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for January 1, 2021


1) The act of resolving or determining upon an, or course of action, method, procedure, etc.;
2) A resolve; a decision or determination;
3) the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose;
4) The act or process of resolving or separating something into constituent or elementary parts;
5) The resulting state;
6) Reduction to a simpler form; conversion.

These are among many of the definitions to the word "Resolution." I, of course, mention this word and its defining parts because millions of people have made resolutions during the past twenty-four hours. It's New Years Day and we have New Year resolutions. Right?

I gave up making resolutions for the new year about twenty years ago. When I did make resolutions I don't recall keeping any of them. In fact, I don't recall even trying to keep any of them.

Now I have made resolutions not pertaining to a New Years deal with myself in other situations. I recall back in 2007 that I wanted to try something new in my diet to see if I felt better after a period of time. I resolved in March of that year to not eat any white bread, wheat would be my bread of choice; no ice cream (that was the biggest sacrifice), no potatoes (I was always a sucker for a baked potatoes), no greasy chips or junk food with a greasy base and no soda drinks like Coke, Dr. Pepper, and the like. This was to last 120 days.

I DID IT!! Never once did a make an exception. By the middle of June, I felt the best that I ever had in the previous 20 or 25 years, I lost enough weight to be within the strict confines of what my BMI called for. It was easier for me to walk, run, think, analyze and converse with people. Even my eye sight slightly improved!

Then came summer camp. I was preaching for this church in a rural community in which traditions were worshipped more than God. They believed the Pastor had to follow a line that was established about the time the Founding Fathers penned the Declaration of Independence. I could never have a vacation, get sick or go the funeral of a family member during three weeks out of the year. I had to be present and conduct the Annual Homecoming-Revival week; lead or teach in the annual Vacation Bible School; lead and teach at the annual week of summer camp for the youth. Also I could not be absent on Easter or the Sunday of or prior to Christmas. Summer Camp in 2007 was the last week of June and the diet had to go. But I made 120 days exactly on the diet and I went off to camp in tip-top shape. I kept my resolution. Unfortunately, I did give it a temporary status - a shelf life of 120 days. Thinking I had developed a habit (as all habits are hard to break) I found this one easy to break. It turned out not to be a resolution, but a test and merely a retreat. Meaning, I knew I was going back to life a usual one day in the near future.

Enter 2021. I made some mental resolutions, but nothing announced and certainly nothing I will remember by this time next month. Since there is no determination on my part to make changes, I do want to share some good intentions, things I hope to accomplish during the new year.

First, I want to speak only when spoken to. This would apply in any situation involving two or more people (not counting me) in the room. Certainly I want to be able to start up a conversation with my wife while we sit by ourselves around the dinner table or in the den. I also have to strike up the conversation when there are only my pets around the house, for they are not known to just start talking! But when in a group I want to just listen. Take in the conversation. Maybe learn from other people, even if and when I think they are out in left field, or just being silly or foolish. Don't return their arguments with my arguments. Wait until my opinion is called for. Most people who know me also know that my opinions are given with the arguments or facts for my opinions already imbedded into them. I have always felt the need to back up my opinions and arguments with data, facts and primary sources even when not required. It's part of that scholarly background of mine wherein once upon a time, you had to back up your arguments.

Second, I want to stop buying stuff! I am not referring to food, gasoline, electricity for the house, gifts for my wife, etc. I am referring to the things that are not necessary for my survival. I am talking about buying books, newspapers, magazines, games, electronic equipment (except to replace broken things), gadgets, tools, and the like. I also want to finally do away with cable (well, it's not cable anymore it fiber optics with 450 channels, 300 of which are useless like the Home Shopping Network and CNN. In fact, let me expand on that and say I can do with only Hulu, Prime, Netflix and CBS all access. Those, along with a digital antenna for local channels and their sidebands, are all I need. I could save $90 a month. My two year deal with Verizon FiOS runs out in August, so there! I can make the drop them.

Third, and while I am at it - talking about television, I want to continue not watching network news. I can drop Fox news along with it since they have turned over to the dark side, giving in to the "Cancel Culture." In fact, when the day comes that Hulu, Netflix and Prime drop their tradition-value programs from the 80's and before, I will want to drop them too. In the day I can't find reruns of Blue Bloods on any of the pay-for streaming services, that will be the day I no longer pay for streaming services.

Fourth, and this is a hard one, I want to ignore the Left. Now that is a difficult thing to do. Why? Because I have always been taught that we all need to watch out for enemies. We need to see what they are doing, what they are saying, what they are plotting and how they are developing their offensive weapons so that we can fight back, or at least be able to protect ourselves. One just cannot ignore the Left. You do so at your own peril. The Left can't be trusted. They are the ones who first of all, say and believe, there is no absolute truth. Their truth today can be something different tomorrow. They change their tactics, their method of operations and their thinking based upon whims. Somehow, I need to stay up-t0-date with what is going on in their camp. So, I must adopt a method wherein I keep informed of their movements, all the while, not giving in to using their methods to attack them. In other words, why stoop to their level in my own defense? I mean, after all, Jesus didn't stoop to the Pharisees level when standing up for the truth. The Pharisee continued to reject Him even after He proved they were asses.

The Left always fights back with name-calling, shouting louder, pushing harder and finally physical attacking, burning, pillaging, maiming and killing. It's how they get their way. It has always been that way. Why fight them? Just ignore them. Well, you know and I know that ignoring them won't make them go away. They just shout louder and burn more and more until you have to do something. Well, that old Libertarian axiom that your freedom ends at the tip of my nose does come into play here. In the history of the Left (which they always want to either discard or redefine and rewrite) violence and destruction has always started on their end of the spectrum. Conservatives, unless in necessary self-defense, have never killed, destroyed or started a conflict, battle, or war. It has always been that way (and please don't start giving me examples of wars started overseas by Presidents who said they were conservatives, like George Bush. He and his ilk are neo-cons, economically and culturally conservative but globalist in foreign policy).

As I said, to the Left, their truth is truth today but the goal post will move tomorrow and won't be truth tomorrow. Theirs is a dynamic truth, never absolute, not ever never-changing. The Left's worldview is like cream in the palm of your hands. Just when you think you have them in those palms, they ooze out quickly and messily. They are like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. They don't stick. They move from here to there like a little boy fascinated by the fact that he can pee in several directions by merely moving his unit around. Look out! They may and will pee on you and laugh like little boys while doing it!

PPardon that last analogy, but it fits the Left. And so, when the Left tells me to turn in my guns, I must always remember they will never turn in theirs. When the Left tell me to pay more in taxes, I must remember they have already built in tax shelters which preclude them from paying any at all. When the Left tells me that I have to wear masks when I go outside to rake my leaves, I must never be surprised to read about them flying off to see families over the holidays who will be in large sizes and not wearing them. The Left is and always will be hypocritical, applying socialism on us all the while practicing capitalism among themselves. What is good for us is not good to them. They are the exception and if we don't like it we can be "cancelled" in all the various nuisances.

So, there are a lot of "wants" that I would like to have and do during this New Year. I have listed just four, but they are biggies and require a huge amount of sacrifice. I will not resolve to do these. I will begin today and try, but that is all that I can commit to. Of the four listed, I truly want to work hard on the first. To speak only when spoken to. I have talked about that in a couple of previouos blogs, so you know it is almost always on my mind. I should begin with the knowledge and understanding that people are going to start to think that I am either not feeling well, have lost my mind, or simply becoming stuck up and antisocial. I have to start thinking that what they think of me is not important.

I have to come to the place where I say: Well God, please bring me to the place where I do and say what is right, even if it means doing and saying nothing at all.

It is not from a Biblical text, but it does have great merit at this point in my new year actions, when in Act I; Scene 3 of "Hamlet" Polonius said to his son Laertes when giving his blessing and advice on how to behave: "This above all: To thine own self be true." I want this to be my resolution. Maybe it will help me to fulfill the four "wants" for this year.

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