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for February 21, 2021


I am late publishing today's rant and indeed I don't want to rant today. It is Sunday, the Lord's Day and I need to give Him His due and not focus on things that gripe me. I should say nothing happened today that calls out my inner meanness of contempt. Well, almost nothing.

I am going to make this a short blog today really because it has been another one of those "lazy days." Not because of grey skies, oh no! It was a sunny but chilly day, pleasant enough to put one into a wonderful disposition. I am truly a zero on a scale of zero to ten in the area of emotions today.

I will say that Janice and I arrived at the church a bit early today. Which was about ten minutes after nine. Since we don't have Sunday School now, due to Covid-19, we really don't have to arrive before 9:30. But I am glad we were early. You see, as I began setting up the video feed for our services via Facebook, I discovered after I click on "Live Video" that Facebook has put me on a thirty day suspension! First, I thought it was the church's page that was suspended. Why would they do that? The only thing I post of the church's Facebook page during the week are announcements about upcoming meetings or events (which are few thanks to Covid), the Sunday Bulletin is posted on Thursdays and any news of the passing of loved ones or members of the church and those having medical procedures who request we post so that they can receive the prayers of the readers.

We also stream, then publish the Sunday Service. Now I got to thinking that back over the last three or four weeks about things I said during my sermons that would have been deemed offensive to the Communist censors at Facebook that they would ban us for a month. Their newly pushed power of censorship and suppression of First Amendment Rights is now well documented and proven. So what did I say to bring the thought police and "Hate speech guardians" out to pronounce us guilty of hurting the feelings of their snowflake-readers and leftist loons? I remember that two weeks ago I said within the context of defining TRUTH Biblically that I noted that Truth is not a virtue of the Left and that the Left is vested with the status of "Professional" in the area of lying, so much so that the Left gives the Devil a run for the money in that area. Did that do it for the church? Is it that or something else I said in a sermon that put us in a thirty Facebook jail?

I recently read on the Baptist Press News Website that there have been thousands of churches temporarily or permanently banned due to the sermons preached by pastors and they seemed to all have one thing in common. They were traditional, evangelical churches where same-sex marriages are verboten! I, like thousands of other pastors speak out against our being a part of or performing a same-sex marriage, we speak out against abortion, against the taking of human life and destruction of property by the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. And while I don't mention the Democrat party by name, I do remind my people that any party or politician that holds such views and supports such anarchy cannot call themselves Christians because that would be a lie based on their lifestyles.  Did that put us in Facebook jail?

All I know, is that the churches that have been banned by Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have all one thing in common: We have been branded as a collective hate group; one that is intolerant, racists, homophobic, sexist and full of white-pride, white-privilege and white-supremacy views. Preaching and teaching the Bible will get you banished from Social Media.

Well, as it turns out, the Church wasn't sentenced to Facebook jail, but I was! When I log in to post the videos and any news or information on the Church's page, I am blocked. So, I logged into my wife's account who has privileges to post of Facebook and we went from there. Why was I banished? Because I am me!

Seriously, I am in Facebook's 30 sentence because I have posted some dubious FACTS that they deem not credible by their George Soros funded fact-checkers, even when the facts are documented within my posts. If I cite any source that they deem as "Right-Wing extremist" they call it FALSE. To quote Glenn Beck, The Epoch Times, Gateway pundit, even the New York Post (not the Times) and the Washington Times (not the Post) sends up red flags at Facebook Central. So about twelve posts I places on my CORSON page at Facebook between December 30 and January 25 got flagged as being untrue or half-true even though I quote or used the sources. They just censure people and news sources which don't follow the Leftist narrative.

Therefore, in the next thirty days (really twenty six now since the ban started on February 16) I will have to post using Janice's account. There are always work-arounds and sometimes you have to use them to get the message out. This is another reason why the LEFT is evil. They want to shut you up when you tell the truth and especially when you expose their lies.

Janice and I got home late as we had another "brief" Deacon's meeting following the church service. It turned out to be an hour long as we had to prepare for next Sunday's Called 'Special" Church conference to discuss the future of our building program. That is for another time in another blog. Suffice it to say it made for a longer day than we expected so when we got home, we ate the leftover Chicken Fettuccini from Friday evening late Valentine's Day excursion that I wrote about in Friday's blog, then we both collapsed on our couches and went to sleep. Hence, my being late with this blog - which turned out to be longer than I thought! What can I say? I have the gift for gab.

Until tomorrow ...

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