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for February 12, 2021


There is this song from The Fortunes that is dancing around in my head:

Here comes that rainy day feeling again
And soon my tears they will be falling like rain
It always seems to be a Monday
Left over memories of Sunday always spent with you
Before the clouds appeared and took away my sunshine

Yes, it's a cold rainy, miserable day AGAIN! Different from the meaning of the song as I don't have a missing love in my life - She is just at work. If it's going to be this cold, just let it snow already!

First, let me start by wishing a Happy Birthday to Abraham Lincoln - born in a little cabin in Kentucky on this day in 1809. He may have suspended habias corpus, gave a big black eye to States Rights and forced young men into a war against their cousins by starting the first draft, but he was an honest man, a good president and gave the Marxist Democrats a better role model to follow as a Progressive than Karl Marx, Josef Stalin and Saul Alinsky did.

Speaking of Marxist Democrats, what is sthere for me to complain about today? Oh, there are a lot of things sticking me in the butt today. There is the Gun Control measure Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is trying to ram through Congress that calls for registering each firearm, rifle and shot gun you own. Separate licenses at $800 a pop ANNUALLY. That comes complete with a necessary psychological evaluation not paid for my your medical insurance or Medicare and Medicaid. A separate insurance policy on each gun. A 50 percent sales tax on ammunition and a ban on all imported rounds.

I could complain about the mandating of the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the Universities, High School and Grade Schools around the country.

I could bellyache about Biden just opening up the border to 25,000 new asylum seekers who are immediately given free healthcare, free food and housing and, no-doubt - a voter registration card complete with directions on how to vote for the Democrat candidates on each.

I could lambast big tech, especially Twitter, for permanently banning yet another Conservative news informer because he and his company dares to reveal that Facebook is practicing censorship of conservative sources and plans to step it up.

There is a long litany of items coming from the Left upon which I could heap tirade after tirade. I would just tire of the word diarrhea (nice term to denote what I would love to inflict the Left with).

Anyway, I am reading a book by Rod Dreher titled Live Not By Lies . The title is borrowed from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who, after years spent in a Russian gulag, tells his readers that they should never fall prey or give into the falsehoods of a totalitarian government and always be mentally attuned to absolute moral truth. Dreher's book is well researched and written from a European perspective with interviews and quotes from "everyday people" who lived through the Soviet oppression of Marxist tyranny. He had heard from many people, such as an elderly immigrant from Czechoslovakia, who became terrified by the social justice warriors cancelling anyone who dared to deviate from the newest orthodoxy. The elderly woman insisted it was similar to what she experienced under Communism. Gone was any respect for freedom of speech. Even the smallest deviance from the accepted leftist belief was ruthlessly crushed, and the holder of that hateful opinion viewed as a transgressor who must be "cast into utter darkness".

Dreher notes that "the old world of classical liberalism is dying" and it's successor appears to be a form of soft totalitarianism.

Once upon a bygone era in the old Soviet Union, totalitarianism meant the politicization of everything. Even chess players were told they should be the "shock players" of the coming Communist tomorrow. Totalitarianism replaced first rate intellects with sycophants of the latest woke dogma and created the greatest and bloodiest abattoir in the history of the world.

Not that the new progressives know this, or care. The woke generation today embraces transgression, protests, breaking windows and setting fires, and hates America, hates her past, and hates her institutions. Has no respect for authority. Seeks to undermine such hierarchies as the police. Heresy hunters pounce on the slightest divergence.

Dreher says that far from being moral relativists they are fanatical Puritans. Progressivism is a form of religion, with faith not in God but in the future, which of course will be better. Religion once gave purpose to life and bound people into communities, but today pornography is everywhere while marriage declines. He says we are moving faster toward Huxley's Brave New Wolrd, rather than toward Orwell's 1984. Meaning, we are becoming more hedonistic and decedent in lifestyle than being oppressed by a police state.

What can we do? Dreher argues we have to fight for the truth, and be willing to accept the consequences. "Choose a life apart from the crowd" he suggests, building communities of believers. For the Christian Dreher has already penned a book that suggests an alternative to living under soft totalitarianism as being The Benedict Option. Another interesting book in which he says the Christian community may find respite and peace in a retreat from the current adverse and decedent society seeking to malign and marginalize Christianity.

I haven't finished reading Live Not By Lives, but I intend to do so today. It is about 230 pages in length and a book I have found hard to put down. It is another one of those books that turn my stomach against the Left and makes me want to cuss, but I hold my tongue and pray that God will get us all through what is about to come (and is already here for the most part).

Hey, I think it is a beautiful day to read. I can't do anything outside and there is nothing on television other than reality programming, game shows, soaps and the damned Impeachment hearing the Democrats are so preoccupied in forcing down our throats. Come on you Anti-Constitutional varments - he is out of office and you can't Impeach a private citizen! The Democrats and Rat-faced Republicans like Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski are so brainless that their combined IQ's could not be more than 13.

BeBefore I stop, I think I shall just get one thing off of my chest. I just wish all Democrats in Congress would die and go to hell. They are worthless pieces of dung pushed out from the bowels of Lucifer and made to stink up America everytime they open their mouths.

Now, I fell like a new man!

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