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for January 10, 2021


While thinking about what to post for today's blog, I thought about starting it like Garrison Keillor would when he used to dialogue about Lake Wobagon. Lake Wobagon was the mystical town located somewhere not too far from St. Cloud, Minnesota which was the subject of his monologues on Public Radio International, and later American Public Media's  "A Prairie Home Companion". Keillor would start out with these well known words: "It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobagon, my hometown..." and would proceed to tell of a few incidences in the lives of some of the town's folks.

Well, "It was a quiet day at Windsor Baptist Church, my beloved flock..." It all started for me this morning with the Brotherhood Prayer Breakfast. Jimmy Babb and Davis Throckmorton, two of the church's Deacons cook a great meal consisting of scrambled eggs, patted and link sausage, bacon and fried apples. Howard Mays brought in cinnamon rolls and Bobby Holland brought fried potatoes. There was coffee, milk and orange juice to drink. This is almost always the standard meal each month, except when it is time for me to cook. Twice a year I fix Pancakes to go along with sausage, bacon, eggs and potatoes. Anyway, the breakfast go the spirit going among the men who attended and it just seemed to lift our spirits and kept them lifted throughout the morning in the worship hour.

The music director - my wife, Janice, stayed home this morning to nurse Reggie who, as I said in yesterday's blog, has Vestibular Neuritis. We took him to the 24-hour Veterinary hospital last night and asked that they quickly confirm my diagnosis of the inner ear inflection and give us a prescription to help him. By doing it this way, we probably avoided $300 to $500 in extra charges for tests, x-rays and the like. The doctor on duty said, just by looking at him that my diagnosis was right and did what we ask. Reggie was given a shot for nausea (vestibular neuritis causes vertigo and all the head spinning that goes along with that does bring about nausea) and the prescription and we headed home. The interesting thing about going to this hospital is that there are almost always three, four, five or more other patients in line when we get there. No one was there when Janice and I arrive with Reggie and he was in and out in 15 minutes. WOW!

Reggie had fallen asleep almost instantly, but didn't stay the way all night. Around 12:30 he woke and we thought that he needed to go outside and pee. I got him and took him and it is really funny, as well as sad, to watch him try to do his business with his head swirling around due to vertigo, he have to help him go and he did so. But he would go back to sleep. Janice took him downstairs and held him for a while, took him back out, gave him some water afterwards, and then he fell asleep again around 4:30 am. Needless to say, Janice was a tired puppy herself and she had to watch Reggie this morning. So, she wasn't present for the church service.

Guess who led the song service? When there is no advanced notice to give to Janice's real backup, I jump in and do my best. I haven't led songs in so long that after we got started on the 2nd of three songs my arms were ready to give out. I guess that when I exercise I don't do enough with my arms. I got through that fairly well, but the real good news is that today's activities that I run around and do each Sunday, went like clockwork and the stress that usually accompanies the pre-worship activities wasn't stressful at all. Maybe it was that great breakfast!

The services were somewhat well attended and after the offerings were counted we are still 2 weeks ahead of budget for the year, even though we didn't make the weekly budget needs today.  Dave Palagyi came through with a quickly arranged music solo (as the choir hasn't started back to regular practicing yet) and that went off like it was rehearsed for years.

More good news about the service: I preached, and no one fell asleep! As much as I hate to say this, I always have one or two whose eyes inadvertently close during the service and in fairness to them, they are always the ones who had trouble getting to sleep the night before. Everything went off almost without flaw and everyone was finished with their talking and anything obligations they have to do after church (like counting money, locking up doors, any quick meetings, etc.) within fifteen minutes after the service and I was out of the building myself by 11:50 (the service is usually over by 11:25 as it starts at 10:30).

It was a quiet day in the Lord's House!

The Baltimore Ravens (affectionately known by my son, Brad, as the "Rat Birds") were playing on TV and I broke my boycott of the NFL to watch this playoff game. Why, you ask? Because they were playing the Tennessee Titans which happens to be Brad's favorite team and they have defeated the Ravens the last three times they played. I wanted, no, I needed, to root for the Ravens, if only to rub Brad's nose in it if they beat the Titans. And they did. Thank goodness, the Ravens have finally won a post-season game. It's their first in six years. YES! THEY ARE DUE!

It is now 4:40 pm and in a few minutes I will be on some conference call with a couple of my classmates from Christian College. It appears that the purpose of this call is to calm and try to sooth the worries on my friends who believe the government is planning on shutting down churches and confiscating their guns. They want my input, which, I have to say at this juncture, may not be wanted. I will let you all know how that turns out in tomorrows rant. Tomorrow is also the birthday of my late Mother who, if she were alive today, would be 105 years old. I will also talk about and reminisce about her tomorrow as well.

Until then ...

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