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for February 18, 2021


As I begin this rant, let me update you on my reading of Andy Ngo's book Unmasked. I have had the opportunity to read only the first four of twelve chapters, but I am hooked. I was hoping with all the rain today to get it finished before bedtime tonight, but I am soaking it up. His accounts of the events surrounding the Portland riots, which is quite lengthy. He also covers the antifa chapters in Portland, Seattle and around the country and in chapter 4 has gone into depth about the teachings, i.e. indoctrination materials and courses offered by antifa leaders which has garnered my keen interest. I will hold off telling you about all the information until I finish the book.

So, I went to bed around 11:30 last night. I was planning on getting out of bed eight hours later at 7:30. I wanted to wake up at about 6:30 to listen to the rain bouncing off my roof so as to fall back asleep. That extra hour would mean the difference between having a nice day and being a miserable half-cocked piece of drek.

Janice is working early this week and has to be at her job at 5:30. Wouldn't you know that the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. Sleeping in was the plan and it went astray courtesy of a flat tire!

So Janice gets about three blocks down the road on her way to work and sees the "tire pressure low" light on her dashboard. She gets crazy when she sees that. It has happened a few times in the past with her 2014 Hyundai Sonata which she has had for over six years now. Needless to say, her driver's side rear tire was almost flat when she got into the car, but with it being dark, rainy and too early to do a thorough inspection before driving off, she didn't know it until she drove off. She was able to turn the car around and while driving back to the house she calls and awakens my "dead-to-the-world" butt up. It's 4:57 am. I wanted to kill her. She is nervous, angry and had to be at work because the woman she is filling-in for this week is the only person in all the surgical center who knows how to run the programs for registering patients. If she doesn't go in, the nurses have to do the work and it will have to be done in long-hand. What a mess, right?

Anyway, there was no time to do a tire inspection, especially in 33 degree rain (darn it another degree and we could have had snow). There was not time for me to pump it up and even if I did, the question remained, "What caused the flat to begin with? Would she be able to make the 22 mile drive to work?"

Well I drove her to work - 22 miles - in my car, miscible rain and with all the road work going on between here and there and the way the lights bouncing off the glistening roads so as to make it look like you are driving on a mirror, I was fit to be tied. I had to drive a bit slower than normal due to the road conditions. So we bundled up Reggie and he went along for the drive.

I dropped Janice off and immediately headed back home, wondering what was wrong he the tire, but mostly wondering if I could get back to sleep and listen to the rain.

I did get back to sleep. Reggie and I got back home around 5:55, got upstairs and after pulling off my clothes, I got back into bed and within 2 minutes was out like a light.

Back to the tire ... all I want to say is "thank God for Road Hazard insurance!" It pumped up the tire, drove the car to Firestone where my good friend and mechanic of over 33 years worked and he found the problem. There was a little gash on the inside wall of the tire. It being on the wall means it cannot be patched or fixed so a new tire was needed. Tires, like gasoline, have gone up in price over the last year. The two I bought last year and which had only 9,500 miles on them had Road Hazard insurance on them that I purchased at Firestone with those tired. To replace the one that was damaged cost me ... Drum roll please: $6.87. Yee haw! Otherwise, I would have had to buy the new one at $89.00! Last year I bought two at $152.00, or $75.99 each.

On the subject of tires, has anyone out there done a survey or taken a poll among drivers who have had flats to see how many of those flats happened on the tread as opposed to the side walls. In mine and Janice's case, I remember  only one flat caused by a screw that happened on the tread, thereby allowing the tired to be patched without having to purchase a new one. We have had at least seven that affected the side walls. What's up with that?

So, while Bobby Covey, my expert mechanic and dear friend, was working on the tire, I went next door to my "watering hole" (Starbucks) to get a white chocolate mocha. Once inside, there stood the store manager (Jenny) and her district manager (Valerie) talking about business, I suppose, and they both greeted me and starting talking about the weather, the starting of several new stores in the area, the need for dividing the districts up in the region and training or hiring another district manager, etc. Valerie asks me if I was interested in becoming a store manager again, and again I reminded her that neither she, nor her boss, Cheryl (the regional manager) would be able to put up with me, so I passed on the offer. I did put my hat into the ring for the next district manager to which I got a hardy laugh from both of them.

In my world, which is relatively small, I have a number of friends although not a lot. I do have a lot of acquaintances. And, from over the many, many years, I have made thousands of one or two time conversations with people to whom it was nice to be introduced. I am friends with five of Cheryl's six district managers in the Tidewater region and being friends with her is really great. I am friends with the Chairman of the Board of the hospital where Janice works (and no, she didn't get her job because of him. She had already be working there for five years before he became chairman). When Janice would come home afraid that she ticked her supervisor off and worried that she might be fired, I would remind her that her mistake or whatever it was wouldn't warrant a termination and if she were to be fired for someone else's wrong or piss-poor performance, I would pick up the phone and call the man that the Hospital President would answer to. That's it! Go ALL THE WAY to the top!

Janice doesn't operate that way. If she knew the top guy of the business and she was unjustly accused of something and her supervisor wouldn't care or listen, she wouldn't make the phone call. She would wait until the top dog ran into her in the hallway or parking lot and then, wait until he asks how things are going, and then, only directly like "How are things in the workplace. Are they treating you good?" She just doesn't go running to a higher up when she is treated like dirt by a middle-man.

It is like when some guy tried to pass her on a road in Portsmouth a few years back and hit her rear bumper in the process. He passes her, laughing at her and giving her the finger as he passes because she was doing the speed limit and he was late to pick up a date. He didn't stop. That pissed her off and she sped up, cut him off and forced him to pull over on to a side road which he didn't know had no throughway. He was on a dead end and she had him trapped. She asked for his driver's license, he complied and then  told her good luck in getting any further with the traffic violation. Well, Janice's twin brother was a Lieutenant on the Portsmouth Police Department, but she didn't call him. She just called the police, asked for an officer to respond and she gave him the information. The officer had to call a detective out since it had to be investigated and the guy who hit her was gone (Janice let him go because she thought the information she got from him off of his license and registration was enough). The detective said there was nothing he could do and told her to have a nice day.

Finally, pissed off, Janice made the call. You see a Lieutenant is higher up the ranks than an officer or detective and this Lieutenant was at that time head of Internal Affairs. No one under the Police Chief would dare defy the call of the head of I.A. Janice asked Johnny if it were true that there was nothing that could be done about holding the young man accountable for hitting her, and Johnny said no. Twenty minutes later, the detective, who had just gotten off duty, went back on duty and reported to the spot where Janice had met with him earlier. He wasn't happy and asked why she called Internal Affairs on him. She said, "I didn't call Internal Affairs, I called my brother." "Well, who is your brother?" he asked. She said "John Howton".

The moral of the story here is - be careful. You never know who you are brushing off, chewing out, flipping off or cursing at. They may know people.

Time for me to stop now and go pick up Janice from work. Gotta, drive and dance between the rain drops.

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