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for January 5, 2021


In August of 1973, I left the Commonwealth of Virginia and headed to Georgia for college. Georgia had a law back then that if you were 18 years of age and living in the state more than 30 days, unless you were stationed there in the military, you had to register your car in the state and obtain a Georgia driver's license. You also had to pay personal property taxes on your car as well. It did not matter if you were a student in college or university. If you lived on campus, you were considered domicile in the state. If you lease or rented an apartment off campus, even temporary, you were considered domicile in Georgia. You had to pay taxes there. Period! If you came into Georgia, going to a state university on a scholarship granted by that state school or from anywhere in the state, you had to pay taxes on the scholarship, for whatever the worth of the scholarship. It wasn't much and the extra money that may come with the scholarship usually covered the taxes. When I asked why the state was making me, a temporary resident, to study for a test to take in order to get a driver's license, then pay for title transfers and fees along with personal property taxes on the car and all the while not be working to pay for all this stuff, the only answer I got from a professor was, "it's a state run by Democrats, what do you expect?"

Back in '73, Jimmy Carter was the governor. He, of course was a Democrat and would go on to become President. The Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State were Democrats. The state legislature was 65% to 35% Democrat. And back then, the Democrats were considered the workers party. With the Reagan Revolution, the political landscape not only changed in Georgia, but all over the south. From 1982 until 2008 the entire south was red. Red, that is until Barack Obama took Virginia, then later North Carolina and up until this year blue hadn't gotten any further south.

Now, it appears, Georgia is going back to the Democrats. But, wait a minute. It is not the same Democrat Party that we knew back in the 70's. It is pretty much accepted that if John F. Kennedy were to run for President today as a Democrat, he would not even win the first Primary. He would probably wouldn't have the financial backing from anyone outside of his family. Jimmy Carter would be deemed too Conservative and wouldn't stand a chance in the Primaries. Bill Clinton would have a tough time and would have to rely on Hillary's mobster connections to win a few primaries.

Today's Democrat Party is farther to the left than anyone would have imagined it could get even twenty years ago. Ronald Reagan would have no problem labeling today's Democrats as mostly Communist. And, indeed, most of the party is heavily tilted in that far-left direction. The Socialists who form an influential part of the party have drawn, sucked or coerced moderate and old liberal members of the party over to a more Marxist ideology. This is now the party that Georgia voters (or perhaps temporary voters) will be pushing into the Senate today and, if successful, will end the Republic which is the United States of America. The Constitution is on the line.

The two candidates for Senate in the runoffs in Georgia are Marxist. One is fully baptized in Socialist economics, meaning the ending of capitalism, the other is steeped in Black Liberation Theology, meaning the white race is inherently demonic and needs to reduced to nothing better than second class citizens, forced to pay reparations and heavily taxed so as to render it nearly impossible for them to own a house. "Let them live in the projects" Raphael Warnock was heard to say in one of his sermons he preached from the same pulpit and in the same church as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I dare say, if Warnock wins his Senate seat, the state of Georgia will gone from one extreme to the other. From Governor Lester Maddox (1967-1971) who went so far as to offer blacks a ticket back to Africa, otherwise be reduced to "scum" status, to Warnock who wants to do that to whites.

This is not the Georgia I lived in for four years while in college. I left there in '77 to go to graduate school in Illinois and while Illinois was slowly converting over to a Blue state and then to a Marxist state, Georgia was turning Red. And it remained red until two months ago. Today, the voters there can turn it blue and in two years, when Stacey Abrams and her ilk run for governor and down ticket again - and win (courtesy of the education they received this year on how to stuff the ballots and steal the elections) Georgia will fall like California.

I understand that Georgia still has the same requirements for students moving temporarily into the state to attend college. I also know that since the state turned red in the early 80's they haven't tied the hands of its people with heavier taxes. But as it turns blue, expect taxes to go up, education to continue to nose dive, gun control (which was never a topic of discussion in the Peach State) to become paramount, and far-left pet projects and programs to be thrust on the great citizen there.

I am pissed. I have watched California fall in the mid-90's, Illinois around 2000, Oregon and Washington state in 2004, my home state of Virginia in 2006, Minnesota in 2008, and it appears Georgia in 2020/21. They joined already lost states like Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont as "Progressive" (read that as "Communist") states. It's a domino effect and I can't see it stopping.

Tomorrow, I will talk about the winners in Georgia and the country as a whole. At the juncture is appears to be the two Marxist who will win. I heard on the Glenn Beck program this morning that 23 major polls give the Democrats the election there in both Senate Seats, 4 polls have it dead even. Not one major poll give the two GOP candidates an edge. NOT ONE! There is one pollster who thinks Kelly Loeffler will be Warnock, but the Democrat Jon Ossoff is given the win in the other race.

Damn it! We need a miracle today in Georgia. Who would have ever thought that as Georgia goes, so goes the country.

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