It was then that I was reminded why I don't go out on Christmas Eve to pick anything up at a store!

So we left with nothing, Bobby having returned the Nyquil to the shelf and we stopped off at Chick-Fil-A since the kids were hungry. That took about fifteen minutes which was surprising considering that it was Christmas Eve.

We came home, I played hide-and-seek with Reagan while Brad took Bobby to CVS Pharmacy to pick up what he needed and now I have settled in for these few moments to jot down these words before getting into the shower and dressing for the Christmas Eve service.

For those out there (all none of you) who may stumbling across these words in this very personal blog page, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. And in case you are wondering about my evening tonight as to whether I will spend a few minutes in the garden, the answer if, YES! I will go out to think about the Christmases past with my beloved pets, cry a little and wish them a Merry Christmas at the Rainbow Bridge. It is my plight, my destiny as I am still a long way from adjusting.

And now, time to get ready for Church.

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