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for February 19, 2021


I woke up this morning, looked out the window at another rainy morning - 33 degrees and not a flake of snow, not a bounce of sleet, not a smack of ice. Just rain!

I decided to sleep in for another hour and a half. Woke back up, still raining only it's 34 degrees. As I write this, I am contemplating going over to my neighbors house and take his boat off the trailer. I'm going to need it if I have to go to the store. I surely won't be able to drive to SixBucks for my mocha.

As an update, I am halfway through Andy Ngo's book. I read for more chapters last night and got to the one addressing the background to Black Lives Matter. Ngo's has done a superb job tracing the origins, practices and ideologies of not just Antifa, but Black Lives Matters and other organizations around Europe and this country which seek to impose Marxism/Communism and ONLY Marxism/Communism in the name of fighting off white supremacy, privilege and fascism. But the clarion call for all these groups is to bring America down. I am truly going to try and finish the book today, but I am not just reading it. I am digesting it and that takes more of my time. It's just the way I'm built.

I read an article a few moments ago which asked the question: "Whatever happened to tolerance and diversity?" Ten years ago the Left was crying for these two social needs. They marched for them, fought for them, raised the issue at any time and event in which they could talk about them. Now that the Left has taken over everything from the media, schools and Hollywood, to the financial institutions, big tech and government, we hear nothing about tolerance and diversity. It has just stopped. No one is talking about them. It must be a coincidence, but it seems to have happened at the precise moment of the change of regimes in the U.S.

One day, America was crazed and deranged over President Donald J. Trump. As a matter of fact, about half the country is still obsessed with him. They impeached him for a second time and hoped the Senate would convict him. His enemies wish they could imprison Trump and throw away the key.

But ever since Joe Biden assumed power – be it legitimately or not – all the calls for tolerance and diversity have withered away, dried out, faded. What caused this? Have we achieved those goals?

Could it have anything to do with all the calls for intolerance that have arisen among the former champions of tolerance? Cancel culture. Blacklisting. Firing. Bullying. Demonetization. Delisting. Kicked out. Banishing. It's all the same! People are being dropped and maligned, abused and forgotten because of political differences. It can happen to anyone. Just like the French Revolution – off with their heads!

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, called it the No. 1 problem in the U.S. Jordan complained that - in his words "We've all had it," He said this on Maria Bartiromo's program on Fox News. "We've all got death threats. This is ridiculous. This cancel culture is so dangerous, and we have to push back. If we don't push back on this and stop it and stand up," he continued, "it will only get worse. So this is the number one issue for the country to address today."

 Bartiromo agreed with him and then turned to panelist Alan Dershowitz and asked "How do you stop this constant bullying?"

Dershowitz gave a profound statement by saying "Cancel culture is quickly becoming American culture." And then he said that if any lawyer is the subject of this kind of McCarthyism, he would represent them pro bono. "I'm going to dedicate myself to making sure that the new McCarthyism of the hard left doesn't become American culture," he said.

The New McCarthyism of the hard left. The only form of tolerance I even hear about these days is "zero tolerance." I'm not kidding. Try Googling it. You won't hear about anyone calling for tolerance unless they put a zero in front of it – like Zero Tolerance for people who don't wear a mask. Zero Tolerance for red-light running. Zero Tolerance for a second-grader pointing his finger like a gun, etc.

Do you see any correlation here? Do you suppose Democrats do? Why did they stop talking about tolerance? I can't find any interest in it. Is it because everyone has become intolerant – in the blink of an eye? Or are the people who used to talk about tolerance become intolerant by definition?

Maybe the Democrats were never really as tolerant as they claimed – in love with diversity. They used to claim that diversity was the thing that made America great. They said that at the same time they were saying America was racist and intolerant. If tolerance and diversity are so wonderful, Democrats, why are you canceling everybody?

You can't have it both ways. Sure they can. They are members of the hard Left now. The Left knows no boundaries and even if they erect the boundaries they are given a pass.

If you can't be tolerant of the people you hate, it's not really anything to brag about.

The same applies to diversity. Love your enemies! Jesus said that. Why can't any Democrat? Because "love" is just a term to them, not of endearment, but an expression that can be used when they want to throw it out there and have their enemies be forced into it in their behalf. Even when they formerly gave tolerance and diversity lip-service, they didn't really mean it. How do I know? Because I was a poster child for diversity – an Arab-American and a Native American. Where do you even find such people? But I never got the time of day from Democrats because I thought differently.

The one kind of diversity they absolutely don't believe in is the philosophical kind. That kind of diversity is considered dangerous. Everyone must think alike. Remember what Joe Biden said to black radio personality Charlamagne the God during the campaign: "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

That kind of intolerance is now the policy of Sleepy Joe and the Democrats he leads. It is the activity and lifestyle of the Left. And we are stuck with it.

So if you are a conservative and believe in the Constitution then Shut-Up and Get Out. "We don't want you, we don't need you and you ain't what we mean by diversity.

I'm done ranting now. I am going to read some more of Andy Ngo's book. That is, if the rain doesn't make me sleepy and I fall into a nap.

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