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for January 13, 2021


T-Minus 7 days until Socialism returns full-throttle to America, or as Andrew Wilkow would say, when "Socialists impose socialism on the people and continue to live as crony capitalist themselves."

Hey! Did you notice I changed the main page of this website? Yeah, I wrote a few words about this no longer being a new site, but rather a personal account of events, feelings, thoughts and notations of contempt for the Cultural and Political Left. Look, the Left is always wanting to change things, I thought I would follow their logic (logic and Leftism are oxymoronic, for their is no logic for the Left), and change things up a bit too. Only my changes are not contemptible, destructive or Marxist.

Well what I want to rant about today is not new. I hope that over the last twelve years many of you (which would be 2 or my 3 loyal readers) have come to realize that Liberalism and the Left are two distinct entities - two separate ideologies with some similarities. On my Parler account, and to a limited degree my Facebook page, I describe myself as:

  • Socially conservative
  • Politically libertarian
  • Tolerant of liberals
  • Contemptuous toward Progressives
  • Loathing Marxists
  • Damming Democrats

To this I might add "Armed and Ready to fight the Deep State and Globalists everywhere."

Back to the difference between Liberals and the Left, or I might say, the "Far-Left". It is somewhat simple in comparison. Liberals are for Free-Speech, A Free-Press, Freedom of Religion, etc. In other words, Liberals were responsible for the Bill of Rights. Back in 1787 the two factions (not political parties) were the Federalists who supported the proposed Constitution consisting of 7 Articles, and the Anti-Federalists who were against the ratification of the Constitution, thinking that the proposed document lacked enumerated freedoms that needed to be included. In other words, the Federalist brought us the Constitution and four years later, the Anti-Federalists pushed through and brought us the first ten Amendments known as "The Bill of Rights." You see, back in those days (over 233 years ago) the two factions worked together to create one of, if not the most, brilliant documents ever recorded. The Constitution of the United States, along with the Bill of Rights was , and still is, genius. Liberals had a big part to play in it. Among those Liberals were Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason and Patrick Henry, the author of many of the Anti-Federalist papers. To put it another way, the Constitution alone would, in theory, create a strong central government with extensive power vested there. The Bill of Rights limits the power of the Federal government and gives more power to the states, local governments and the people. This is what happens when Liberals and Conservatives engage in debate and work out their difference in compromise. 1787 to 1791 were years of brilliance among opposing sides of the ideological spectrum.

Liberals are important to the debate. Liberals are the thinkers of the Left side of the political spectrum. They may be part of the Left, but they stand for freedom of thought, expression and all the enumerated freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights. Liberal may interpret the term "welfare" differently from Conservatives, but they do so within the parameters of political thought. The Left, (understand this term now as the "Far-Left") engages us with political feeling.

Today, we are witnessing the failure of true Liberals to speak up, while the Left shuts down dissention. There has been no exception since Lenin. So asking the Left not to act as the Left is absurd. We should ask at this juncture, "Why is it that the Left shuts down all dissent." The answer is quite simple, dissent will shut them down. Nothing they say of importance is true or moral. So any dissent crushes them. This is why one conservative speaker at a college gathering is considered so antithetical to the Left and their values. If you let students hear an articulate conservative speak for a half-hour that would end a great portion of the brainwash that they have engaged in. The reason for their shutting down Conservative speech on campus is that the Left can't handle dissent. They can't debate and simply do not try to debate. Ask a Leftist to engage in a debate which would involve facts, data, primary sources and eye-witness accounts, you they walk away, calling you a racist, sexist, homophonic, white supremacist Fascist as they walk.

I hear the top 20 Conservative talk show host invite Leftist on their show to debate and never once does a Leftist accept the challenge! Mark Levin, Andrew Wilkow, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, David Webb, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, and a host of others have and always issue the challenges. But the Left thinks name calling and branding the opposition with derogatory terms and phrases is enough to make them the winners in any confrontation. You see, the Left feels and emotes; the Right thinks and reasons.

This is the story in a nutshell in the United States. If you supported Donald Trump, you can be fired from your job, you can be excluded from the room, debarred from the club, shut down over the internet, kicked off of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and be ridiculed out of the public eye. Let us say you might have believed there was fraud in the 2020 election, why can't you say that? Why won't the Left allows you to mention your thoughts on social media? And why can they say for over 3 years that there was fraud in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump with the so-called Russian collusion and not once be called out on it after it was proven to be an absolute hoax? The reason is, the Left can say anything.

This is where we are at! I feel for anyone is a company or work place who differs in thought from the Left. You must hide what you believe. The question is, can the Left get away with it? If so, the Left will destroy freedom in America. The problem is the Liberal who thinks the Right is their enemy and not the Left. Liberals have become the "useful idiots" of the Left. By "useful idiots" I mean as Lenin once used to term, they are pawns, fodder for the Left.

I think there is one thing now that Liberals and Conservatives could agree upon: We both need to disengage from the Left. Now that would mean Liberals would need to make a clean break from their alignment with the Left. Once they see, like Alan Dershawitz and Jonathan Turley have, that the Left is irrationally moving into destructive arenas, they break away. Together, we could form our own schools, elect our own people to offices, support our own economically by frequenting their establishments, businesses, restaurants and websites, start up our own cable companies, web engines, broadcast entities and the like. We need our own Twitter and Facebook. And all of these things would not be dedicated to Conservatism, but dedicated to TRUTH. Truth can be had and found on both sides, Conservative and Liberal.

Truth con defeat the Left because the Left is all lies. The truth exposes them, the truth is their enemy. The New York Times gets away with this gigantic lie that America was founded in 1619 and fought the Revolutionary War in order to preserve slavery. This is now being taught in over 3000 schools across the country and is a part of the Critical Race Theory curriculum.

There is one concrete fact about the truth as to how it can be found and realized. Truth is grounded upon facts, witnessed and recorded by reliable sources, data secured, and backed up by primary sources and without secondary sources who were not witnesses to the facts. The Left does not deal in facts because the Left is hostile to and the enemy of the Truth. Truth, to them, is relative. It can be one thing today and another thing totally different tomorrow. One of the Left's famous sayings about truth is found in their use of the term "your truth" or "my truth" or "their truth." I have heard people on the Left say: 'Your truth is your truth and my truth is my truth." Reason forces the question: "How can there be more than one truth?" especially since my truth may contradict or is even completely opposite of your truth. To the Left, an explanation is not necessary. This is how the Left gets along with each other when among themselves they differ in opinions. But if you are not a part of the Left, they will say your truth is a lie and needs to be stricken from the society and history. But again, when truth is relative, there is no truth. So to argue with the left is like nailing Jell-O to the wall. It won't stick. It will ooze down to a mess on the floor. And this, my friends, is how the Left will destroy America. It will end as a mess on the globalist floor.

When Pontius Pilate was in his judgment hall, alone with Jesus after he commanded the doors be shut between them and the shouting crowds, he asked of Jesus: "Are you the King of the Jews?" Jesus asked Pilate if he asked the question on his own accord as if he really wanted to know Jesus's status, or if he was asking because others have accused him of being the King of the Jews. Pilate basically reminded Jesus that he was not a Jew and wondered why the Jewish leaders would deliver Jesus to him. Jesus answered him by saying that His kingdom was not of this world which prompted Pilate's response: "So you are a king?" Jesus's response was that His purpose was to be a King, but not of this world and not in this world, and then makes this statement: "I have come into the world to bear witness of the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice." And then came Pilate's response which rings true in today political and cultural climate: "What is truth?"

Suffice it to say that the truth does not reside in the minds and actions of the Left - Facts be damned! The Left is all lies, the Left is the enemy of the truth, the Left is the existential threat to all humanity, and they are taking over once and for all in 7 days! The countdown to my demise into a world of forced silence may soon follow.

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