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for March 24, 2021


Trying to decide what to write about in these columns is not always easy. Sometimes something happens around the house, in the yard, at the church, in some store, down the road or (my personal favorite) in this God-forsaken country. It is truly easy to write about three to fifteen things each day that the Far-LEFT is doing to destroy the country and change our lives forever. But sometimes, I tire of moaning and complaining about those Marxist pieces of excrement.

I don't always want to rant about my situations or wallow in self-pity over things that are not turning out right for me, my church or my family. It becomes the daily harangue, the usual claptrap, the mundane tirade that I know my readers (all three of them - I think I lost one with all the vociferations about the Democrats and the Communists (one-and-the-same, nowadays).

I was going to just ignore the news of eminent demise and talk about something different, but that would almost always fall back on talking about --- ME! I tend to do enough of that and I just don't want to do it today.

I will say that I had a great night's sleep last night and woke up this morning to cloudy skies, light rain and a burning desire to stay in bed. After all, it was a good day to do that - listening to the pitter patter of raindrops hitting the roof.

I had to get up and go over to church to see if the long-awaited appearance of the new router-modem came in, but - NO! It seems that it is caught up in the US Postal Service somewhere between New Jersey and here. It was mailed out Friday. It wasn't at the church so I performed a number of workarounds for the Secretary, who does not work on Wednesdays. I finished up the Church bulletin for Sunday so I could bring it home to print out on my home printer. I also did the same with my sermon outline. I made a copy of each and Janice took it to the church with her tonight to lay on the Secretary's desk so she can copy them on the Church's copy machine in the morning. Since I spent the better part of the day at the office, I didn't have time to compose my daily blog (jabber) until now. It is just after 7 PM and I really don't want to go on about me.

I will, however, fulminate about the Postal Service. Last night, while watching the 11 o'clock news, a report was given about upcoming changes in the postal service. The headline said, "Changes are coming to the US Postal Service and a lot the changes won't be well received." What are they going to do now (or not do)? It seems that they are scaling back on their mailing services by eliminating about 20 percent of postal delivery personnel. They are also cutting about 15% of clerks positions, merging smaller post offices with other smaller to medium sized offices. Eliminating over 1200 management positions. With these cuts come extending the reception of first class mail by one day; second class by two days and no longer promising that third class mail will get to its recipients within a week. In many towns of 3000 to 7500 residents, mail service may be staggered for delievery every other day or 4 days out of 6 only. And on top of that ... you guessed it. The price of a stamp will go up. One proposal is a yearly increase from the fall of 2021 to the beginning of 2026 where the price of first class postage would hit $1.00!!

So typical of the federal government and government run programs - the prices go up, the services get poorer and the level of satisfaction goes through the basement floor. Can you image, mailing your enrollment in to the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes for a dollar on the stamp and it not getting their on time? You had thirty days to enroll, but it took forty to get the card back to them. Your government run Postal Service at work. It is kind of like government run health care, government run education system, government run welfare programs, etc., etc., etc.

OK, I am done. I have two police units in front of my house, actually responding to what appears to be a domestic situation and I am sure this is going to be entertaining. I am also sure that I will have something to regale you with tomorrow. I am thinking about ranting over that fellow who identifies as a woman that the Senate just approved to be the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services. Yep, every Democrat voted for him/her and the two women who should be Democrats but are Republicans in name only. Yeah, I think I will seethe over that one in the morning.

By the way, anyone notice the several synonyms I have used in this post for the word "rant"? Yeah, I am just trying to be clever.

Until tomorrrow ...

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