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for January 2, 2021


It's the last day of my STAYcation and guess what? It is not raining! It had rained all day yesterday, light showers and misty at times. We had on again-off again showers on New Year's Eve. So, on this partially sunny day and 60 degree temperatures, Janice had me outside raking leaves again!

I don't know how so few trees can produce so many leaves and then drop them off in cycles as if they want me to spend the entire winter raking them up. I used to look forward to late fall to early spring when I can put my mower to bed for at least five months, but since we stopped having full winters around this part of Virginia (which has been at least eight years ago), my mower cuts grass for seven months and picks up and mulches leaves the other five. Week after week, that lawn mower goes only taking a week off here or there - like when we have a weeks worth of rain.

Enough of the gripping and on to the prospects now of returning to work. As a pastor my work week begins on a Sunday. Now the average person thinks a preacher/pastor/priest/rabbi only works one day a week. I have already share with you the plight of the small church pastor who has to pretty much go it alone with the programming needs of the church. I also do my own typing for letters being sent out in the name of the church, such as to visitors. I do that even though I have a secretary. She is limited to just eight hours a week though and there are a lot of office things that need to be done each week and that is her area. I am thankful to have a custodian who dusts and vacuums the church, but can't do much more. It has gotten so that with most of our members being in the 65+ category that heavy work, such as climbing ladders and painting the gutters three stories up can only be done by contracting it out. I have been look at several times for work like that as if to say, "hey we can save money by having a volunteer work day, the Pastor can climb the ladder while we do the ground work." Well, fellas I just turned 66 two days ago will you let me up now?

Seriously, my church people are not that bad at all. It's just the feeling I get when the Deacons or a committee or work team meets and I happen to be in the room. The questions about who will do this and who will do that are always raised and when there are no volunteers, at least three, four or more faces turn to look at me. It's instinct. Do you know that most of the time, they do not want to have a work day, committee meeting, planning session or special outing without me being present. I have heard them say on many occasions, that they couldn't have a yard sale, a special dinner or anything that brings together three, four or more people to do something without me being there. The only exception is the Ladies Circle and they don't want me there! Thank goodness for that!

It is almost like my church is helpless without me. I can't do everything and they don't require or even ask me to. But if I can't be present (due to vacation or prior commitment) they won't do anything. It has been asked of me on a few occasions if I have any plans on retiring and I really don't. I have heard many of the Deacons say, "Thank goodness for that" and when you hear them talking to themselves around the corner it always comes back to something like this: "If he retires I don't want to be on the next search committee." Followed by a unanimous response: "Neither do I." I said something about that to one of my Deacons who was on the committee interviewing me ten years ago. He remarked that he has heard that too and said I had better stay on until the last of the membership dies off. Great! I understand that to me that my mission now is to lead the church until it dies and in the meantime, please be around to perform our funerals. Sounds depressing doesn't it. But they mean well. It's just that they don't want to be put into a place where they will have to close the church themselves.

We have all come to believe that within 10 to 15 years, with Agenda 2030, the Great Reset and the ending of the Republic of the United States that there will come the end of private property and real estate. That it will all come into the ownership of the collective, or, for lack of a better term, the government. That when they take over church properties we will hear the phrase, "In the name of the separation of church and state, you can no longer meet in this place which is now owned by the state." You ask does that mean that we will have to start meeting in homes? Keep in mind, when everything is owned by the state (government as a whole) everything is off limits to the church. So, No you won't be able to have a house church either. What about out in the forest, under the trees, on the lake or in a park? Nope, they will be owned by the state. This is how they finally do away with the church. It's just 10 to 15 years down the road according to the United Nations Agenda 2030 committee and according to the World Economic Forum. Also, it is one of the ten main planks of the Communist Party, which, by the way, has coopted to Democrat Party here in the US.

So, I guess I will stay on until they send us packing. I don't believe all my members will have left this earth for their eternal heavenly resting place, but many will have and the rest of us will be around to be carted off to a resting home for the aged (if they don't give us a death vaccination) and, since that would be owned by the government, we won't be able to hold a worship service, read our Bibles or quote a memory verse because the separation of church and state will be enforced and the only place you will be allowed to worship God is in your heart. As for the Bible, all the printing presses will be owned by the government too so they won't be publishing that anymore, but don't worry. If you are Muslim, there will still be a Koran around for you as Islam (at least for now) is exempt from being labeled a religion. It is a political group!

Well, after raking leaves for the last four hours and mulching them too, I thought I would be able to compose a nice big rant for today, but it turns out, I am just too pooped. Too pooped to pop. So, I am keeping this one short. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow so after church - my first day back - I am pretty sure I will have something about which to complain. There are literally a dozen things that probably were not done while I was out, because no one is motivated when the pastor is out. Perhaps when I get home from church tomorrow, after all the running around and setting up things prior and immediately following the service, I will once again be too pooped to pop.

Until sometime when I am feeling really racy and energetic ...

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