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for July 13, 2021


What do you do when you don't feel like writing stuff? If you have something on your chest you usually shout it out. Shrinks and counselors says you should "journal" your thoughts. Whatever you do, the idea is to get it out of your system - otherwise, you may explode or stroke out.

Well guess what? I don't have anything on my chest. Nor do I have much in my stomach. I didn't eat breakfast today, except for a cinnamon coffee cake from Starbucks, not to mention an iced white chocolate mocha. Reggie got his Pup Cup since we was in the car with me this morning. Yes, he went to work with me again. He really likes to get out. I don't know about riding in the car, but I know he wants to be with me - ALWAYS! So I take him to work with me, not always, but at least once, if not twice a week. Other than Sundays and for special occasions or meetings, I am only there two days a week anyway, so why not take him to the office often?

So a coffee drink and a cinnamon coffee cake is all I have had today and it is 3:15 in the afternoon. Janice called my a little while ago and said she was heading out the door at work and coming home. She wanted to know what I wanted to eat for supper. I am going Chinese and she will probably send me next door to Subway to pick up her usual turkey sub.

Today, while at the office, I got all my office work completed. I really don't need to go to work Thursday. But every time I stay home from the office, my Secretary, who is part-time and works when I do at the office, will call me with an issue or problem and most of the time my presence is required to fix it. That is why she works on the days I work. It's OK, but it gets old that when I am not out of town on vacation that she gets  into a jam and needs my assistance.

I have decided to wait yet another day before I go off on the Left again. Believe me, in today's news I found nine or ten items I could rant over. Here is one: Congressman Introduces Resolution To Support Cubans Protesting Communist Regime – ZERO Democrats Sign On

I told you the Democrat Party is now made up of Communists and Communist sympathizers. Along the same line as this, here is another article: White House Refuses to Call Cuba’s Regime Communist. Well what is that regime, Joe? Kamala? A Democratic open regime?

Here is another one that singes my shorts: New York Dems Want Chick-fil-A Banned From State Rest Stops SSo, just because Chick-Fil-A's owners won't cater chicken to a gay wedding reception that means they need to be banned from the state? I know, they are just wanting to pull them out of the rest stops, but isn't that only one or two steps away from banning them from all street corners in the state?

There is also this one that I don't think the Democrats have figured how to blame this on Trump: Inflation Continues Rapid Surge in June – Rises at Fastest Pace in 13 Years. You know the next thing to happen to the economy will be rising interest rates. Now I don't mind that too much as I don't have any debts on my credit cards and I have no adjustable rates on any loans. In fact, I have only one loan other than my mortgage and that is almost paid off. So, if the interest rates were to go up, even 2 or 3 percent, that would sure help out my 403-B and my annuities so that my balances will be fatter and I may get to retire a few months earlier than planned - which is August 2, 2031. Yep! And I will be 76 and a half years old. I could have retired sooner, but Barack Obama became President and his economy, along with Obamacare and the higher taxes ate into my retirement and I had to take some money out to pay on some bills that his economy ran up.

Oh well! As I said, I am hungry. Janice has now come through the door and she is hungry. She just finished one of the three most busy days she has had in the last year. She is tired, I am tired and if I really wanted to piss and moan at this juncture it wouldn't be over what the Democrats are doing to ruin the country as much as it would be over the loudness of my stomach growling.

SSo I will grumble, gripe and growl about the Left tomorrow and spare you and me more words of discontent. But be forewarned, TOMORROW IS COMING!

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