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for March 25, 2021


It's turning into another nice day - weather-wise. I doubt if it will be a nice day for doing business. It's a little after 12 noon and I have been on hold with Verizon about the Church's service since 10:45. So far, I have spoken to customer service, the ordering department, maintenance and tech support. Now I am on hold waiting on the lady in the business office. It's all about a router/modem to our DSL line at church. As I wrote about last Thursday, I had to order a new DSL router/modem for the church, which I did on Friday and (as I told you then). Somehow, the order didn't get through. As I wait on their return to the line, they are trying to trace whether it did get sent out, or if the clerk in the office (who spoke very broken English) botched the order and didn't have it mailed.

We have work to do in the office. We can access the internet via hotspot by our cell phone, but I am the only one with unlimited data and the secretary and treasurer have only 2 or 4 gigs of data service a month.

I can't always be in the office and I can't just leave my phone their for them to use while I am out. We have payroll to do tomorrow and that is my day off and I do have other things I would have to work around if I have to go in and sit for the office workers to use my hotspot.

Verizon is one of the big conglomerates that are "too big to fail." They think they are the only business who can provide a service. Well, Spectrum is a good alternative. I have no problem dropping Verizon if I don't get satisfaction TODAY!

Janice and I got our stimulus check today. This is the one of the ways the government is enticing us to become dependent on it. I know, a large number of people have been affected by the pandemic to the extent that they have lost their businesses, jobs and, by extension, their income. But I am truly convinced that, as Saul Alinsky and the entire Democrat Party is so attuned to do, they never let a crisis go to waste in order to accomplish their radical plans to utterly transform America. Getting people dependent on the government for all kinds of bail out will get us to the place that when the money runs out, so will the dependency checks. Like the proverbial "frog in a beaker" the government will treat us like frogs that feel the comfort of a little heat gradually turned up over time until, in our comfort, we cook to the boiling point and blow up.

Still on hold!

I was going to say that Janice and I got our stimulus checks and guess what we are going to us them for? Well, wouldn't you know we owe the federal government $1582 for our 2020 taxes? It seems that Janice got an overpayment from her late aunt's estate in which not enough money was taken out for federal taxes. We are getting nearly $1300 back from the state because we always overpay them out of the payroll deduction. We just didn't anticipate the shortage from the federal. So much for most of the stimulus money. Back to Uncle Sam it goes.

Darn it! I just got disconnected from Verizon. Now I have to go through all that automation B.S. again. Then, after that, if I get a hold of a live person, I have to ascertain which department I need. I should be back to this in an hour ...

Twenty minutes later ...

Well, I got to the right department without too much of a hitch, but only after going that the automated crap.  Guess what? After explaining to yet another person (not the one I was originally talking to before the disconnect) I am on hold again! Just waiting to see if they can overnight the modem; the lady couldn't even tell me that so she had to talk to her supervisor - or whoever is in charge of mailing.

This is a royal pain.

I think I will just go ahead and upload this blog. Maybe, when I get some satisfaction from Verizon and everything calms down, I can come back to this and enter some more wonderful words of happiness and love. Yeah, right! Oh, wait ...

Pause ...

Finally, I got an order number, a tracking number and a backup address in case no one is at the church to answer the doorbell (which works via the router, so - when the UPS man rings it, we won't hear it). The router is on the way! Boy, I thought I was not going to be able to come back here and bloviate for hours.

Hey, "Bloviate"! That is another term I can use in the place of the term "rant." If you read yesterday's blog, you would have seen that I started to use various terms in place of "rant." I got my trusty thesaurus and just started to change up words.

Now the question is: Do I want to continue this blog, finish it up later, or just call it quits for the day and hope the rest of the day goes by without a hitch? I'll tell you what ... let me stop now, go and finish the book I started earlier this week Primal Screams. It's about identity politics and sexual identity issues that run our plitical structures today. I will have to come back here and write a review of some sort on the book. It is a good read and rather short, about 120 pages.

Yeah, let me see how it goes. If all I am going to do today is finsih the book, I won't come back today, but will probably review the book tomorrow and perorate. How do you like that synonym? There are so many that I can use without resorting to the most popular synonym for ranting = "b**ch". I don't dare write that term out in its full form, because someone at church might read it and think: "Does that preacher even know what the term means?" I should follow that up with an "LOL"

OK, It's settled then. I'll read the book and tell you about it tomorrow. Until then ...

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