John Corson's Blog

for January 9, 2021


Janice and I were awakened this morning around 5:15 am by Reggie having what appeared to be a seizure. WE got up, held him close to us, talked to him and waited for the seizure to end. He has had them before, but the last one - at least as far as we know, was 3 years ago. He could have had one or two while we were away from home, but he left no indicators. His past seizures were over in fie minutes or less. But this one went on and on and on ...

At about 5:50, we looked at his eyes and they were in a constant in voluntary up and down motion. After about another thirty minutes it occurred to us that we have seen this in another dog from days gone by.  Princess suffered from an inner ear issue called vestibular neuritis.

Vestibular neuritis causes vertigo and dizziness and is, itself caused by inflammation of the vestibular nerve located behind the ear drum. The attacks can last as long as twelve hours, or at least that was the longest Princess's attacks lasted and she had at least three that we knew of. As of this moment, Reggie is on hour twelve. Hopefully, inflammation will die down and that is usually what happens without medication. It occurs mostly in older dogs, and Reggie will be 15 in May.

He has been through so much in the last three months, particularly the scare we had back around October 7th. We nearly lost him to a digestive issue.

Needless to say, we have had to maintain a close eye on him throughout the day as he has no balance and has to be held up so he can pee. We are using a syringe to force water and soft food down as he can't maneuver to feed himself. I am holding him in my lap as I type this and he is a little on the nervous side since he in not laying on a flat hard surface. I am hoping and praying the swelling in his ear canal will go down soon and we, and he, can have a good night's sleep.

This obviously won't be a long rant. It couldn't have happened at a worse time as I am stuck in a room with Janice to help me and the NFL playoffs are on TV. I have been boycotting the NFL, but Janice can bring herself to skipping a single aired game (except the ones that come on later in the evening as she has to get up early in the mornings for work. She does have me DVRing the games though.

Right now she is preparing supper which includes air baking French fries. Reggie loves fries so hopefully I won't need to feed him through a syringe and get him to eat one or two.

Tomorrow is Sunday and that means the weekly run-around. I will tell you about my morning tomorrow afternoon when I publish the rant.

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