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for December 29, 2021


Yesterday was a full day of activity, or maybe a full day of trying to corral six grandkids to get on the stick and get out of the house as we were supposed to be in Williamsburg by 11 am, but we didn't leave the house until 12 Noon. Once we arrived in Williamsburg we found that many of the exhibitions were closed and a couple of the tours were reduced to you meandering about and ask questions if you have any. None of the colonial restaurants were open, Chownings Tavern, the King's Arms Tavern, Shields and Christina Campbell's were all closed. According to one of the tour guides at the Capitol, there are not enough cooks and servers to work. This pandemic and the Democrats who facilitate the desire of the many to not have to work is ridiculous and asinine.

Well, before we could get into an exhibit the kids were crowing that they were hungry and we had to leave the colonial area to find a place to eat. Brad picked out a Mexican restaurant and the food there was just awful. Everything came out of cans and nothing was cooked from scratch or put together from a recipe. The refried beans were terrible and there were repercussion about a couple of hours later.

By the time we got out of the restaurant, there was less than two hours to get into exhibitions. Given the fact that some of the time had to be spent walking from one place to another we only had time for two exhibits, the Governor's Palace and the Capital. The total cost for the tickets for the days activities wasn't worth it. Add to that the cost of the food for the Mexican place and one could say we had a colossal waste of money.

Part of the problem was due to not leaving on time. Chandler, Brad and Landon have a nasty habit of sleeping through the day and if we had let them, they wouldn't have gotten up out of bed before sundown. Getting them started was arduous. I just hate spending money and not getting our money's worth. Kids don't have a grasp on the significance of using money wisely. You shouldn't spend $45.00 on a ticket to get into at least ten exhibits, but only go into two. And the cost for the Mexican food was astronomical. Especially when the kids didn't eat fifteen percent of their food.

I should moan and complain here as at least I am spending some quality time for the grands.

We didn't light a fire in the pit last night, but probably will tonight since this will be the last night before they leave. I spent a good couple of hours with Chandler last night. We drank a couple of Lynchburg Lemonades, talked about his dreams and aspirations in the world of mechanical engineering, his girl friend, his roommates and we talked about sadness. That led to me discussing my nightly trips to the garden to talk to Reggie and Princess. Chandler said that it is good therapy, that he talks with friends he knows but are not present with him when he talks. He told me that sometimes he makes plans to be sad, knowing that there is a time around the corner when he has to deal with things that get him down. He said confrontation is a good thing.

This young man is special. I "gave him up" (so to speak) to adulthood and his new world of work, college and making new friends for his grown-up years. It was hard to do as I regarded Chandler as my best human friend - Reggie being my best pet friend. As I said in the last blog, I will deal with some of the things Chandler and me talk about in a few days. I am truly pre-occupied today, as I was yesterday and will be for most of the day tomorrow. Friday is my birthday and I certainly won't have anything taking up my time then - never have, never will. Being a New Year's Eve Baby is completely overshadowed by the parties and celebrations which have never included celebrating my birthday.

So this is a short blog today just to fill you in on my last 36 hours and I suppose that I will go into detail from the last five or six days while I sit an cry over getting another year older and no one notices the significance of the day. The tears will not be over me getting older; they will be due to my plan to be sad that day, like Chandler said I could do.

Today, Bobby is taking the boys crabbing and Chandler and I are going to just hangout. There definitely will be more to talk about from this conversation too.

If this blog posting seems incoherent or disjointed that is because I am typing these words in the den with five kids, jumping around, screaming and demanding some attention. I apologize immensely.

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