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for July 15, 2021


Good Lord it's hot outside. The heat index hit 103 today and stayed there from Noon until 5 o'clock! Thank goodness it won't get any higher tomorrow and Saturday. We are supposed to have a break with some showers on Sunday and Monday, but I won't hold my breath.

What a day! I went to the church office today (as I always do on Thursday with no mandate or no real pressing thing to do other than sit in my office and research on the internet. As it turned out, I did very little research and just did some reading and listening to a couple of podcasts.

One of those podcasts was Liz Wheeler's from last Friday wherein she opened up talking about Joe Biden's plan to have teams go door-to-door to urge those unvaccinated for COVID-19 to get the shot. I loved what she offered as a suggestion for those of us who think that is too much of a government intrusion into the privacy of the citizens.

Before going down a suggested list of questions she offered to her listener to use on those who come a 'knocking, I want to share this little tidbit from The Babylon Bee. It is their suggestions for scaring off the vaccine evangelists:

The vaccine door-to-door evangelists are coming for you! Luckily, we at The Babylon Bee are extremely anti-social, so we've got some great ways to scare off the vaccine missionaries trying to get you to accept Dr. Fauci as your lord and savior.

Try one of these and let us know how it goes!*

1. Answer the door while casually cleaning your AR-15. - "Greetings, agent of the government! What can I do for you today?"

2. Wear a MAGA hat. - Works every time.

3. Sneeze violently and say you're starting to lose your sense of taste. - "Does this apple taste like anything to you? Everything is starting to taste bland to me..."

4. Smear sacrificial ice cream on your doorposts to appease Biden. - It worked for the Israelites.

5. Show them your fully assembled LEGO Capitol Building set. - A true sign that you're a deranged terrorist -- they'll run away screaming.

6. Smile and offer to shake their hand. - Nothing scares the pro-SCIENCE crowd like interacting like a normal human being.

7. If all else fails, release the hounds. - Hopefully you've had your "Release the Hounds" button installed already.

They end the article with this disclaimer:

*The Babylon Bee is not responsible for any death, dismemberment, or imprisonment in a reeducation camp resulting from these techniques.

I like Number 1, but it may be a little overkill. I could do it but my house design makes my comment about cleaning my gun kind of over the top. I will, however, have my Glock holstered at my side and very observable.

Back to Liz Wheeler. I want to share with all of my many (a hum) readers this list of questions I think we should all have on hand if the Biden Buddies for Vaccination Push comes a calling:

First of all, have your cell phone handy and already opened to the video camera app. The first thing you should do is tell them that you are going to record that encounter so as to make sure they are not trying to take away or move you away from your rights. Then, hit record! If they don't go away, then the next thing you do is ask for their names, addresses, the name of their immediate supervisor and the name of the next supervisor up the line.

Now, here is a list of questions you should ask of them as the follow ups to the previous:

  • How did my name get on your list?
  • Is everybody’s name in the country on that list? Or only unvaccinated people?
  • If it is only unvaccinated people, how do you know who is unvaccinated?
  • Are you keeping a grand list of people who are vaccinated verses people who are unvaccinated?
  • Who gave you permission not access that medical information for the entire country? HIPPA regulation preclude anyone from having such information without a court order – not a Presidential order. Where is your court order signed by a federal judge?
  • What is the infection fatality rate for COVID-19 for people in my age bracket?
  • What percentage of transmission is asymptomatic verses symptomatic?
  • What are the long-term side effects of each vaccination whether it is Pfizer, Moderna or J & J?
  • How many people have died from the vaccine?
  • How many lives have been saved by the vaccine verses how many lives have been ended by the vaccine?
  • Have women miscarried their babies from the vaccine and if so, how many?
  • How much more frequent is myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart) after the vaccine is taken by young men?
  • What is the primary risk factor for fatal COVID-19 cases?
  • Do you think that mask, in particular surgical masks, and cloth masks are effective?
  • Do you think vaccinated people should wear face masks? If so, are you telling me that the vaccine is ineffective?
  • If asked to give any personal information you respond – not without a warrant signed by a federal judge.

These are just some of the questions she offered and I cannot see, for the life of me, how any "Vaccine Squad" member is going to allow the questions to go on after this many.

I am going to be ready. How about you?

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