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for January 11, 2021


I was wondering what Conservatives, Libertarians, Constitutionalists and Christians do when the Far-Left, Tech Giants, and the Deep States shuts down our ability to get truth out. Now that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and all the other Social Networks have shut down Donald Trump permanently they are in the process of  suspending and or shutting down hundreds of groups who aligned themselves to and supported Trump. Already thousands of people who publically acknowledge their support for Trump have been kicked off of these social giants and now, Amazon has made its move to shut down web hosting for conservative websites and apps such as Parler.

Yes, they are shutting us down. When that move is complete, many say, we will still have the internet, zoon and Skype, e-mail, the telephone, conservative podcasting and talk radio. We have these avenues now, but it won't take too much effort for those on the Far Left to systematically shut these venues down as well.

For instance, with the Biden Administration, New Neutrality will return in its full throttle effort to control those who use the internet for "treasonous and destructive purposes." The ICANN can quickly shut down the IP addresses of, say,, just as any webhosting service like Amazon and what they did to Parler. What about e-mail services? Same thing. Services like Yahoo, Gmail and Microsoft can, with a flick of a switch, shut down the email addresses of any and all Conservatively aligned people. Telephone services? Same thing, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are quite capable supplying information pertaining to phone conversations and texts to the appropriate authority and with, or even without, their order, can simply stop the customers access to phone and text altogether.

Finally, comes cable news services which supply truth in media such as Fox, One America and Newsmax. Well, we have already seen what public pressure on advertisers can do to wreak havoc on the networks as is evidenced by Fox Moving away from not just Trump, but Republicans altogether. One America (OANN) and Newsmax, should they fail to comply will simply be cut off by most or all of America's cable program suppliers. Already, Verizon is looking to drop OANN and Newsmax from its services when their contracts expire - Newsmax at the end of June. Others will follow. Comcast, Sparkle, Frontier Communications, Cox, Charter, Dish, Altice and AT&T are said to already be looking into controlling content deemed "dangerous" by dropping networks that they deem fall in alignment with their definitions of the word. Only DirecTV is the only one of the Big 10 not saying what the future holds.

So that would leave, Conservative Talk Radio. Well, the Democrats will work diligently to restore the Fairness Doctrine rule to radio and terrestrial radio and television. The Fairness Doctrine is truly an Orwellian phrase as what the Left deems is far means one can only broadcast the same amount of Right leaning programming as they do Left leaning. Well, since there are relatively few Left Leaning talk shows anywhere around, the Right is limited to having the same amount as the Left has. That could also mean, if you don't carry anything program on the Left because no one listens to such programming, neither will you carry any program on the right. The number of Conservative talk radio shows available for airing far outnumber those on the Left 20-to-1! And that is the number available, not the number with a high amount of listeners. This leads credence to what one of my friend's use to say, Liberals have no listeners because they are too busy burning the system down and don't have time to listen.

As I promised in yesterday's blog, I would let you in on what the Zoom meeting between two friends and me yesterday was all about. Among the many sup-topics we discussed the above rant was one. What are we going to do when the Left completely shuts us down? The main topic was about what are or can Christian's do when the state renders our belief system unlawful and punishable. It truly don't want to go into the many and various aspects of this topic and possible solutions to it were discussed. Suffice it to say, this topic is a very legitimate discussion that needs to be had by any and all who believe that God is Supreme and the State wants to be - not just in our lives, but in everyone's life - OR ELSE!

Because we all see the immediate need for anonymity and will have to adapt to such protocols if we venture out to move our message underground (which we know most likely to be the only avenue in which we can do it), I will not say any more on this endeavor, but suffice it to say, it is in the planning stages and as we add a few more "trusted, Conservative, Pro-Constitutional, Christians" into the mix, we think that this must be closely guarded. All three of us think that within five years pro-Constitutional Conservatism and Traditional, Evangelical Christianity will be so closely scrutinized as it may bring us to the outlawing and criminalization of such ideals, beliefs and lifestyles.

I am not promising that I will say too much more on our efforts, but suffice it to say, we truly believe that now is the time to make plans for civil disobedience program. Dietrich Bonheoffer was mention by one last evening more than ten times. His act of civil disobedience, that he was responsible to God and not the government, ended in his hanging by the Nazis - and he wasn't even a Jew!

The sad thing about this writing is that I bring these words to you on the 105th anniversary of the birth of Grace Elizabeth Maddox. She was the third child, and second daughter to John Allison and Elizabeth Blanks Maddox who, nearly twenty-one years later and on December 23, 1936,  married Raymond Stuart Corson, Jr. (my father). They were married for 63 years when, in November, 1999, she died from complications due to renal cancer at the age of 83.

Elizabeth was called "Billie" by her father who at first refused to believe his wife was having another girl. He named her Billy before she was born and as he would tell others later, "he was to be named Billy" but he was a she so "Billie" it is. And to most of her friends and family, Billie was her accepted name. Some, however, called her Elizabeth as that was her official name; she dropped Grace when she married my father, kept the middle and maiden name and accepted Corson as her last name.

Billie had three children, a daughter Harriet, a son Raymond Stuart the 3rd "Butch" and lastly, another son - Me! Harriet was born in 1938 and passed last year on February 2nd. She had both my father's looks, consternation and determination. She had mom's mental capacity for facts and honesty. Butch was born in June of 1945 and had mom's facial features, which included her eyes, smile and forehead, and he also inherited her since of truthfulness and integrity. Last came me, born on December 31, 1954 - not planned, but certainly wanted. I wrote about that twelve days go, so you can look that up and laugh your butts off.

My mom possessed a gentle spirit. She was kind, yet stern when she needed to be. She was tenderhearted and always put her children first. She made sure, even if she couldn't herself go, that we three kids were in church and learning the Bible. She worked for a living when, back in those days, 80% of women stayed at home, keeping the house and raising the kids. She worked for over 40 years of the Virginia Commission of Fisheries, later to become the Marine Resources Commission. In 1959, she rose to Administrative Officer and oversaw a growing staff of up to 50 people and reported directly to the Commissioner and indirectly to the Governor of Virginia. This would prove that she was not only a very responsible individual, but one who took any and all obligations seriously and to their completion. Nothing was ever left undone my mom.

It's been over 21 years since she passed. And I miss every part of her, and in these days, I miss her way of cheering me up when the chips are down. She was always a comfort to me. Now the only comfort I get from those things that worried or annoyed me these day is the memories she instilled.

I miss you Mom! Butch misses you. Your ten living grandchildren miss you, the thirteen great-grandchildren who were alive when you passed miss you, your son-in-law and two daughters-in-law miss you, your only living brother misses you. Your extended family misses you. And your old boss, Jimmy Douglas who I saw not too long ago and for many years retired, misses you. You left a profound impact on the lives you touched and it has all been for the good.

I miss you so much, Mom!

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