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for February 23, 2021


I don't believe I have ever raved about how good my wife cooks. Now she is about two or maybe three steps above average and is always willing to experiment at the stove, but last night she made spaghetti. Not that that was the first time. It was probably the ten thousandth time she has made the meat and pasta dinner, but this time, she prepared meat balls the day before. marinated them overnight someway (she did tell me and I didn't ask) and put them  into the sauce yesterday morning to simmer while she was at work. She uses her crock pot a lot and thinks it is the best invention since the car.

When she got home, it took her just ten minutes to finish the preparations, cook some green beans to go along and then we sat down to a great tasting meal. The meat balls were perfectamundo! I saved one for Reggie and he thought he had died and gone to heaven. You can just see a fifteen year old dog, perk up like he is just one year old and woof down the meat. He certainly wanted more.

Well that was the start of a fairly quiet evening. After dinner we went to the den, watched the latest episode of The Rookie which I recorded from the night before and then watched a couple of episodes of The Golden Girls. Janice had a few phone calls and texts during this quiet time and they created a distraction. You know, I had to pause the DVR or the streaming, but Janice has a lot of friends and family who like to banter with her. Last night it was a former next-door neighbor who moved to Ohio with her husband back about 14 years ago and she hates it out there. She is living in a very rural area and has not been able to make friends as they are so spread out and she doesn't ride around that much. So she calls Janice at least once or twice a week just to talk. Her brother called and one of her sons called and her co-worker was texting her as well. She is a popular gal.

Me, on the other hand, I am lucky to have one phone call a week that doesn't have to do with work or the church. My two boys and the grandkids are tied up with work, home responsibilities and friends in the neighborhood. Pop Pop will just have to take a back seat. I do correspond with family via text, but no longer on Facebook or Twitter. I am a traditionalist, conservative, Christian and Big media, big tech and Democrats don't like people like me so I limit my use of their far left agenda driven platforms. Maybe that is why I don't have that many friends.

After Janice went to bed, around 8:30, I watched Friday's episode of The Blacklist, which I DVR'd and then went to ABC live for the latest episode of The Good Doctor. I don't know why, but I like that show. Last night, Sean Murphy's girlfriend, who is head of the hospital's IT department, had an emergency as a hacker got into the hospital's infrastructure and virtually shut everything down and held the hospital for a $2 Million ransom threatening to destroy all the documents and data stored within their system and because of the worm virus installed, it got into the cloud storage as well. Well, at the last minute before the transfer  on money took place, Leah saved the day and all's well!

That's enough about my night last night. You ask, what is sticking in my crawl today? Nothing really. I am currently within the confines of the Church office, getting ready for Tuesday Bible Study, afterwards, I will go home and spend some time reading. It's just one of those nice days and I don't want to get my gastric system all entangled by talking about the LEFT. My goodness there are a number of items to rant over. Here are just a few:

I just read these and decided that only fools and feelers care. I don't care because I keep complaining about the same things over and over again and no one listens or, as in the case of my church members and my wife, don't know what they can do about it. The Democrats are in control of everything and they are hell-bent on doing what they won't to do, the rest of America be damned.

So what I want to do is to go over my Bible Study notes, let the Scripture talk to me so as to get this garbage off my mind. Now tomorrow will be different. I won't be at the Church office, I have no appointments, no sscheduling issues, other than meeting my closest preacher friend for lunch, so I am sure my mind will be drawn to the news and how decisions are being made in Washington that will affect my future and my wallet.

If you were looking for a blistering attack on the Left in this blog  today, let me just give you some homework. Read the five articles from the headlines above, then I will rant about them tomorrow. In fact, I am sure the Swamp Rats will make more moves to bring us down by this time tomorrow. You can count on it.

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Blogs are about the blogger. It's as if he or she merely toots their own horns about the things they do, say and love.

My life is boring. I read, I watch Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. I listen to Andrew Wilkow. I engage in some conversation with those who are willing to listen (they being masochistic and enjoy killing themselves with my banter).

I plan on just laying out the things that bother me and the things I love. Nothing in-between. I hope you find whatever I put here amusing.