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for December 26, 2021


Since I last wrote, I have experienced some of the best time in a very long time, with my family. And Brad's two sons will arrive later today and will complete my family's coming together for the first time in over thirteen years. More Christmas presents to open, yes, but their presence means more to me than just about any Christmas present anyone could give.

I say "just about" because yesterday afternoon, Daniel and Christina (Janice's son and daughter-in-law) came by for a couple of hours and brought gifts for Janice and me. Mine was an unexpected surprise and I would never in a million years have guessed what was in that box. After Janice opened hers, it was time for me and upon opening that box, there folded up neatly was a blanket. On that blanket they had printed twenty pictures that I must have posted to Facebook in the past, all were of my pets - Princess, Reggie, Pixie and Whiskers as if they were highlights in my life (and they were). This is what I opened:

I cried so much that it embarrassed Daniel and Christina to the point that they apologized and tried to explain the apprehension they had before having it made. They were concerned that it may be too soon to give me something like this. Believe me, it was PERFECT.

Oh, I had many other presents given, including a Christmas Tree ornament that Emily (Bobby's wife) had made of a Bishon and the words R.I.P. Reggie. I opened that one up earlier in the morning when given to me and, of course, I let the snot fly. I immeidately placed it on a very good spot on the Christmas tree.

Other than the usual socks, underwear, cologne, shower gel and a couple of shirts, my Christmas was better than normal. I also got a much needed new set of hair clippers and all the tools to go along with - not that I need anything extra since I have very little hair left.

You may be wondering if I shared my experience with Princess and Reggie and, Oh yes, I sure did go out to the garden to talk about it. But I was only there about five to seven minutes. My family is in town and what a pleasant distraction it is to get my mind off of total mourning.

Let me back up to Friday evening and the Christmas Eve Service. To my surprise we had just as many people was I thought we should (not would). There were 46 people in attendance and that included six from Bobby's family and there were also a few guest from other church member's families. It was a different style of service as we song an opening Christmas song (Oh Come all Ye Faithful) followed by a prayer then a second song followed by scriptures from the Old Testament, a third song, more Scripture from the Old Testament, a fourth song followed by Scripture, a fifth followed by New Testament Scriptures, then a sixth song followed by a commentary and Scripture, then sommunion, then candle lighting, followed by Silent Night. It took about 45 minutes in all and was extremely well received by most folks; maybe by all. There were several comments given made to Janice about how unique and welcomed it was to have that type of service. There were no musical specials, no sermon, no musical interludes. When it came time for the candle lighting, the lights in the sanctualy went out and one by one each person lit his or her candle off of the person's next to them until all around the sanctuary we had light and the proclaimation that Jesus is the "Light of the World."

After the service, we came home and had a hot dog on cresent roll supper; we let the kids open up one present and we watched Home Alone. We got the kids to bed around 11:00. I wasn't too far behind.

Christmas started with bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast, but that came only after all the kids were allowed to open their presents. No one can eat on Christmas morning until presents are opened and the kids are allowed to play for about an hour.

Then, we spent the afternoon playing, visiting and, of course, Janice had to watch her Packers play the Browns.

After it got dark, the kids went outside and played flashlight tag. It was a pleasant evening as the temperatures didn't fall below 62 degrees. After a while, I started a fire in the fire pit out in the back yard and while assembling the sticks, kindling, paper and cardboard used to start the fire, I was looking over at the garden nearly by and just talking with Reggie about different things, like you would talk to a human about small stuff. I got the fire started and soon, everyone (except to two grandsons) were assembled around the fire just talking up a storm.

It was a good day yesterday; on in which no travel for me was necessary. Once upon a time, we would go from one parent's house to another, one brother's house to another, etc. Now, they all came to us. I guess you can say we finally got old.

Today, Bobby and I are going to take his two over to see my aunt Gwen. She is 94 years old and my uncle's bride from England he brought back with him after World War II. She is the only living member of my dad's side who can give a pretty good account of things about the Corson Family for Bobby to include in his geneological records. Then, later on, we have to get back for the arrival of Chandler and Wesley. Tomorrow evening, we will actually have the Christmas Feast; turkey, ham and all the fixins' courtesy of Brad and with the help of Janice and Emily. It's going to be a wonderful time.

Things are going to get really hopping around here for the next 72 hours. We are planning an all day trip to Williamsburg on Tuesday and Emily has a friend living in Smithfield she needs to see Wednesday while the rest of us take a few trips, one to Norfolk because Bobby wants to eat at Doumars, then out to Virginia Beach for more toy shopping and whatever. I think tomorrow during the day and Wednesday will be more like flying by the seat of our pants. Whatever the events, it will be fun.

Time for me to get ready for the trip to Newport News to see my Aunt Gwen. I will take the kids my to see the house where I grew up and Bobby wants to spend a minute or two at my Mom and Dad's resting place. I really look forward to it. When I sit down again to blog, I will fill all my one readers in on it.

Until then,...

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