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for June 6, 2021


It was not a bad day, it was not the greatest Sunday in ten years, but it was truly a nice day at Windsor Baptist. Thankfully we had more of our regulars present than visitors. I have had that happen a few times in the past. But since this was a special day, with young Kylie Freeman being baptized and her family from New York and one from Florida being present, we did have a good number of our regulars on hand to make them feel welcome.

If you read yesterday's post, I went on and on about my fear that there would be more visitors and guest present than our regulars since summer has already started for many and several had already said they were taking vacations this week.

For non-clergy folks in church, vacations usually start on Saturday morning as they have just completed a week at their regular jobs and they can't wait to get out of town. So, Saturday they leave and they are gone for that weekend, all week and into the next weekend, coming home late on Sundays, therefore missing two weeks in church. For clergy, we can't miss but one Sunday or it would be counted as two weeks, even if we are gone from Sunday to Sunday - 8 days.

I usually start mine on Thursdays and continue it through Friday of the following week, thereby giving me 9 days like everybody else, but only missing one Sunday. They get to miss 2 Sundays and that hurts attendances.

Anyway, we did have a nice day in the Lord's house. We renewed old friendships and celebrated a happy occasion. We were blessed. Next week, I will be out on vacation, but only for one Sunday. Clyde Alderman is going to fill in for me and, just like what happened the last Sunday in December when he filled in for me then, there will be a lot of people gone. By my estimate and from many have told me, there will be 25 regulars out next Sunday and Clyde will be lucky to preach to 30 people. He preached to only 28 last December 27th. I am beginning to believe that when I go out of town maybe we should just cancel church and not bring in a guest preacher to speak to mostly walls. That, too, is embarrassing.

I am not going to spend anymore time talking about what did or didn't go wrong today, except to say that the service itself did go off without a hitch. That the Lord for that. It was productive and happy. I just hope and wish next week could be the same or better. Maybe with me being gone, some of the old "regulars" will come back. That would be cool with me.

This afternoon, after coming home, Janice and I fixed a sandwich and watched the Kevin Costner movie called Wyatt Earp starring him and Dennis Quad as Doc Holliday. Gene Hackman played his father in the early days of Wyatt Earp. It is a 3 hour and 41 minute movie so most of the afternoon was taken up just lounging around As I finish today's blog (and remembering that yesterday's was one of the longest in months) I will soon venture out into the heat and humidity to cut the grass that grew over the last three days up to near my knees. That is the only down size of the much needed rain we had Thursday and Friday. Today, the heat index is 98 degrees!

Welcome to summer. It took a while to get here and that was alright by me. Now we face the prospect of four months of consistent and consecutive days with heat indices between 95 and 107 - probably until late September. I have been happy with this spring as it has last several days, weeks, perhaps a month longer than usual. We had six weeks of autumn last year (as opposed to the usual three to four weeks) and we had about ten weeks of spring (as opposed to the four to five weeks that we average. We are mostly a two season area here in the mid-Atlantic and on the coast. Lots of summer weather and a couple months of cold weather with a mixture normally in between.  It's hot now, and time for me to loose about four pounds with sweat.

Tomorrow is another day, filled with packing for my upcoming trip to Florida and preparing for my sermon for Father's Day. I will work on it tomorrow and finish it Tuesday so I won't come back from vacation in a rush. I also have a Bible Study to for which to prepare as Tuesday may be the last one until September. We usually cancel them for the summer months although I only planned on stopping on June 29th. With our attendance being so low the last three to four weeks, I thought maybe it is time to start the break. Sometimes, when it comes to planning things for the church and trying to get them organized, it just doesn't always turn out the way I had hoped.

I guess you can tell from this rant that I really need this vacation!

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