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for July 19, 2021


It was supposed to be stormy today, but instead, we had every-so-slight rain off and on today, but it was cloudy. I love cloudy days in the summer. It keeps the heat down. I have always said that the reason I prefer winter weather over summer is that I can always put more and more clothes on to stay warm in the winter. As hot and humid as it gets in Hampton Roads, VA in the summer time, I can't take enough clothes off to get cool. I could run around naked and in 4 seconds I would have sweat pouring off of me.

I am sitting here at my PC pounding out these words with the window to the left of me which peers out over the back yard. There, I first see Janice's vegetable garden. Then, beyond that is her back of the yard flower garden, a fence next to my neighbors yard and then, beyond that another neighbor's yards, and on and on. I point this out because my next door neighbor in the back has some sort of weird arrangements of plants, bushes and it looks like two small vegetable gardens fill with what? I don't know. They also have the various colored LED lights inside of a globe (three of them to be exact) and they light up at night. They are probably for decoration because the Lord only knows what good they are. Janice says their whole yard is a mess and it is a good thing we have shrubs between us and them - to hide the ugly.

I got up this morning and within twenty minutes decided to go back to bed. I didn't get up for good until 10 o'clock. I messed around soon afterward, prepared an idea for a sermon for Sunday and then had to pause to take Reggie to the Vet. It was time for his annual Senior Pet's checkup. Dr. Amy Harrell, who has been my pet's veterinarian since 1996, checked him over and said she wanted to do a blood test to check his kidney function. It seems that Reggie has lost almost two pounds since he was last weighed in back in March. There are various reasons that could be attributed to this. One of them is that he has gotten very picky on his food intake. One day he would eat his regular IAMS solid food, but turn his nose at it the next day in favor of canned Purina Beef or Chicken "meaty" chow. The next day he would turn his nose up at that and the other in favor of some left overs from Janice and my food the night before.

Amy, the vet, wants him almost completely off of chicken. She says that it is too high in protein for him and could box in his kidneys. At his age, he certainly can't survive that. What we need to figure out is how to get his appetite back from his regular foods on a regular basis. After the test results come in, if they kidney count is not too high, she will put him on a liquid that will make him hungry.

After the vet, I put Reggie in the kitchen where we keep him when no one is home, and I went to A. J. Gator's for a chef salad. Boy are they good!

I returned home just as Janice was driving up and we went in the house together. Right now she is laying down from an extremely busy day at the surgical center, falling asleep, no doubt, to Law and Order which is shown on WE-TV. After I finish this nonsense I will probably go watch an episode of Grimm. If you ask me why I liked that show I will tell you that it is almost the perfect example of the battle between the Grimm and his police buddies and the Left. All those Wesen who are of evil stock and ill-repute remind me of Democrats and their minions. They are always out to destroy the norm.

Then later, Janice and I will watch a couple episodes of Cheers. We are binging that show and are in the middle of season one. I didn't think she would like that sitcom much, but as it turns out she does and it gives her the laughs she needs to round out her day.

Last night, I was going to down a couple of Lynchburg Lemonades, but by the time I had sipped the first one two or three times, it had started lightening and thundering - no rain, however. It lasted almost an hour and I went out on the back deck to watch the fireworks. Afterward, I lost my taste for the L.L. and decided against fixing another. I just wanted to get light-headed, but the storms dancing around me did it for me.

I went back inside and watched an episode of Grimm, watched the weather and went to bed around 10:30 or so. Last night was a slow and uneventful evening, except for those minutes outside gazing at the fireworks from heaven.

I have an idea for Sunday's message and it will be from the Old Testament prophet Habakkuk. Yes, there is a such a prophet  named Habakkuk and he presents a couple of good thoughts in the three chapters that comprise his book.

This prophet had witnessed the reformation and spiritual revival under the dynamic leadership of young King Josiah. He watched the fading glow of the setting sun over the once powerful Assyria. A great world kingdom was dying right before his eyes. Egypt and Babylon were fighting to take the place of Assyria at the top of power. Then, in a vain attempt to frustrate the plans of Pharaoh Necho of Egypt, Josiah was killed at Megiddo. The issue was finally decided in 605 B.C. when King Nebuchadrezzer of Babylon drove the Egyptians back in defeat and took over the civilized world as his kingdom.

As Habakkuk saw such mighty upheavals and realized the tragic consequences of the struggles that were going on around him, he was greatly perplexed. He writes his little book between the time of the Fall of the city of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria in 612 B.C. and the defeat of the Egyptians.

Tyranny and strife and lawlessness were rife in Judah and around Jerusalem. Men raised up strife and contention, oppressed righteous people, lived in open sin, worshipped idols, oppressed the poor and the defenseless and just debased everything that Josiah built and established. It was a dark day. Greater disasters seemed to be in store for God's people in Jerusalem and, indeed, as the next four kings came to the throne, within a period of 19 years, the city of Jerusalem would fall, Judah would be destroyed with men killed and women and children taken off into captivity into Babylon. Habakkuk writes before that calamity, but knows that it can't be too far around the corner.

It sounds like a story I want to tell this Sunday with all its parallels to today's world and our big Judah (the United States) in mind. I will get started on it in earnest later on today and start the meat and potatoes of the sermon tomorrow when I land in my church office to do my Tuesday routine. And Reggie will be going with me too!

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