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for February 14, 2021


Yes, it was another cold, cloudy rainy day, and the third Sunday in a row like this. I am not even going to waste my time on this nonsense.

I didn't bother to sit down and finish or add to yesterday's blog because it was a sad situation. I am referring to Virginia Edward's memorial service yesterday that I said something about in yesterday's banter. Many of the family stayed afterwards to talk and reminisce and Janice and I had to stay until the last one left. We were kind of the welcome crew and the open and close crew. I did not have to conduct the service. The deceased's son-in-law took care of that and he made it both personal for the family and spiritual for the future.

After everyone left, Janice and I took off for the Greek Steak House in Suffolk - I have spoken about the place as one of my favorite haunts and I always order a hamburger steak with a baked potato and salad. Then, we came home to relax and let the food settle while watching a few episodes of "Bluff City Law". Now there was as show with promise! They only made ten episodes and thankfully I didn't erase them from my DVR recordings. I think the show was canceled by the politically correct police. It was produced back in the fall of 2019. It starred Jimmy Smits of L.A. Law and NYPD Blue fame,  Barry Sloane and Caitlin McGee as part of a law firm situated in Memphis, Tennessee. Caitlin makes my teeth itch - she is so beautiful. Those big brown eyes and pure light complexion. Janice would look over at me when there were close-ups of her and once she thought I was having a stroke, as my head was tilted and droll was dropping off the left side of my mouth. Then she realized: "You ass! That is called lust." I said, "No that is called admiring God's creation." You know I lost that argument.

Anyway, Saturday night was basically a non-event, virtually a lazy night. During a pause in the viewing I was looking at the news on my phone and saw that the Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump. No surprise there, but honestly seven Republicans voted to find him guilty of insurrection. Now I know that Mitt Romney is a loser and can't stand the fact that Trump won the Presidency. But Romney's hatred for Trump is out of spite and jealousy. There is no way he will win the Republican nomination for another term as Senator as about 80 percent of Utahans voted for Trump and many have expressed their disgust for Romney. There is no way he will be back for a second term. Maine's Susan Collins doesn't need to fear repercussions even from the thirteen residents of Maine who voted for Trump because she was just reelected and her term expires in five years and nine months. They wonderful citizens of Maine will have forgotten all about her vote by then. The there is Alaska's Lisa Murkowski who is anything but a Republican. She runs as a Republican simply to get elected in a state that has only fifteen Democrats. The last time she was primaried out, she ran as a third party candidate and won in the general election.

Of the other four GOP Senators who voted to end Trump's future, there was Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, who started out conservative, but something bit him in the rear and he has turned against all conservative principles because he saw Trump as the very definition of conservative, which we really wasn't, but was more so that either Bush. Furthermore, Trump is not a globalist like Sasse and half of the Republican party which really brings out the "Never-Trumpers." Sasse was just reelected and won't have to face the wrath of his voters for nearly six years and whereas the people in Maine are forgetful, Nebraskans aren't and I don't think Sasse will seek reelection in 2026.

Then there were Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, another sour-grapes Senator who won't get reelected because the Democrats have already painted him as a blow-hard and will probably lose to the Democrat candidate next year when his term is up. Richard Burr of North Carolina just sealed his fate with the Republicans there and he probably won't seek reelection in 2022. His office has pretty much confirmed he won't run so he has no real skin in the game. He really hasn't shown any reason to vote against Trump. It was a vexing vote at that. And the seventh Republican to vote against Trump was somewhat of a surprise. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana was censured by the Executive Committee of the Louisiana Republican Party for his vote and will probably be primaried out, even though he just recently won reelection and has nearly six years to go.

I don't see these Republicans as "traitors" to the GOP. They each had a reason for voting the way they did. Murkowski is a Democrat in Republican clothing so she wanted to vote with her comrades in the Democrat Party. When it came to Susan Collins' vote the tide was out rather than in so when her tide is out she votes the way Democrats vote. Mitt Romney just hates Trump and would only vote for Trump if he were on a jury and they were voting for the death sentence. Then he would say "Yea" for that. Sasse has lost perspective and found out that conservatism is somehow a threat to his nature. Toomey is just plainly an idiot. Burr didn't think Trump did enough for North Carolina and Cassidy - well, he just plainly suffered an accident wherein his brain for forced out of his ears due to an implosion.

Well, I celebrated Trump's exoneration for all of four seconds and went back to my viewing of Bluff City Law.

Now, as for today. Many of you (at least three of you) anxiously await with baited breath for my disclosure of events related to Sunday morning and today, I'm sure, is no expectation. It was a good day! Despite the rain and cold weather there was a nice crowd today - still small by comparison to last year and the years before, but Covid-19 is relentless and I must say, provides convenient excuses to stay home and watch the service on Facebook and YouTube. I am afraid once we get over this hurdle, many people will have been so used to staying home that they will won't to continue to videos on Facebook and YouTube because - after all, who wouldn't want to "go to church" in their pajamas and slippers, and have a cup of coffee in hand? You can do that from the comforts of home and not have to get out into cold weather to drive to church.

We (that is several of the men in the church) started out the morning with breakfast as our "Brotherhood" of mission supporters gathered for food and to make a couple of decisions on helping a family in need and other things we need to do around the church. These breakfasts take place on the second Sunday of each month and there are anywhere from seven to twelve men who attend.

Following the Brotherhood meeting, I had a few Pre-service errands to run, setting up the media, doing an sound-check for the lady presenting a solo during the service, setting up a few other necessities such as the tablet I use during the sermon to advance slides on the over-head and the other tablet used for the Facebook Live Video of the service. I do set those things up myself. After getting myself milked up I was ready to go!

The service was described by one of the members as "delightful." We started out with announcements and prayer requests before the first praise song is played and sung. We get those things out of the way so we can try to have an uninterrupted flow during the service. The announcements provided the impetus for laughter one or two are made in jest. It carried over into the service and even during the message I made a couple of wise cracks to lighten the seriousness of the sermon which was about Living Out Your Faith. How do we stay optimistic and happy in a world that wants to marginalize Christians and mock our lifestyle? If you want to view to message you can click this link.

At the end of the service we sang happy birthday to one of our members and surprised her with that. We also congratulated another couple in the church upon their 60th wedding anniversary. One of our deacons then added to the celebratory ending by telling of a couple who just celebrated their 69th anniversary and it was shared on national television news. The reporter asked the husband to the key of their long-term loving relationship and he said, "when I wake up every morning I do three things and this has gone on everyday since 1952. I wake up, look at my wife and say 'I'm truly sorry,' 'I love you,' and 'It won't happen again.' I then asked Wesley if that was the case with him and Cynthia - the couple in my church celebrating 60 years.

The service ended with a wonderful prayer by Bobby Crocker (Birthday girl Shirley's husband) and many stayed following the service to talk and fellowship.

So yes, it was a good day, despite the grey skies, the rain, the cold temperatures and having to get out of the bed. I only hope that for next Sunday the skies will be bright, that it will be sunny, a bit warmer and, of course, more people in attendance.

Now, I am going downstairs to watch a couple more episodes of Bluff City Law with my wife. This really hasn't been a bad day at all. I just hope the Democrats don't meet this afternoon and vote on something that will cost me my job, my house, my livelihood and my sanity. What are the odds? Pretty good I think.

As precursor of Democrat destruction consider that following church today, I filled up my wife's car with gas. Four weeks ago, the last Sunday of the Trump Administration, gas was $2.01 a gallon and it cost $21.00 to fill up her tank. Two weeks ago it was $2.15 a gallon and $24.00 to fill up. Last week it was $2.25 a gallon and $26.00 to fill up. Today it was $2.36 a gallon and we didn't fill it up all the way (I only had $28.00 to do it).

Chris Lundburg from Triple-AAA said this morning that he sees $7.00 a gallon gas in Hawaii, $6.00 a gallon in California, $5.50 a gallon in Illinois, and $5.00 a gallon in states with high gasoline taxes (all Democrat) by the end of the year. We will be at $4.00 in Virginia and in the South. Thank you Democrats! Thank you Ole Joe! Thank you all you far Left Loons who think we can all pay through our noses for your new programs that hike everything we need to survive into oblivion. Thank you all you Marxist idiots for making life so miserable stopping the XL Pipeline, ending fracking, outlawing cars that run on fossil fuels!

Darn it! I got myself started. It's just my daily reminder that I truly believe America is done for courtesy of those wonderful Democrats around the country. Next time you suffer from an inconvenience, a major healthcare cost, three months to receive your Christmas present, $5.00 for a gallon of gas, $10.00 for a hamburger that only provides you with three bites, or any other inconvenience that may cost you an arm, a leg or your very life, just thank a Democrat.

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