John Corson's Blog

for December 31, 2021


It's my birthday. Big whoppie! I woke up this morning with a sore throat, coughing like a lung cancer patient, muscle cramps and, as if that wasn't enough, I had the trots.

Brad woke up coughing his head off. Janice was coughing and had a sore throat. All three of us blame it on Landon. Even Chandler, who called to wish me a happy birthday, had a severe cough and said he got it from Landon. Landon doesn't completely cover his mouth when he sneezes or coughs and has a nasty habit of getting into your face when he wants to annoy you and then, all of a sudden, he accidentally sneezes on you.

So, whatever we caught, the flu, allergies, hay fever, Covid, whatever, we got it from Landon, my step-grandson. He was the only one who appeared to be sick when he arrived so ...

As I said, it's my birthday and I had every intention of going to Starbucks and getting my free birthday drink - A Venti iced pumpkin spiced, white chocolate mocha. While there, I picked up a Pup Cup for Reggie and I went over to Lid'ls and picked up a package of Strawberry Licorise for Princess - as I mentioned I would in yesterday's blog. I came home, went to the garden and placed the pup cup on Reggie's head and a piece of licorise on Princess and sat there and cried. I said "It's my birthday and I want to celebrate it with you two." It's all I really wanted to do. But my head was hurting, the coughing became too unbearable and I had a constant muscus draining problem that was becoming complicated with the crying. I wasn't out there five minutes when Chandler called. He was driving from his mother's house near Charleston back to his place in Clemson and he wanted to talk and wish me a happy birthday. We talked for about a half an hour. During the call, I had to go inside as Janice had made some chicken soup with rice and I wanted to have something warm on my throat. We continued to talk and he noticed that my coughing had gotten deeper and more crackling. Fortunately he had gotten over his cough last night. He drove back to Charleston from here yesterday, coughing all the way. He said he downed a lot of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Elderberry and took some Dayquil which stopped his cough in its tracks. Good for him. He is lucky. I took some Dayquil about an hour ago and it doesn't seem to be doing a lick of good.

I am hoping for lay down some more and hopefully get over some of this yicky crap. I want to celebrate my birthday my way. Me, Princess and Reggie. I guess it is too early for that as the neighbors are out and about in their yards and they could glance over and see my isolation, lonliness and despair. I don't want to put on a show today.

Janice got me a birthday card. In it was supposed to be a $50.00 Amazon card but she said she went to two different places and couldn't find one. So, she put $50.00 in the card. That's OK, it spends just as good as the Amazon Card. I think I am going to lay down now, while the Alabama - Cincinnati game is on. Typical of most men, we seem to fall asleep during football games, right? I just feel punk.

I am hopeful that my head and throat will feel better and that my cough will start to die down. I wish I had something to talk about, something to rant over. What a way to end the year, huh? What a happy birthday! Well, I had planned on staying in bed until noon and nearly did it, then I was going to stay outside for the afternoon and evening but all I can say is what Robert Burns once said that "the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray."

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