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for June 8, 2021


Honest to goodness, the hardest thing to do is to get gone. I packed my clothes for vacation on Monday. I added the toiletries and the medications and vitamins and the snacks to the prep today. But always, before leaving town, there are things that need to be done around the house.

This being Tuesday, and a work day, I had to finish up the sermon I will be preaching on June 20 - even though most of it was done Monday, I still had to be the outline on the PowerPoint slides and print the notes and outlines for the folks that go in the bulletin. I had a couple of other office responsibilities to do and couple of files that needed to be completed, a couple of phone calls to return and the Tuesday Bible Study to finish preparing for.

Then came the Bible Study and following that, it was home to cut the grass, finish up some laundry, finish packing oddities that needed to go with me and find the time to spend with Janice.

That was all before coming into the home office to type this little rant. It is late and I have to be up at 4:30 to hit the road around 5am. Since Janice can't go, Reggie is going with me to keep me company. Janice goes on vacation with me no more than once a year as her job is crazy and it is as if once she plans on a vacation, some one quits their job and Janice has to fill in until a replacement is one hand. Twice she was transferred at the time of vacation and had to cancel. So, for the sixth time out of eight and in two years, I go by myself.

I need this vacation. The affairs at church, or rather the lack of participation by others in the affairs of the church has dropped me to a new low, as you can tell if you read any one of three of these daily rants. This vacations promises to be refreshing and recharging. It is hoped that I will come back a new man. We will see.

So, stay tuned and come back Tuesday night the 15th to see if I have published anything yet and if not, I will Wednesday morning. I don't have to be back to the church until Thursday the 17th.

So until then,... stay cool!

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Blogs are about the blogger. It's as if he or she merely toots their own horns about the things they do, say and love.

My life is boring. I read, I watch Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. I listen to Andrew Wilkow. I engage in some conversation with those who are willing to listen (they being masochistic and enjoy killing themselves with my banter).

I plan on just laying out the things that bother me and the things I love. Nothing in-between. I hope you find whatever I put here amusing.