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for December 27, 2021


Well, since I last posted Sunday afternoon, a lot of events with the family have transpired. One thing that I think was truly funny was that my daughter-in-law, who is very literate in all things having to so with finding items and products needed for the home and for the kids, didn't know about the Sam's Club app where you can scan the item you are buying, put it the basket and when you are finished getting what you want and scanning each, you hit check out and you pay for it where ever you are located in the store and you just bypass the long lines and walk to the exit to have it checked and BOOM, you are out of there. She thought that was the greatest invention since the automobile.

After Sam's Club we came back, ate some dinner and the kids were starting to get antsy to go outside, but just before Janice and I started to clean up and wash the dishes, Chris and Vickie, their other grandparents, showed up after driving about ten hours. they had already gotten a hotel room, put their stuff in the room and came over to see the kids and to open presents with them. Needless to say, they were pleasantly distracted with more gifts to open and things to play with. Janice and I stayed in the kitchen so they could have some time with their other grandparents.

About an hour and a half later the kids did out outside to play hide-and-seek with flashlights (we called it flashlight tag when I was a kid). I was more, or less, an observer to make sure no one cheated. Brad had gotten off from work at A.J. Gators a little early and after eating a bit, came out to stir the kids up a bit. At about 9:00 he got a call from Chandlers saying he was about 20 minutes out. Chandler had Wesley with him as they were headed to Chesapeake to celebrate some of the holidays and upon their arrival, my entire family was here, safe and sound.

There were more presents to open - for Wesley and Chandler and they had a few things for the kids. Chandler, being a college student is on a truly thin income, although he is on full scholarship, he dedicated his entire semester this year to full time study and not having to work. he doesn't ask for any help, he just saves up the dimes he has and, even though Brad and Cynthia send him money for gas, he spends it sparingly.

I plan on talking more about Chandler probably on December 30th. That is the day when everybody leaves and my house truly becomes empty. Janice will go to work that day and I will be left to clean the house and try to get it back to normal. We have kids sleeping all over the place. Wesley, Madi and Robby are sleeping on different couches in the den; Landon is sleeping on a mattress in the floor on my office (I can't even get in there to type these words - I have to do it on my laptop); Emily, Bobby and Reagan are sleeping in the guest room and Chandler in sharing the bed with his dad in Brad's room. There is so much stuff in our room and Janice and I wouldn't have that much room to put a blowup mattress in for anybody else.

Yesterday, was a busy day of sorts. I did want to spend some time catching up on Chandler's life. He is my first biological grandchild and, without even trying, he became the proverbial "apple of my eye." He spent several summers with Janice and me while he was growing up, but by the time he hit high school, there were demands on his time throughout the summer, because he ran cross country track and the practices started the second week into summer. I have written at length about how tight we were (and to some degree still are, although, being a Junior in college and 20 years 0f age, he has a life, three roommates, a girlfriend and little time to talk on the phone, much less come to visit his old Pop Pop). In fact, I guess I have written about him several times here, here and here.

Don't get me wrong, I love all six of my grandchildren. Robby and Madi have spent very little time with me. That is due to their mother, who I could spend several hour ranting over. She is literally insane. Up until two years ago, when ever she would hear that I was going to down visit Bobby she would purposefully find an excuse not to let Bobby have them for the week or the weekend. One of them would be sick (although not really, but with something like sniffles) and she thought their mother should be the care giver when either one came down with something or were perceived to be sick. And she would say it isn't fair that one should be kept home and the other one get to go see their dad so if one was sick the other was punished and had to stay home too.

Their mother is not only over protective, she is totally paranoid. She truly believes that all men are predators and wants to protect Madi against men and boys. And recently, when Robby started high school - HIGH SCHOOL! She accompanies him to his bus stop and waits for the bus with him in front of other kids who, no doubt, make fun of him to his face after getting on the bus. What kind of mother does that? He is 14 years old!

Their mother has other quirks and to write about those would literally require hundreds of pages and could make well into a literary drama of great proportions.

Wesley has suffered a lot with the divorce of his mother and Brad. She has since remarried and his step-father, who has kids of his own and one about eight months younger than Wes, is a nice man and very helpful with Wesley when it comes to homework and putting things together like projects or games for him to use and play with. Cynthia (his mother and Brad's ex) is from Ecuador and is really a beauty of a woman. She is somewhat moody and has four district cycles of moods she goes through each month. By her own admission she suffers from these swings and they are not in anyway debilitating nor unpredictable. Chandler would clue me in before me making a trip down to Charleston (where they live) as to which "phase the moon was in." Most of the time, Cynthia didn't care that he told me and thought it would be for my own good to know in advance whether she would be in a melancholy state, a happy state, a focused, zoned out state, or a plain bitch (her words). Of course I would avoid the latter.

Wesley is very smart, he has the mind of his brother and can solve simple math equations in his head, a advanced math problems quickly on paper. He is in the fourth grade and reading on a seventh grade level. He is doing basic algebra without studying as he grasps the problems and concepts while the teacher presents them for the first time. But Wesley is also a cut up. He has a devious or mischievous way about him and loves to play practical jokes. He has a lot of interests from playing basketball and soccer to building model cars, planes, etc. He, of course, is into all kinds of video games and catches on real easy.

Landon, is my step-grandson, Emily's son, and he has his own world of wonder. He loves to eat, and could play video games 24 hours a day. It is all Bobby and Emily can do to get him outside to run around. He is about 60 pounds overweight for a 12 year old and with his own proclivities, never gets in the way or disrupts a crowd.

That leaves Reagan, who I call Ragin' Reagan. A very precocious four year old, she does like to be heard over everyone else. She is Bobby and Emily's only child together and could probably go for 72 hours without sleep. She must have opened 30 gifts for Christmas and played with each for a total of three minutes before settling on a gift that was for all four of the kids (Madi, Robby, Landon and her). It was a set of walkie talkies - four, one for each, that she is so enthralled with that she even slept with hers the last two nights. They are the kind that have a ring tone, a signal and other tones just like what you hear on the police, fire and rescue radios. She is all over that, so much that it drives everybody crazy.

She is "Ragin'" because she can scream louder and talk extremely high pitched over a room of adults and when two or more adults are talking she has to be heard over them. As the adults talk a little louder to hear each other, she gets louder, and on and on. It is not that she is being defiant. It is that she thinks no one can hear her over the louder adults or kids in the room. Even if she is not talking to anybody, she has to talk. That kid can wear me out in five minutes just watching her run around from room to room and playing with her hundreds of dolls, games and toys. She never stops.

So Monday was a play day, but we also went to Doumar's in Norfolk for lunch. Bobby loves that hole-in-the-wall diner and so we had to take the kids there. They all love the ice cream. After that, there was more play time outside and I got to spend a little time with Chandler. In the evening, around 5:30, we formally celebrated Christmas dinner! We held off until everyone got to be present, when everyone was in town all at once! There was the traditional turkey, dressing, Virginia smoked ham, peas, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, and, of course, pumpkin pie. Good Lord, I am so grateful for this as it has been thirteen years and two daughter-in-laws ago since we were all together. In fact, Neither Madi, Wesley or Wesley were born, nor was Landon and his mother was not heard of when we were last together.

I had a great night last night. After supper and while the kids were playing flashlight tag, I went out back to light a fire in the pit and everyone joined in. It was a cool 50 degrees outside and getting colder. We must have spent a good two hours out there, just spinning yarns and having a good ole time. As it turns out, Bobby, Brad and Emily spent another three hours out there for long after I went to bed, I got up to peer out the bathroom window and saw that they were still there while the kids, including Ragin' Reagan were still bouncing off the wall in the den and watching Amine. Madi, the quiet one of them all was in the living room reading one of her books she got for Christmas.

It was at this moment that I remembered: "Oh Crap! I forgot to blog the day's activities." Well, here it is - late but up to date. My Tuesday rant will be late as well, perhaps I will wait until Wednesday as we are planning on spending the day in Williamsburg. The kids want to see history. Four of the six are truly into that. I am sure I will have something to talk about when we get back, but it may be late so -- hang on ...

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