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for December 30, 2021


Well, they are all gone. The whole family on my side of the marriage. Bobby and Emily left with their four kids around 9;45 after looking for toys, clothes, games, and other items the kids had all over the house, then picking up after them, putting clothes in the various luggage containers, cleaning up, and stripping the beds. Bobby and Emily were up before 7am and got the kids up around 9. They needed those two hours with the kids asleep to get all the stuff done.

There was dirt, glue, putty and other crap all smashed into the living room carpet and the den was a total disaster area. This is the way Bobby and Emily live because they believe that the kids are a blessing for a short time and they will one day not have them around to dirty and mess up the floors. But what they fail to realize is that one day, their grandkids will come to visit - and then what?

Chandler got up just as they were about to leave, along with Wesley so that they got to say goodbye to their cousins who were already in a hurry to hit the road as they got into the van some thirty minutes before they took off. I thought that was strange as none so much as one of them said goodbye to Brad, Chandler, Wesley or me. We had to go out to the van to say our goodbyes.

After they were gone, Brad asked Wesley if he and Chandler wanted to go to the Vietnamese Restaurant to get some Pho. They all love that soup so they ventured out while I went to Sam's Club to replenish my Cherry Cokes that Landon polished off while he was here. According to Brad, Landon was hardly even seen in the house without a Coke or Cherry Coke in his hand, unless Bobby or Emily were around. Landon is obese, very large for his height and age and I am certain that since he stayed with his father for the previous five weeks, that all he did was lay around and played video games, which is all he did here. After opening his Christmas presents, he would go somewhere with his tablet and play. Unless he was eating, he was always on his tablet. I worry about him. His obesity, excessive drinking of sodas and laying around all the time is going to land him in the insulin ward with Type I diabetes.

As for Bobby and Emily's other three kids, Robby has really grown up, is very opinionated, is often picked on in school for his political opinions (which he is totally open to share even it if means he gets beat up). He is conservative, more of a Libertarian which will definitely get him into trouble. He is picked on so much that he will be back in virtual school this coming second semester. His two main problems are his inability to be tactful when talking politics and his whiney attitude with his sister, Madison. To him, she can do nothing right. She gets on his nerves even when she is only playing with her popitsfidget toy which is supposed to be a stress buster. Also, if she hasn't taken a shower in one day, he gets all over her. He did that all day Tuesday and it started to piss a lot of people off.

Madison (Madi) is very quiet, unless Robby is on her case which is almost always, she stays to herself when working on a puzzle, drawing or doing school work. She doesn't like bring distracted or fussed at. She loves her little sister Reagan and always plays with her, shows her how to draw, works on her spelling and stuff like that. You hardly ever know when Madi is around.

Reagan is a very precocious four-year old who wants to be seen and heard. If you are talking to someone in a room and she walks in, she will talk over you. If you don't pay her any attention she gets louder and louder until the screaming starts. And boy, can she scream. In contrast to her two brothers, she doesn't eat much in the way of wholesome foods. Reagan will say she wants chicken nuggets or spaghetti or whatever is brought to her attention on a menu and will eat less than 10 percent. It is hard to order for her as she just will not eat much at all. But give her strawberries, blueberries, peaches and just about any other kind of fruit and she is all over that. The problem is that Bobby and Emily let her eat anywhere in the house. She doesn't always keep her fruit in her bowl and when she spills some out, the carpets get stained or someone not looking down and doesn't notice will step in it and grind it into the carpets. Such is the case here.

We had an understanding that they were only going to eat and drink in the kitchen or dining room. That lasted three minutes after they all arrive last Thursday and were hungry for some refreshments. Reagan immediately went into the den with a package of Capri Sun and some peanuts, while Landon tried to bring a coke into the den when I jumped up and got them both out of there. I got a dirty look from Emily but she knew we had an agreement. It would take all for of the adults, me, Janice, Bobby and Emily to patrol them and sometimes, like if Emily went to the store and Janice was cooking, those kids just went behind our backs to took bottles of water or sunflower seeds, nuts, fruit, you name it into either the Living Room or the Den. They weren't being defiant, they were just doing what their parents allow them to do at home. Bobby and Emily may have told them not to take food and drink into those areas, but that just doesn't register in the mind of kids who are use to ground food on the floor and drink stained sofas in their house. There is no big push to keep furniture and floors clean at their home.

Then, there is the problem of indulging without asking. Landon must have drank a dozen cokes and cherry cokes all without asking. No one knew and I am sure that if Emily knew she would have been all over him as she wants all the kids to drink water. Robby and Madi drink water but their problem is that they would open a bottle of spring water, take a couple of sips, then forget where they left the bottle and go and open another. This past Monday, we collected 22 bottle of partially used water and only 3 empty bottles and no one knew who they belonged to and refused to drink after someone else, so there were many bottles of water thrown away. We had three pallets of bottled water of 36 bottles each and 2 of 24. As of this morning we have 24 bottles left which means we went through 90 bottles in six days. Emily drinks them, Landon (when he is forced to instead of soft drinks), Robby and Madi. Bobby and I drink tap water that has been filtered. There is a constant pull and tug on the refrigerator door as Landon was always looking for junk to eat. He discovered some candy in one of the kitchen cabinets where Janice stores bowls and he polished off most of that.

It is just remarkable how kids these days are left without too much discipline.

As for my other two grandkids, Chandler is 20 years old and a grown man. He cleans up after himself and stays away from the limelight. When the other four kids are acting up, he gets the hell out of Dodge, and usually goes upstairs to his Dad's room and plays on his cell phone or reads a book. Wesley is somewhat  of an angel and if he messes up, he cleans up without really having to be asked more than once. His mother is a neat-nick from the word "GO". She can't stand to have a speck of dust anywhere and forces Wesley to clean up after himself. Even his room looks almost like it is unoccupied as their are no toys, games or clothes anywhere to be found unless you open up a closet door or a dresser drawer. Chandler grew up that way too as, of course, they have the same mother. Wesley has an identical scream to Reagan. In fact, the days after Wesley got here I took him and Reagan outside and gave them the opportunity to scream their lungs out. We had a screaming contest. Reagan screamed the loudest and longest, but Wesley had the highest pitch and it nearly broke my eardrum. Other than that, Wesley is just a typical 9 year old boys that likes to talk about games, farts and just cuts up.

It has been said that after three days, fish and guests begin to stink. I think Benjamin Franklin said that. You really don't want to go thinking that about your family, but in my case, my family started to stink right away. Landon does not take showers or baths unless threatened with his life. Robby takes as many as three a day (there goes my water bill). But, by stinking it is not the body odor that is bad, but the disaster that was constantly in the making around the house.

I have spent the last four hours vacuuming, washing and drying the sheets from off the beds, also towels and the like. I have to do the dishes before Janice gets home, because I don't want her to have to do much work around the house because these were my kids and their kids and most of the cleaning should fall on me. I will tell you one thing though: The next time those kids come, I will put a barricade up leading to the living room and will have a shock alarm at the end of the hallway leading into the den that will keep those kids from bringing food in there. There will be some sort of regulation and Emily may not like it. That is fine. It's my house and we don't just let kids come in, drop food and drink on the floor, tear open gifts and leave the trash under couches, tables and in the HVAC floor ducts. There has to be some regulation here.

Now for some down time. That comes tomorrow. It is my birthday. Born on the last day of the year when people are too busy to notice anyone with a birthday. That has been my case for 66 years and why stop now. I will spend most of the morning in bed; probably get up after noon. I will go first to Wal mart and pick up a small bag of Strawberry licorice, then go and get my birthday latte from Starbucks, along with a pup cup of whipped cream. I will come back home, sit out in the garden, lay a piece of licorice on Princess grave and put the pup cup on top of Reggie. I will drink my latte, talk to my doggies and then later, start downing Lynchburg Lemonades. Hey! It's my birthday and I will spend it anyway I want. No one has ever made a fuss over it, except my mom, and she has been gone 22 years now. If I could get drunk, I would do it tomorrow.

I am sure I will have some thought to share tomorrow. Maybe I will type them out while sitting out in the garden. But know this, I have a cry fest scheduled for tomorrow and it is not over my getting another year older. I is about me having spent yet another year in the pit of mediocrity that is my mundane life. At least allow me this privilege.

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