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for February 15, 2021


Today is President's Day, the third Monday in February where the DMV, Post Office, Banks and other institutions which make you wait in long lines and for days to get good service are closed. I think it is really interesting that the poorest service industries get more holidays and days off that those who serve their customers well. Holidays are those days where the unions and big business come together to slap down the little guy. I know - the little guy ought to have the day off too, right? No! He is too busy stocking the shelves, cooking the hamburgers, making the pizzas, ringing the cash register and being watched by a manager who is just as pissed off having to work as his minions.

So it is to the little people, those who are just one step above bull excrement that I salute today. Thanks for your hard work. I truly mean it!

President's Day was established as a combined observation of the birthdays of George Washington - who was born on February 22, 1732 and Abraham Lincoln - born on February 12, 1809. The third Monday of the month was a suitable compromise date between the two and I think they should be so honored. There was a small, yet somewhat vocal group of supporters of Barack Obama who are calling for the first Monday in August to be set aside as "Barack Obama's birthday", but that isn't getting much traction. I think Lenin has a better chance of getting his birthday observed in the U.S. than Obama. But, I digress.

Washington and Lincoln, it goes without having to mention did monumental things for our country. Washington is called the Father of our Nation, but if he were alive today he would not want to be acknowledged for anything other than being a patriot and one who loves America. Lincoln, is noted as being the Emancipator, the brining of freedom to all people. If he were alive today I think all he would want to be remembered for is a servant to the country.

Both of these men answered the call to duty. Washington answered several calls, as Commander in Chief of the Continental Armies in the time of War for Independence, then as the leader of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, then, less than two years later, the call to be the nation's first President. Earlier, Washington had served in the French and Indian War (1756-1763) then a delegate in the Virginia House of Burgesses and before the Revolutionary War broke out, he served in the first Continental Congress in 1774. Volumes have been written on this man who would and should be honored as the "Father" of our nation and all he wanted to be was a surveyor and a farmer. My how the humblest of desires may result in the biggest things of reality. Today's Democrats start out at birth wanting power, seeking power, running anybody down in the search for that power and once obtained, doing whatever is necessary to keep that power. George Washington had a dislike for the term power in reference to a people or person. He associated power with the crown and the one who wore it. And he did not wear it well. Washington never saw himself "in power" when he was serving two terms as President. He saw himself as a servant. Name one Democrat today who see himself or herself that way. Call any Democrat a servant and you will be branded a racist for using that term.

Abraham Lincoln, too, answered several calls to duty. First, he was a lawyer, and his early clientele was made up of those who could not afford representation and he worked on many cases pro bono. He answered the call to serve in the Illinois Militia during the Black Hawk War of 1832. He later went on to serve ten years in the Illinois state legislature before serving a single term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

After leaving Congress in 1849, the national debate over the extension of slavery began  to swell to the boiling point. The Republican Party had yet to form and the party occupying the White House was the soon-to-die Whig Party, first Zachery Taylor then Millard Fillmore were the Presidents.

The debate over the status of slavery in the territories failed to alleviate tensions between the slave-holding South and the free North, with the failure of the Compromise of 1850, a legislative package designed to address the issue. In his 1852 eulogy for Clay, Lincoln highlighted the latter's support for gradual emancipation and opposition to "both extremes" on the slavery issue. As the slavery debate in the Nebraska and Kansas territories became particularly acrimonious, Illinois Democrat Senator Stephen A. Douglas proposed popular sovereignty as a compromise; the measure would allow the electorate of each territory to decide the status of slavery. The legislation alarmed many Northerners, who sought to prevent the resulting spread of slavery, but Douglas's Kansas–Nebraska Act narrowly passed Congress in May 1854.

Lincoln did not comment on the act until months later in his "Peoria Speech" in October 1854. Lincoln then declared his opposition to slavery which he repeated en route to the presidency. He said the Kansas Act had a "declared indifference, but as I must think, a covert real zeal for the spread of slavery. I cannot but hate it. I hate it because of the monstrous injustice of slavery itself. I hate it because it deprives our republican example of its just influence in the world ..." Lincoln's attacks on the Kansas–Nebraska Act marked his return to political life.

Nationally, the Whigs were irreparably split by the Kansas–Nebraska Act and other efforts to compromise on the slavery issue. Reflecting on the demise of his party, Lincoln wrote in 1855, "I think I am a Whig, but others say there are no Whigs, and that I am an abolitionist...I do no more than oppose the extension of slavery." The new Republican Party was formed as a northern party dedicated to antislavery, drawing from the antislavery wing of the Whig Party, and combining Free Soil, Liberty, and antislavery Democratic Party members, Lincoln resisted early Republican entreaties, fearing that the new party would become a platform for extreme abolitionists. Lincoln held out hope for rejuvenating the Whigs, but they were dead in the water by 1855.

Lincoln stands as quite a contrast to today's Republicans and certainly he was nothing like today's Democrats. Lincoln used his power as a Chief Executive only when forced to as when the Southern armies fired on Fort Sumter, not a moment before. In contrast, today's President, along with his party's Congress members see power as the ultimate resource of their very lives. Democrats are born learning power, grow up developing power, seek the power of office, once obtained, they rule by power, they judge by and with power, they run over people to keep their power, the mock, malign, even kill to keep power and never, ever walk away from power. That is why Nancy Pelosi will never stop running for Congress in her district and will never walk away from her party's leadership. She will have to be carried out on a stretcher after her 115th birthday before she gives up power. Typical Democrats never see themselves as 'servants of their constituents" but they do see themselves as leaders over their minion voters.

It's a wonder the Democrats in Congress today haven't tossed this holiday over the side with the rest of the Constitution. Washington was a slave owner and Lincoln wasn't power hungry and didn't invoke declarations like "turn in your guns or spend the rest of your lives in solitary confinement." Washington was a Patriot and Lincoln was a statesman and the Democrats hate both.

Two other Presidents deserve mention on this day for both of these men were born in February. The first was William Henry Harrison, born on February 9, 1773, and who served the shortest term of all Presidents. He died after just one month in office. He contracted pneumonia and started to feel the illness come on him soon after giving the longest Inaugural Address on record to this day. He is noted for two things - none of which had to do with his tenure as President. (After all, he hadn't served long enough to make his mark on the Presidency). Harrison rose to the rank of General in the Army with service both in the War of 1832, the Indiana campaigns in the Northwest Indian Wars against  the Tecumseh Confederacy. The second thing he is noted for is for him being the last man to be elected President who was born before the U.S. became a nation.

The other President born in February was Ronald Reagan. He was born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois. I could sit here and write non-stop for days on the magnanimous nature of this man. He deserves to be a part of the President's Day celebration for sure. But the Democrats would go apoplectic if this were even suggested by a lowly citizen anywhere. Why? Because Reagan was nothing like today's Communist Democrats. He loathed Marxism, he despised the nations who ruled by Communist standards of the day with its complete stifling of individual freedoms and liberty. He defeated Communism as the very things he put into place during his eight years in the White House literally starved the mechanism of Communism in Easter Europe and the Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan will be remembered for a lot of things, but the one thing I will always remember is how he brought down the militant, revolutionary style Communism and set the Eastern European nations free.

Different from the Leninist-Style of Communism Reagan defeated, today, we have the Gransci-Alinsky style Communism that guides the Democrat Party. That along with the ruling elites in media, education and tech and the compliant Globalist in the Republican Party have moved our country farther away from the principles George Washington helped to craft at that Constitutional Convention, and the Conservative guiding principles Reagan used during his tenure - the last President who refused to answer to the clarion calls of the globalists.

The Soviet Union started to fall in 1989. No one has noticed that that was the same year the death bell tolled for the United States. When Reagan left office, Globalist George H.W.Bush became President. He did what he said he wouldn't do after we were invited to read his lips. He raised taxes. Then came Bill Clinton who caved somewhat to conservatives in Congress when they took over, but became enamored and pre-occupied by the women who roamed the White House. George W. Bush followed and, like his father, became pre-occupied with global entanglements which costs thousands of American lives overseas in "Globalist" efforts to unite the world. Barack Obama followed and his main duty in his mind was to end the American tradition and the Constitution and bring about Socialism which was to, then help, usher in Communism. Donald Trump merely but a pause in the ending of America.

Now here comes Biden, not really all there, but the power behind him is immense and it will not stop for anything, not even elections. Not anymore, for the Left has finally rendered elections moot.

These are dark days and getting darker by the day! Soon we may not even have a Presidents Day, and probably not an Independence Day and Memorial Day either. These holiday observances may become a thing of the past. But don't be surprise to see January 22nd and January 30th combined to become the observance of Gramsci-Alinsky Day. And equally unsurprising should be August 4th and August 12th combined as Barack Obama-George Soros Day) as the new national holidays. At this point, I personally wouldn't be surprised to see Columbus Day (now Indigenous Native Americans Day) become AOC Day. She was born on October 13, 1989. Another bad and sad part about that year when Reagan retired and the United States started its tailspin.

What do you think my Comrades? Long live AOC!!!

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