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for July 12, 2021


It is a hot day in Hampton Roads today. Well, let me rephrase that: "It is hot as Hell"! Tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be about 3 degrees warmer than today's reading and the dew points are going to stay in the mid to upper 70's all week long!

I have pretty much stayed inside today. The only times I have gone outside were to check the mail and earlier, around 10:00, I went to Waffle House for some breakfast. Other than that, forget it. I stayed mostly in my home office, working on a couple of articles about Atheism and working on my sermon for Sunday. The outline is done and ready to be copied tomorrow when I go to the church office. While there, I will also make the slides of the outline for the PowerPoint file for the overhead.

So, while I have been working in the home office and meandering about the house, doing some little chores, I got to thinking about what to write about in today's blog. What is really plucking my last nerve today? Well, the Democrat Party is always an ass-biter, and the whinings and snowflake crusades of the Gen-Z and Millennial-Lefties are always enough to make blood shoot out of my eyes. But I have been good of late and have not gone on tirades about those loonies are all out to destroy this country.

I did notice in today's "true news" that the people of Cuba have finally had enough. They are protesting the Communist government there and the interesting part is that the Communists in the Democrat Party are strangely silent and ever-lying press is telling us that the protesters in Cuba using the cry "Freedom" are really upset about the Covid-19 virus still running rampant there. The White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki says that the Cubans are rioting over the lack of access to the Covid vaccines!Furthermore, many in the "Lame Scream" Media are telling us that their cries for "Freedom" is an anti-government slogan and therefore insurrectionist. Why? Well, the LSM says that Castro and his band of merry Marxists were "freedom crusaders" and to be anti-Castro now means to be anti-freedom! You can't make this stuff up! Here is a link to the New York "Slimes" article showing you just how asinine they can be with the propaganda:

Alexandria OCommunist-Cortex and her Slithering Squad of Socialists (Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush) are not talking and Bernie Sanders hasn't commented to the press at all. What are they waiting for? CALLING ALL COMMIES! Come the rescue! I personally think that any silence of say, oh, 20 seconds on the part of AOC is more deafening than an atomic bomb explosion.

Well, enough of the blather on the far Left for now. I will save it for mid-week or sometime there after.

I started out this bunk with a comment on the heat. Thank goodness the grass doesn't need cutting. If it did, I swear I would be more than tempted to cut it after midnight.

Most of the time, while doing yard work, I plug in my Samsung Ear Buds and listen to music, or sometimes, to one of the Talk Show hosts like Glenn Beck or Andrew Wilkow. But, when I listen to music, it is usually rock, more particularly classic rock, and more specifically progressive rock. Progressive rock are more like the sounds from bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Yes, King Crimson, Genesis and others of that ilk. Personally, my favorite progressive rock band of all time is Rush. The power trio of Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and the master of percussion Neil Peart were a phenomenal group. I say "were" because with their last concert on August 1, 2015, Neil Peart went into retirement and soon after came down with glioblastoma (a deadly form of brain cancer). He passed away eighteen months ago. Rush is no longer and the two remaining members say they will not hire a replacement because RUSH is Lee, Lifeson and Peart and nothing short or more.

I listen a lot to their music, particularly the live recordings from past concerts while cutting the grass. The other day, I decided to listen to their fifteenth studio album entitled Counterparts. Released in the Fall of 1993, the album contains eleven tracks. My favorites are "Cut to the Chase," "Nobody's Hero," "Between Sun and Moon," the instrumental song "Leave That Thing Alone," and the last track "Everyday Glory."

There is this one track, the one right in the middle, that got my attention the other day as I was about to finish cutting the back yard. It is entitled "Alien Shore." It is a hard-driving rhythmic moving song with lyrics that made me think about our world today. The following are the words as penned by their lyricist and drummer Neil Peart:

You and I, we are strangers by one chromosome
Slave to the hormone, body and soul
In a struggle to be happy and free
Swimming in a primitive sea

You and I, we must dive below the surface
A world of red neon and ultramarine
Shining bridges on the ocean floor
Reaching to the alien shore

For you and me
For you and me
For you and me, sex is not a competition
For you and me, sex is not a job description
For you and me
We agree

You and I, we are pressed into these solitudes
Color and culture, language and race
Just variations on a theme
Islands in a much larger stream

For you and me, race is not a competition
For you and me, race is not a definition
For you and me
We agree

Reaching for the alien shore
Reaching for the alien shore
Reaching for the alien shore

You and I, we reject these narrow attitudes
We add to each other, like a coral reef
Building bridges on the ocean floor
Reaching for the alien shore

For you and me, sex is not a competition
For you and me, race is not a definition
For you and me, we hold these truths to be self-evident
For you and me, we'd elect each other president
For you and me
We might agree

But that's just us
Reaching for the alien shore

These words intrigue me. What do they mean? What was the purpose behind Neil's writing here?

Neil never gave a reason, never commented on them, and never hinted at anything that he was reading or going through at the time of his composition. There have been many RUSH fanatics speculating over the words, but when I look them over I have the deepest opinion that Neil was saying three important things that address our culture today.

Keeping in mind that Neil was, at least at one time, a big Ayn Rand reader and held to mostly Libertarian views which come through in well over half of his other songs, I think the he was saying following:

1) There is but one chromosome that separates the sexes: The 14th. It could be "X" and therefore female, or it could be "Y" and therefore male. Humanity, as far as gender is concerned, is unified except by that one chromosome and therefore there is very little or next to nothing there that would elevate or give special privilege of one gender over another.

2) Color and culture are about nationalities and as such there are "shining bridges" that connect one race to another, one culture to another, one nationality to another. Like in the immortal words of John F. Kennedy " We all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal."

3) Neil finishes to say that differences in gender and race don't matter. "We hold these truths to be self evident" precedes 'that all men are created equal' in the Declaration of Independence, and served as the basis for the civil rights movements. This may be over speculation, but I believe that the "Alien Shore" in question is actually a person that is somehow different. But he doesn't use his distinctions as "privilege" nor think of himself as a victim.

To this end, I believe Neil is saying that "building bridges" to reach "for the alien shore" may be just like what he mentions in another song of his song entitled "Entre Nous" wherein he mentions different islands that we are on and that we are "building...bridges". If this is the case, then "Alien Shore" means that we and the other persons of different races or sex are making connections with each other. And, it is a good thing to make those connections.

I guess that would go to prove Neil Peart wouldn't fit in to today's Democrat Party and certainly wouldn't be welcomed by the Left. You see, to the Left, it is not about making connections. It is about building barriers to keep those with whom they disagree out. The Left shouts out, shuts out and vilifies the right. They want them silenced and sentenced to the far-fringes of the universe.

To get along and to see that a difference in gender or color doesn't give us a reason to ignore, malign, persecute, wound or kill anyone not like us.

"Sex is not a competition"
"Sex is not a job description"

These words have to mean that our gender doesn't have to identify us to the extent that we say, "You are a woman, you belong at home, barefoot and in the kitchen" or "I am a man. I must go about winning the bread in the family."

"Race is not a competition"
"Race is not a definition"

These words speak for themselves. We are not defined by the color of our skin! Hey, Martin Luther King told us that much. But he also dreamed of the day that we would be judged only by the content of our character and not the color of our skin.

I think Neil Peart was saying that as well.

We live on an alien shore. We must reject those "narrow attitudes" and add to each other by building bridges to each other; not by creating barriers. It's about acceptance, not rejection.

Take that Democrats!!

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