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for July 1, 2021


Nothing much has happened in my boring life since I last published my grumblings yesterday. I sat around and watched television last evening and went to bed shortly after the weather forecast on the 11:00 news. I didn't have a hard time getting to sleep. I think it took me all of twenty-five minutes and all the while listening to a Dennis Prager podcast.

I got up this morning, got my clothes on, took Reggie out to do his business then gave him something to eat, which he does very little of in the mornings. Then, I got my breakfast biscuit and Reggie's water bowl, some dog food and his towel that he likes to sleep on when travelling or at my office and we took off. First, I stopped at Sam's Club for gas, then to Starbucks around the corner for my iced white mocha and Reggie's Pup Cup of Whipped Cream. Then - off to church we went!

I was only needing to do the tedious office routine today and so I poured some water into Reggie's bowl in my office and laid his towel down for him to ball up and sleep on and that was the highlight of my morning.

Before leaving this afternoon, Reggie and I walked around the upstairs of the church building where my office, the secretary's office, the nursery, the choir rehearsal room, the Primary ages Sunday School class and the teens activity rooms are located. Reggie was in a investigative mood, I guess, so after Shirley, my secretary left, I talked walking him around the upstairs and talking to him like he was a human visitor.

I told him about the Choir Rehearsal room being "Mama's room" where she goes over the music with the choir for Sunday Mornings and where they used to practice all the time before everyone got so old they didn't like to climb the stairs. Now rehearsals are mostly in the choir loft in the sanctuary.

I showed him the nursery which also served as the Pre-schoolers Sunday School classroom and children's church room. Now, we have no children so that room only occupied with toys, old coloring books, a crib a couple of small tables and little chairs for 2 to 5 year olds to sit. I told Reggie that we have not had a Sunday School student in that room since October of 2017! We had teachers present and prepared with a lesson in case on showed up. One or both were there every Sunday until March 22 of last year when things came to an abrupt halt due to Covid-19. Since then, we haven't used that room, nor the Prinary room, nor the youth/teen room since. We haven't had a Sunday School program since then, and really, not since June of the year before when our last adult Sunday School teacher relinquished her position and no one wanted to take her place.

So Reggie and I did a casual tour - so to speak - and I would tell him about what those rooms were once used for and I would hold back the tears as I did. It is sad that we now only use the upstairs for office work and for the music room for choir to store their books.

Following the sulking, sullen sad time, Reggie and I got into the car and came home.

While at the church office, I started to read an article about yet another Democrat call for "common sense gun laws" by which they mean, regulating and enacting laws that strip away, bit by bit, our Second Amendment rights. From regulating the number of bullets in our magazines to the size and look of our rifles (Oh my, that AR-15 is scary! It's a military style rifle and needs to be banned under peanlty of life in prison without parole). Democrats are so tyranical!

Anyway, I decided to write an article, which I will never have published, even if I could find someone to publish it for me. I thought I would "publish" it here where no one will see it or read it and where I can just say I got my condemnation of Democrats off of my chest. If there is a reader out there, I hope this thing makes sense. I know that the Left will call me a racist a**hole worthy of being cut off and banned from the internet forever!

Here is the article:

Democrats spend an enormous amount of time and energy (not to mention tax payer's money) planning, writing and proposing what they call "Common Sense Gun Laws." Most of those laws fall under the category of confiscation, tough regulation or the banning of guns, regardless of their classification, size, capacity,  power or looks. I say "looks" because far too often we hear the expression that AR-15s "look" scary and come across as a military-style weapon and, therefore, should be kept out of the hands of all citizens.

To Democrats, the common-sense comes into play while telling their constituents that "no one needs an AR-15," or "no one needs an assault rifle," or "no one needs a magazine that holds more than six, or eight or ten bullets." Many on the far-left would say "no one needs a gun." They will go so far as to penalize anyone who owns a gun through the laws that they would enact.

Back in 2001, the Commonwealth of Virginia joined several other states in passing a law whereby a person who possesses an "Illegally obtained firearm, rifle or shotgun" would be prosecuted and, if found guilty would spend a mandatory five years in prison. But, in that year Virginia had a Republican governor and a Republican legislature. It was under a Democrat governor and a Democrat President (Barack Obama) with a very far-left, "racism-is around-every corner" Attorney General (Eric Holder), some 13 years later that the law was repealed.


Because a disproportionate number of blacks were arrested over that twelve year period for having illegally obtained guns in their possession, or for using a firearm in the commission of a felony. In effect, Governor Terry McAuliffe (who is running for Governor again this year) joined seven other states (i.e. Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, Washington, Oregon, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania - all under Democrat control) to remove such laws with its mandatory sentencing.

FBI crime statistics from 1994 until 2013, a period of twenty years, have shown that the vast number of illegal guns were in the hands of hundreds of thousands of minorities, particularly African-American males, between the ages of 13 and 35. These were obtained through home break-ins, car break-ins, robberies, and the like in which lawful gun-owners had their weapons stolen. Then, those guns turn up in the streets and alleys near or in the inner city where they are sold for 50 to 100 bucks a pop.

The Bureau and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, prior to the Obama purge of gun statistics of this nature, recorded that in 2008 and 2009, nearly all stolen firearms that were recovered were either confiscated from the hands of African-Americans or Hispanics. The rationale for such a high number is telling. The high crime rates among blacks precludes them from ever legally and legitimately purchasing a firearm. Furthermore, in the years between 2015 and 2019 over 55% of firearms charges against blacks were for those under the age of twenty-one, and therefore there is no way they could have a gun in their possession legally anywhere in the United States. Felons and those under 21 are not allowed to purchase one.

In the average inner city, young black males, absent a father figure in their homes, resort to the street where gangs roam and easily prey on the young teen. In many cases, the right of passage into the gang involve illegal activities. One of the most popular modes of initiation involve a gun. That gun, almost without exception, does not legally belong to anyone in that gang, much less the initiate. Some gangs require the initiate to take a gun off of a gun owner - most likely a white person. It can either be stolen through a home invasion/break-in or in a street assault on someone who is carrying a concealed weapon. Either way, the initiate steals the gun and uses it in a street crime or other crimes against person or property. Once completed, the thug is considered part of the gang.

So, what does this have to do with common sense gun laws?

A lot! Think about that law on the Virginia books for those nine years. Over 5900 criminals were arrested for having a stolen gun. All but a few were convicted. All convicted served 5 years!

In several Republican controlled states, there are similar laws on the books, as Virginia's once was, and are vigorously enforced. You want common-sense guns laws? Stop punishing the gun and start punishing the gun theif. Just because a large and very disproportionate number of blacks would be affected by this, it still sends out the message that stealing a gun and using that gun in the commission of a crime is not the best way to join any gang. It is certainly not a rite of passage that would encourage civility. A mandatory 5 year prison sentence just for having the illegally acquired gun - without parole - sends out a strong message. A 10 year mandatory prison sentence for the second offense also sends out a stronger message. 

While we are talking about stolen or illegally acquired firearms, there should also be a law wherein the possession of multiple guns would yield 5 year sentences for each gun and if caught while in the illegalal transaction of the weapon (selling it on the street) that should add an additional 5 years.

Now this is certainly a more common sense way of dealing with guns! It difffently would cut down on the number of gun crimes in America.

Instead, the Democrats would rather make criminals of gun owners by imposing more and more restrictions, regulations and prohibitions on those who have legally purchased their firearms. That would happen by criminalizing everything about the gun. Democrats see the gun as the criminal, not the one who illegally obtains and uses it.

Saying that poor black youths have the deck stacked against them and therefore should be excused of their actions involving the gun only serves as an encouragement for them to do more illegal acts against man and property. Lawmakers need to be in the business of preventing crimes and punishing the criminal who brakes the law, not arresting and punishing someone who bought a firearm to protect themselves against such a crime and criminal.

So, common sense guns laws should be simple: Punish the gun thief, not the gun owner.

You know, Democrats are so emotional that if they or any of their Leftist loonies were to read this article, they would come to the conclusion that gun ownership makes one a racist for, as I said, statistically, gun thievery is a black thing, gun ownership is a white thing.

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