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for January 7, 2021


Let me start this rant stating one simple fact: The Left in this country is a greater threat than the Soviet Union ever was. Internal threats are always more threatening than external. If you haven't started to see how true this is, then I invite you to wait and watch for what unfolds in the days ahead.

Having said that, I will come back to it sometime after I have calmed down from the events that took place yesterday in Washington, D.C. It was approximately an hour after I posted my last entry that Donald Trump supporters and a few undercover Antifa goons turned a protest into a riot. It was a page right out of The Twilight Zone. Many people on the Right took to the streets and up to the U.S. Capital Building and started to emulate their despised left-wing contemporaries actions. Rioting, destruction, looting, destruction and killing are the signs that the Left is in town. Yesterday, the Right decided to follow suit, but for their own cause. The problem is, if you are on the Left and you turn a demonstration and protest into destructive behavior, the media will make sure no one blames you. If you are on the right, the media will go so far as to call upon every authority on the face of the earth to hunt you down. The Right forgets that while they are empting the jails and prisons of murderers, rapists and hard-core felons, they are really making room for them. The Left wants the Right to just die. And die they may!

The Domestic Left is a mortal threat. I am not talking about Liberals. I am talking about those who are so much farther to the Left than the typical Liberal dare not venture. Liberals do care about Life, liberty and the freedom of speech and religion. The Left care about power over your life, keeping those with whom they disagree entrapped and freedom to speak only those things the Left approves of and the freedom to worship them and their government, not God. God is a myth to the Left. They are god. They determine what you are to do, where you are to go, who you are to see and speak to, and how you are to support them.

The domestic Left is now in power and come January 20, nothing will be able to stop them! Does that mean we, who are on the right, should follow in their footsteps? Should we become like them. If we don't get our way and someone on our side gets killed by one of our "enemies" should we riot, pillage, loot burn down cities and the like? Do we dare stoop that low? It sure looked like many did yesterday. I won't say they didn't have any help. I am sure that there were some Antifa wolves there dressed up in Trump clothing, egging them on to action. But what have we done? We have set back any forward progress conservatives have made, probably destined us to another 40 year Democrat rule like we had from 1955 until 1995. Perhaps, we have consigned the GOP to the dustbin of history. Most likely, we will move quickly into a one-party nation like the states of Hawaii (where there is not one single Republican in the General Assembly, congress, state house or even on the councils of every city and town with a population of over 1000. California is 90% Democrat, Connecticut and Rhode Island and Massachusetts 85%, New Jersey and Maryland 80%, Washington and Oregon 75% and Illinois 70%. Thirty-eight of the 40 largest cities have not a single Republican on their city councils or in their mayors offices. Detroit has not had a Republican on the council or in the mayor's chair since 1968! Chicago has 50 Aldermen (women) and not a single one is a Republican. Baltimore hasn't had a Republican in city office since 1995. Washington, D.C. does not even have an office space anywhere in the city for a Republican to occupy. With the exception of San Diego, the ten most populous cities in California do not have a Republican in office in any capacity. And you don't think that can't become a national reality?

In the introduction to his book The Content Trap, author Bharat Anand asks readers to consider what caused The Yellowstone Fires of 1988, which lasted for months and destroyed over 1.3 million acres of the world’s oldest, and one of our nation’s most treasured, national parks. The traditional story places the blame on a worker who dropped a single, still-lit cigarette. Anand disagrees.

The cigarette certainly triggered this fire, but a million cigarettes are dropped every single day. That year (likely even that day), other cigarettes and, for that matter, lightning strikes, fell in Yellowstone. Why did this one spark so much damage? Anand’s point has to do with the pre-existing conditions, which made something that is benign in most other circumstances, a trigger for incredible destruction.

Yesterday, as protestors stormed the Capitol, Illinois Representative Kinzinger, a Republican, said, “We (Americans) are not what we are seeing today…” Others remarked how shocking it was to see the sort of political unrest common to other countries, in America. And, of course, it was shocking.

But we’d better be clear on why. It’s not because somehow Americans, even those who love freedom and wish to protect the remarkable gift that is our nation, are somehow exempt from the Fall. It’s not because America has some sort of Divine pass to last forever. It’s not because the rules that govern nations and civilizations, which have been proven over and over again throughout history, somehow do not apply to us.

In what now seems like an ominous prediction, my friend Trevin Wax tweeted out a quote from Chuck Colson Wednesday morning: “People who cannot restrain their own baser instincts, who cannot treat one another with civility, are not capable of self-government ... without virtue, a society can be ruled only by fear, a truth that tyrants understand all too well."

Colson was right. Another way of saying what he did is, “Character is destiny.” It’s tempting to apply this undeniable truism rather selectively, but it is as true for individuals on “our side” as it is for those on “their side.” It is true for presidents and for peasants. It’s as true about a President “not as bad as she would have been,” who delivers strong policy wins for our side as it is about anyone else. It is true for the narcissist and for the abortionist, for the one who rejects religious faith and the one who uses it for his own ends.

But, and this is the much more important point that many miss, character is destiny for a people as well as for a person. Yesterday, when President-elect Biden said that the actions of the mob did not reflect America, I wish he were correct. But he wasn’t. We are not a moral nation. We are lawless. We are not a nation that cultivates the kinds of families able to produce good citizens. Our institutions cannot be trusted to tell us the truth or advance the good. Our leaders think and live as if wrong means are justified by preferred ends. Our churches tickle ears and indulge narcissism. Our schools build frameworks of thinking that are not only wrong, but foster confusion and division.

Yesterday’s riot was not the first in our nation’s recent history, nor will it be the last. There are certainly immediate causes for what we witnessed, including the words of a President who appeared to care more about the attention the riots gave him than the rule of law that they violated. Still, there are ultimate causes, ones that predate his administration and that have created what is clearly a spark-ready environment.

Yesterday’s events cannot be understood, much less addressed outside this larger context. And the moment we excuse ourselves from being part of the problem, we have lost our saltiness.

Often throughout history, moments like this have been embraced by the Christians as an opportunity by God’s people. When a people reach this level of vulnerability, either as individuals, as families, or as nations, it is clear that they are out of ideas. There is no sustainable way forward when the ideological divide reaches this level, not only about how best to reach commonly held aims but when there is no consensus on the aims themselves.

To be clear, civilizations usually die with a whimper, not a bang. America will go on, but we aren’t ok. Even more, the resources once found in various places within our culture to build new things or fix what’s broken are largely depleted. The only way out of the long decline of decadence, punctuated as it is by noisy, scary moments like yesterday, is either, as Ross Douthat wrote, revolution or religious revival.

The story of Yellowstone Park is that now, decades letter, it has been largely revived and reborn. Let’s hope and pray that’s also the story of the Church, and even our country. We will probably have to do it without Republican opposition as I truly believe they are done as a opposition party. But out of the ashes may arise something or someone more powerful who could and may bring us back from the brink of death.

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