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for June 7, 2021


What a nice but hazy, hot and humid day. I avoided going outside like it contained the plague. In order to justify staying in the air conditioned house today (as I didn't have to go to the church office), I did the laundry and cleaned up a bit around the house. That way Janice would not think I was sitting on my butt all day.

I did watch a couple of documentaries via Amazon Prime. One was on Ronald Reagan's presidency in the media. It cast him in more of a negative light and focused on his views of the Soviet Union, the four meetings with Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev, the Iran-Contra affair and a few other events that were often considered controversial. It doesn't surprise me when the liberal media and media outlets like Amazon, Netflix and the like look for the bad in Republicans and Conservatives all the while praising the moves and ideology of the LEFT.

The other documentary was on the life and impact of the Reformer Martin Luther. I have always been interested in the Renaissance and Reformation periods of our civilization. Reacquainting myself with the influence of Martin Luther was a treat for me.

I also managed to finish the outline to the Father's Day sermon so that I don't have to worry about that when I return from my vacation. I will have that printed up tomorrow at the office and finish adding it and the Scripture for that Sunday to the PowerPoint slides tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow affords me what may be our last Bible Study before the Summer break. Yesterday I was thinking there would be four or five show up, but it seems that the many I did count as being out of town this coming Sunday won't be leaving until the weekend starts. So, we just may have eight, nine or with a little luck, ten folks show up tomorrow. The problem is I don't have anybody lined up to get some snacks or desserts for the occasion. We usually have one or two folks bring them, sometimes, they bring finger foods (like pimento cheese or chicken salad sandwiches or chicken wings). I guess maybe I should do that this time. There are soft drinks and coffee always available.

In yesterday's rant I went on about the number of people who won't be at church next Sunday while I am gone and a guest speaker takes my place. I also grumbled a bit about the large number of folks who have left their churches around the area (including mine) and have taken up attending the "new" church in town. It is not so new since it is nine years old, but now it can be called the largest church in Isle of Wight County. So many people are going there and their youth and children's ministry is phenomenal.

Well yesterday, they weren't the only church with kids at worship. We had two! Again, they were the daughters of Courtney and Andrew Freeman and I forgot to look on the bright side of things yesterday and shout to the mountain tops that we had kids present! By the way, we haven't had any youth or kids in church since before the pandemic, except when Mark Clayton 17 year old son came a couple of Sunday's during the winter and his wife' youngest - a 9 year old - came one week. They both attend churches that have something for kids and youth - which we don't. We should have something for youth and kids, but you have to remember that we have no workers anymore. All the workers are at the "new" church.

I can't keep on like this about that church. Between 2014 when my secretary left the church to affiliate with this new one and about a year ago, I was often in an obsession over it. When one of my Deacons or other church members would ask me why someone left the church or where have they been for so long, it was always the same. "Well, they are attending Elevate Church now." I am no longer asked where the youth have gone (children when I first arrived at Windsor Baptist), they know the answer. They are going to elevate and playing guitar or keyboards or leading in some praise team, or participating in their big youth get-togethers.

Like I said, I need to stop festering of this. Mine is a church of yesterday. Theirs is the church of today. Ours is a heritage, theirs is a movement. The problem is they have money and resources. We have memories.

Speaking of memories, mine are often good. The ones that are not are lessons. Good memories are often just that and can no longer be repeated or relived. Bad memories haunt me and they sometimes reappear, especially at times I do not want them to.

I have often spoken about those nearly three years in Maryland. There is not one thing I can do to repeat or replicate that experience. Even if I were to go back there and move in to the same house (which is vacant the last I heard), it still would not be the same. What was once a left-of-center state has become a hot bed for Communism. In some districts there are no Republicans to be found (even liberal ones). Even though the Governor is a Republican, like several before him, he ran as a Democrat for the nomination and lost, but since the GOP doesn't nominate anyone anymore, he ran as a Republican, giving him more time to campaign against the man who beat him in the primaries.

Enough about the state of Maryland today, forty years ago it was different although in most cases to far to the left for my tastes, yet manageable. Today, if the authorities in Maryland were to search my house, and find my guns they would arrest me, try and convict me and sentence me to execution. (Not really, but they would convict me of unlawful ownership of legally acquired arms and sentence me to consecutive sentences of 5 years each without parole.

Times have changed and the good things I have experienced are gone. Growing churches are gone, stable churches are a thing of the past, vibrant and visionary churches are gone. Those that are left are being served by energetic, long term pastors and they wouldn't leave them unless Jesus appears and pulls them away. That leaves the older churches, the dying churches and those that can't find their way out of the 60's. I had one of the former churches when I lived in Maryland. Although it was small, it had vision and vibrancy. The biggest mistake I have ever made was to leave that church under the guise of there being more stability in the church I moved to next. It may have been bigger, offered me two times more than I was making in Maryland and had many, many willing workers, but it was the wrong move and it cost me.

If I keep talking about this, especially the fact that I can't go back, I will find myself tumbling down that dark hole of despair again. Thankfully, vacation is less than 36 hours away!

And on that last note, I will just stop this nonsense and go find another documentary to watch.

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