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for February 8, 2021


I don't believe it, THE SUN IS OUT!

Yes, we are having one of those rare days with the sun out. This marks the second time in three days, but also the second time in nine days. I shouldn't spend my day inside with this computer, blowing off steam and stewing in my juices. I will just pause here to give my three to four readers a run down of last night's meeting of the storm navigators. Hey! That's a good name for us. We truly don't have a name unless we go with Gaius's "The Confessing Church". It's true, we have all confessed (to having Jesus as Savior and Lord, not to treasonous activity the Left calls Christianity as being). It's also true that the church is people and not buildings, and we are people. So ole Gaius is right in one that instance. But the confessing church, to the uninitiated, is like saying a building with a steeple has incriminated itself in some sort of plot.

Well, anyway, whatever the name of this group, let me tell you about last night's discussion. We didn't meet! It seems that one member, who doesn't watch the Super Bowl, uses it as a time to spend with his wife. That is commendable and warranted. A couple of others were committed to their church activities - I assume centering around a Super Bowl fellowship or something of the like. Two others never responded to let us know if they could meet. And then, there was me. I was ready! I have boycotted the NFL the last two years accept to keep up with the Baltimore Ravens in the standings, but not watching on the idiot box. So, I was left playing with my cell phone. I don't do that like a teenager or a Millennial -- both groups suffering from VDT eyes. In fact, VDT is the fastest growing ailment in the world. It affects nearly 4 in 5 children and adults up to about age 50. It is an ailment caused by addiction. That addiction?... Cell phones, tablets, TV's video games and computers. What do these things have in common?

Video Display Terminals! Hence the meaning of VDT. And you thought I mean Venereal Diseased Tushies!

So I "played" on my phone last night, if for no other reason to see what all the hub-bub is about. Wow! What a great gadget!

I have an Samsung Note 10 with Android 11 as the operating system. I have been a Galaxy Note fan since the Note 3 and have own that, later the Note 5 and the Note 8. The reason for my love of this expensive piece of equipment is easy. As a pastor, I am constantly writing myself notes as to who called with a request of something, like use of the fellowship hall at church, or someone with an update for the Prayer List, or notation of plans for meetings and outings at Church. I use that phone for quick reference as to what is going on in my otherwise mundane life. The phone comes with a stylus that I can use to write notes on the screen without having to manually tap on an app and type in my notes! I like doing notations that way, because my fingers a large and somewhat awkward to the point that I am always typing the wrong letters.

Speaking of typing - tapping out the wrong letters. Do you want to know what word I am constantly misspelling by wrong tapping? The word "the". Two out of every three times I tap that word out it comes out "yhe". I am constantly hitting the "y" instead of the "t" next to it on the keyboard. And the annoying thing about it is that my spell checker never auto-corrects it! Anybody have any ideas on how to teach my phone to auto-correct "yhe"?

Now the thing about my Cell Phone is that I have only two games on it. The five or six other games that came as part of the stock I have disabled. I just don't play games. Another thing I don't do is sit at the dinner table and text to the person across from me and await his or her response - like I see going on in restaurants. I sit in amazement watching people texting each other across the table and each time a text is sent the one receiving it giggles, chuckles, laughs out loud or grunts a comment out, then text back! It's the most stupid thing I believe I have ever seen. The cell phone's texting ability has done more for silencing a generation that a gag order from a totalitarian dictator giving the penalty of death to anyone who says a word. Who would have thought that the way to silence a crowd is for everyone to text each other.

Here is a fact. I read somewhere that the time it takes to text an "incomplete" sentence (that is, using abbreviations and emojis) is three times longer than just saying the sentence in a phone call. It takes five times longer awaiting a response. Truth be told, texting is not only a social interrupter, but is a waste of time.

Well last night I wasn't texting, didn't play a single game on the phone. I just surfed the internet, looked for a book or two to buy online, read my email and the only app I played with is one that is called MacroDroid. It is a phone automation program. I think this is one of the most productive time saving apps around - if you know how to program it. I have some forty-five things my phone is automated to do - set up by this one app. At night, before going to bed, it is automated to turn down the audio to a low level, take the screen into night or dark mode, send out a text message to anyone texting me in the middle of the night and it says: "I may take a little time getting back to you as I am incoherent at the moment." I have a macro in there that can tell when I start my car it is turns off the Wi-Fi, enables text and email speaking. I have another macro that turns off all sounds and sends a text to anyone texting or calling me during church services telling them I will get back with them as soon as I can. I reads my calendar and tells me  of tasks I need to do. I have a macro that uses the phone sensor as to when I pull the phone away from my ear and then automatically turns on the speaker. I have another that turns the screen off when I lay the phone down. All kinds of battery saving and time saving items have been made through this one app. I play with it all the time. I was doing that last night too. Creativity apps are my games of choice.

Why am I going on about my phone? I don't know. Maybe I'd rather talk about that than what is taking place in our country right now. But just so you know I am staying abreast of what the Left is doing to end our Republic, here are a few true news items I was looking at when I awoke this morning and still laying in the bed:

  • GOP Reps. Introduce Bill Named After Ilhan Omar That Prevents Paying Spouses With Campaign Funds
  • Buyer’s Remorse: AFL-CIO Leader Slams Biden Over Keystone Pipeline Executive Order
  • Petition to Recall California Gov. Newsom Has 1.4 Million of 1.5 Million Signatures Needed
  • Dems to Introduce Bill Giving $3,600 Per Child for Some Families
  • Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team Will Show Clips of Dems Urging Violence in 2020
  • Democrats and Media Suddenly OK With Rioting Again as Antifa Marches in D.C., Threatens to “Burn Down” City
  • Liz Cheney Censured in Wyoming
  • Dead People Likely to Receive Checks Again Under Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Plan
  • The Journalistic Tattletale and Censorship Industry
  • Libs Attempt to Mask Shame Tom Brady
  • Biden DOJ Pick Opposed Enforcing Civil Rights Laws Against Black Defendants
  • Biden Now Decides School Closures Are a “National Emergency”
  • Rep. Cori Bush Defends Riot at St. Louis City Jail

    I particularly liked that last one. It riled me up so bad I jumped out of bed and started to look for all my guns! These are all items that will go unreported, or mentioned with compromise in the main stream media. You see how I start my mornings. No wonder I can't eat breakfast right away. Can I go back to talking about my phone now?

    Seriously though, it is a beautiful day and I want to get out of here. So maybe tomorrow, when we are scheduled to have rain all day long, I will write about the things I did today. I know one thing I have to do later,... start writing my sermon for Sunday.

    Oh, and if you don't find anything published tomorrow, it's because Tuesdays are my day from H-E-double hockey sticks. Lot's of office work to do, Bible Study, counseling and visiting people. It all depends.

    Stay tuned!

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