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for January 6, 2021


I awoke this morning to the news that really didn't surprise me one bit. Raphael Warnock defeated Sen. Kelly Loeffler. At 8 am I saw also that Jon Ossoff was ahead of Sen. David Purdue by about 11,000 votes and that it was too close to call. I did think that this whole thing would be over by 2 am. But that one seat has, as of this writing (11:15 am) yet to be decided. But Ossoff will pull through.

How do and did I know these things? It's simple. That nation has finally fallen. The Democratic machine has finally figured out how to pull off electioneering to an art form and therefore, secured the right to rule in perpetuity. Yes, I believe the Republican Party has lost its effectiveness and therefore has lost its reason to exist.

Look, I could spend a few hours penning words that express and show why I feel this way. But right now, I feel the compulsion to go read the Book of Jeremiah from the Old Testament.

This morning I had to drive to the hospital pharmacy top pick up a prescription (I go there because my wife works there and the health insurance coverage that I am on gives me a break on my Flecanide I have to take for my heart). While driving I am listening to the Glenn Beck Program on SiriusXM and getting more and more discouraged. In fact, that is what the Progressive and Cultural Marxist want us to be - discouraged. How can you fight that feeling? Even though Ossoff has not yet been declared the winner, common sense knows he will win. That means the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House will all be under the control of the Left. There will be no one representing the right except the minority who will not be acknowledged or listen to. Chuck Schumer in Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House have vowed to pay no attention to their opposition and, as Steny Hoyer, the House Majority Leader once said, it would be better for Republicans to just stay at home and let the Democrats run the show - meaning, "go back to your home states and districts, you will have no say so here."

If it were not for the fact that the Democrats would use that as a tool to take over their seats in the next election cycle, I would tell the Republicans to do just that. Nothing you want to accomplished will get a simple hearing much less action on the floor of either house. Just shut-up and take your medicine. I would say, "Hey, don't bother." But if they were do go back home and just in an office awaiting the next election with the hope of winning back the majority, half of them would be primaries out by deep-pocketed establishment politicians and the rest would loose to the Democrats in the main election. Then, the GOP would be dead forever.

But what use is it now? Republicans, conservatives and to a great extent even white people, Christians, Constitutionalists and those of traditional values have now been told there is no place for them. And now, in a few minutes, Republicans will reenact Custer's Last Stand as they try and maneuver a challenge to the electoral votes from six swing states, all of which had dubious, fraudulent and unconstitutional provisions for ballots being cast in a way not approved by the state's legislative branch as required by the U.S. Constitution - Article II; Section 4, Paragraph 1. No governor, executive, judge or office of the executive branch in any state can change, impose, modify or enact a change (such as mail in balloting and eliminating signature verification). Only the state legislatures can do that and in each swing state where the 2020 Presidential election is contested, the legislature did not vote on any such changes, modifications, etc.

So the events leading up to and effectively stemming from the November 3 election was a brilliant and well thought out plan by Democrats and their financial backers (George Soros and his 211 organizations funding and promoting the "revolution"). The plan worked! And it will be used again and again, until the last vestiges of conservatives and the GOP are eradicated from the face of the nation. I'd say that will be completed by 2030.

The winners in the Georgia election were two Marxists of slightly different color (and I don't mean their racial features). Jon Ossoff is a socialist in the mold of Bernie Sanders. Pro-big government and aligns very neatly with Alexander Ocasio-Cortex and the squad, who would take pride in calling himself the first senator to become a member of the Squad. Raphael Warnock is a racist, liberation theologue in the mold of Jeremiah Wright (Barack Obama's pastor) and James Cone, the founder and proponent of Black Liberation Theology which views white people as instrument of the devil and calls on America to repent of "it's whiteness and it's support of whiteness." Liberation Theology originated from South American Communist theologians and Cone, merely put a black face on it - so to speak. Warnock doesn't even represent the cause of the man who once pastored the church he currently preaches to - Dr. martin Luther King, Jr. I personally think King would be appalled by this election and especially Warnock.

The winners both inside of Georgia and around the country are those who seek something for nothing; those who aligned themselves with who Saul Alinsky categorized as the "Have-Nots". The winners also include the global community who seek to finally take away the United States' sovereignty and to pull the country back into U.N. control. It also means that the following people won as a result of Georgia going blue:

  • Those who want to see everything Trump has done completely overturned, including tax cuts, building the border wall, and not cooperating with the Paris Climate Accords;
  • Those who want to see Universal Health Care become a reality; Medicare-for-All will replace what is left of Obamacare and will end private health insurance;
  • Those who want to see a federal ban on the death penalty (except in cases wherein gun owners rufuse to comply with mandated gun confiscatory laws) - yeah, execute gun owners, not murderers - this is an AOC dream;
  • Those who want mandatory vaccinations;
  • Those who want a passport system where documents must be carried on us whenever and where ever we travel;
  • Those who want mandatory lockdowns;
  • Those who want to see large bailouts going to those who loose their jobs because of lockdowns , even if it mean throwing the country into a depression or worse;
  • Those who want to continue the printing of money, even if it causes the inflation rate to rise into double, even triple-digit figures;
  • Those who want gun rights curtailed, mandatory buy back programs, the levying of high annual taxes on the personal ownership of guns, 50 to 100%  sales taxes levied on the purchase of ammo and the mandatory registering of every and all firearms under penalty of harsh fines and jail time;
  • Those who want to curtail the speech of those who disagree with them, such as regulating conservative talk radio, conservative print media, conservative podcasts and the like;
  • Those who want total control over what is published and aired over the internet;
  • Those who want to see all student loans cancelled;
  • Those who want to see a complete and fully-binding "Equality Act" - The Equality Act would would provide consistent and explicit anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people across key areas of life, including employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services, federally funded programs, and jury service. Churches and their pastors will be affected as they will be required to afford equal access to services even if it includes violating their belief system;
  • Those who want a green new deal to the extent that fossil fuels will no longer be produced, houses and businesses have to be retrofitted with solar or wind powered energy platforms, cars must run of electricity generated by solar or wind; mass transportation via rail;
  • Those who want to end rural communities by assimilating all farms, forests, mountains, parks, etc. into federally regulated refuges, even if it means ending rural life and pushing everybody into the urban zones;
  • Those who want to be brought under the oversight of the World Economic Forum, the Paris Peace Accords, and the United Nations;
  • Those who want to add the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states (that would add a guaranteed four Democrat Senate seats and at least 6 or 7 Democrat House Seats as both would be or are 80 to 90 percent Democrat strongholds;
  • Those who want to curtail or defund the police;
  • Those who want to see the end of the filibuster in the Senate;
  • Those who want to add 4 to 6 more seats on the Supreme Court - knowing that would bring into 4 to 6 more Left and Far left judges - like Barack and Michelle Obama! - Yeah;
  • Those who want the Great Reset, even the end of cash and a move toward digital credits based on the citizens complete participation in social justice and support for the mandates of the Great Reset;
  • Those who want and pushed for the restoration of votings rights, for convicted felons and even for those currently incarcerated for commiting felonies;
  • Those who want to rewrite history and eradicate from memory the past;
  • Those who want to render the U.S. Constitution null and void - not by amending it or replacing it (that would be hard to do, as long as thirteen states refuse to go along), but through the court decisions;
  • Those who want to bring the influence of morals, especially Judea-Christian morals, down and render them useless, or moot;
  • Those who want to redefine truth on a yearly, monthly or even daily basis.

Of all of these, only one would bring us to the brink of all our bloodshed. The only one that would cause the right to rise up and fight until the death is not the removal of all things Christian. It is not the Great Reset and the elimination of the worth of the dollar. It is not the inability to read, see or hear alternative views from those of the Left. It will not be mandatory vaccinations or lockdowns.

You want to see a true civil war? You want to see blood shed? Wait until the Left takes the guns. Not just mandatory buybacks, but "turn them in or lose you house to the high fines and jail time imposed." 130 million gun owners will fight. And the Left, not trusting police and even military personnel, will call up U.N. peacekeepers to enforce their laws, which means a whole host of Muslim, Marxist and anti-American Communists from all around the world will be allowed into country. They will have no problems using tanks, missiles, chemicals and grenades on gun-owning Americans. It is and will always be about the guns.

I would just as soon see a rising up by Christians who will lose their church buildings because their properties will be turned over to the state for not abiding by the Cultural Left's civil rights, pastors being told what to preach under penalty of jail time. Christians no longer being allowed to rent school buildings, or offices owned by the government under the guise of the "separation of Church and State." Bible no longer being allowed to be printed due to the government owning printing presses and under the edicts of not allowing for hate speech (which many on the left are saying of the Bible). Christians won't rise up, but they will cry. They will cry like the prophet Jeremiah and hope and pray that God will steer and change the hearts of the Left and those who want to stamp out Judeo-Christian principles.

So, just sit back Christians, and wait for the Left to come after the guns. Someone will fight for you.

What about God in all of this? If the Left and all the special interest minions who support and voted for them are the winners, wouldn't that make the Loser? Tomorrow, I will rant about who the losers are, but suffice it to say, God is not the loser! Those who pray to God, especially concerning the downfall of our country are not the losers. Keep in mind, man has free will and God does not manipulate, control or in any other way manipulate the affairs of man. He merely directs them. But if man, in his own free will, chooses not to follow the directions of God, he sets out to destroy what (and who) belongs to God, while at the same time acts like God in a most blasphemous and damnable way.

Time for me to stop today's rant and start reading the prophet Jeremiah. That is what I determined to do while riding back from getting my prescription. Before I do that, let me conclude by saying one thing about that ride back:

I took my time coming home this morning and rode through the neighborhood in which I once lived with my first wife and my two sons. I passed by the house in which we lived, the church where in I served as Pastor and drove the roads that my family and me frequented while living their in the 80's. Ronald Reagan was President, my kids were in elementary school there and really loved their teachers and had lots of friends, My wife was teaching piano and organ while going back to school to study accounting and becoming a CPA. Traditional families were present and friendly, the community seemingly centered around the church and church activities. Everyone seemed to be content, if not out-and-out happy. I want that back! But the Democrats, i.e. the Leftist of all colors: Progressive, Socialists, Communist, Anarchists, and radicals won't let that happen! Their mantra is "Never Again." They have come to wipe out the past and in so doing they are wiping out our contentment, our happiness, our traditions, our own way of life. WE ARE THE LOSERS! More on that tomorrow ...

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