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for January 3, 2021


It wasn't that bad today! The first day back at my church and having the usual running around to do wasn't all that taxing to my body. Yes, there were things left undone from the day I started my STAYcation on the 22nd, but I didn't let it take me down.

I have referred to the many little things I have to do when I arrive at the church building each Sunday and how they can become very irksome. I didn't let them bother me today. There were a couple of added headaches, but all in all I got through it without having a stroke.

Somehow, the Bluetooth connection between the tablet I use to go through the sermon slides portion of the PowerPoint presentation wasn't syncing. The PC in the media room acknowledged my tablet and the tablet the PC but not connection. Now I know that you have to turn on the Office Remote on the PC slides to get the connection and it was on. After ten minutes of trial and error, including disconnecting the Bluetooth on both the tablet and the PC and repairing them again (and that did resolve the issue), I disconnected the Bluetooth USB connection and put it in another port. Walla! It worked.

There was another issue about one of the Christmas lights sets that go around the choir and they were not working. You could turn them on, but then in about five minutes they would go out. We decided not leave them all off, because, after all, Christmas is over. The decorations won't be coming down until Wednesday when we will have enough people to come out and take them down and put them back into storage.

Also, Janice and I signed up to prepare communion for the first Sunday of January, February and March, so we (I) had that responsibility. The Christmas Tree placed in the sanctuary the year was ours and after the service Janice and I took that down. It is a pre-light artificial tree with the "fake" snow on the limbs and such.

The above notations were those extras that were on our plate today, in addition to the usual set up, but we got through it and felt like an accomplishment rather than a burden. It's funny, it had rained all night and was cloudy and misty this morning all through the worship hour and afterward. You would think the dreary skies would make for a downer, but not really. I kept a smile on my face, nearly the whole time.

After we left church (about an hour after the service), Janice and I decided to go over to our favorite Greek restaurant so that I could have a hamburger steak and one of their large baked potatoes. We meet up with Bobby and Shirley Crocker, who, it seems, are always there on Sundays after church. They had already been served but when they saw us waiting in a 20 minute line, they motioned for us to join them as they had two more chairs around a four-seater table. Once again, we had great conversations and mutual love around that table. The Crockers are good people. I have already said a few things about them in previous posts.

Having just arrived about twenty minutes ago, I sit down to pen this little entry which I cannot classify as a rant, nor an opinion piece. I am sure that I will have something to rant about soon.

Today is the last day of the regular NFL season and the playoffs begin next week. I have watched probably about an hours worth of the NFL this year and I still care about the outcome of some games, particularly the Baltimore Ravens - my team. My youngest son calls then the Rat birds and the dirt birds. He is a Tennessee Titans fan. I don't make fun of his team like he does mine but as I write this Baltimore is leading Cincinnati 38-3 (no big thing there as the Bengals are the to worst team in the NFL. The Titans play Houston later and will most like beat the Texans by 28 points. The Ravens may meet the Titans next week in the playoffs in which case I might watch some or most of the game since it is pay back time and the birds should clean the Titans clock. TAKE THAT BRAD!!

Janice's Packers also play the later game today and they will be televised so Janice will have all five TV's going as she moves from room to room doing chores and listening for Aaron Rogers to throw a touchdown.

I usually work at the office on Tuesday and Thursday, but I am thinking of going in tomorrow and Tuesday instead - at least for this week. I still have some catching up to do and I can stay longer on Monday if I have to. Perhaps, my mind will be working better so that I can produce a top notch, grade-A rant for this blog then. So, until then ....

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