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for March 27, 2021


It is another beautiful day in the neighborhood! The temperatures are at a perfect 69 degrees and a light gentle easterly breeze is blowing. It's a great day for Janice to be outside planting some flowers and shrubs, but she also is ready to plant the first group of lettuce. The main veggies like the peas, green beans and broccoli and tomatoes get planted next week. She plans on planting something tomorrow. I think it is the squash and the cucumbers. I don't know how and when to plant those things. That is her hobby and because I have black thumbs instead of green she keeps me away from the garden as she does the planting and later the harvesting.

We went to Lowes to buy some solar yard lights to go around her flower garden in the back yard and up the side walk to the front door today. We already had 18 of the yard lights and they were weathered pretty good to where we had to bleach the plastic glass. We also had to replace some of the rechargeable batteries that go in them as we have had those lights for about eight or nine years. We are going to put the new ones in place soon as we are awaiting the sun to finish the initial charging.

I have to say, Janice's yard and gardens are going to look premo this year.

It's Saturday so that means that sometime today I have to get myself psyched up for church tomorrow. It is Palm Sunday and we should have a few more people there than were last week. It is had to predict anymore, thanks to the pandemic. I have about twelve regulars who are now starting on their second year of non-attendance. Half of those, I believe, will never come back. They are so used to watching the services online and staying home. I hear that is becoming a major issue with churches all across the country. I read that a couple of Pastors will be turning off the video as soon as its feasible and the pandemic is considered "past." They, like I, don't believe that is going to get them back into church. They will just watch a service from some other church and consider it "faithful attendance."

Back to church tomorrow, Janice and I are going to a small celebratory luncheon in honor of our oldest active member tomorrow. Harriet Wills is as active and outgoing as a 40 year old. She is the Social Butterfly of Suffolk and has never met a stranger. She has outlived her daughter and two husbands and has only a nephew living in the area. Her only son lives in the western part of the state, but stays in Kennesaw, Georgia teaching at a university there during the school year. She, in effect, is all alone, but she does have her church family, two groups of women she plays bridge with on a weekly basis, is a member of the Daughters of the Confederacy, is a member of a group of women who dress up and socialize by wearing red hats (they are called "The Red Hatters") and volunteers at the hospital in Suffolk. She also gets involved with area activities and attends water aerobics three times a week.

Harriet will be 93 tomorrow and over the last few years, since she has no family around, she plans her birthday parties. She is a "party animal." She normally hosts five to seven Christmas parties at her house each year and chooses to go out to celebrate her birthday. She has chosen one of the most expensive restaurants in the area - The Smithfield Station, a seafood restaurant located on the Pagan River emptying into the James River. She is being treated by our church pianist and her husband. She was asked where she would like to celebrate her birthday and Harriet chose the Station. She invited us and said, with a cocky grim, "of course, you will have to pay for yours and Janice's." Don't worry, I already went to the ATM and took out a couple hundred dollars for the dinner!

It really has been an enjoyable day and now I have to gripe. You ask: "OK what have the Democrats done today to tick you off?" The true answer to that is breathe. Each puff of air they intake costs me more in taxes. Really, the gripe session I bring out is the new proposal for a mileage tax that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is pushing. It appears that the Biden administration is trying to find creative ways to pay for President Joe Biden's upcoming $2-$3 trillion infrastructure plan and Buttigieg, who had a hard time fixing potholes as the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has a new idea. 

The first married gay man to serve in a Presidential cabinet position tell us that "if we believe in that so-called user pays principle, the idea that part of how we pay for roads is you pay based on how much you drive, the gas tax used to be the obvious way to do it, it's not anymore, so a so-called vehicle miles traveled tax or mileage tax, whatever you want to call it, could be a way to do it." He was responding to a question about taxing people by the miles they drive.

A tax on drivers by the mile would negatively impact the poor and middle class the most. Not to mention, the price of gas has increased by 25 percent since Biden took office in January, and is expected to increase another 50 percent by this time next year! Yes, we will be paying over $4.00 a gallon again real soon.

Buttigieg's bright idea comes as the White House lowers the threshold for massive tax increases on Americans. On the campaign trail, Biden said nobody making less than $400,000 per year would see a tax increase. That has changed in more ways than one. Now ole Joe is saying that may change to $400,000 per household.

It seems that White House press secretary Jen Psaki clarified on Wednesday that Biden's proposed $400,000 threshold for tax increases applies to families, rather than individuals, meaning the hike could hit individuals who earn $200,000 a year if they are married to someone who makes the same amount.

Psaki did not specify a threshold for individual earners. It wouldn't surprise me if it were just $100,000 a year.

Biden is eyeing the next big-ticket economic bill as a vehicle for one of the major tax hikes in close to 30 years. The planned changes include: raising the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%, raising the income tax rate on individuals earning more than $400,000, expanding the estate tax, creating a higher capital-gains tax rate for individuals earning at least $1 million annually and paring back tax preferences for so-called pass-through businesses.

What is it with Democrats? They have truly never proposed a tax they didn't like. They have never even thought about backing down on extravagant spending programs. They love to spend and spend and spend --- other people's money. The Democrats in power have enough tax shields and loopholes that people like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters do not pay a dime in taxes!

Think about that mileage tax for a minute. If you live outside of the city in which you work, you are going to get hit hard in your wallet.

Not discussed during the interview was the impact of such a mileage-based tax on low and middle-class Americans who do most of the driving in the U.S. The Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT) directly targets those people who live in Republican-leaning states, many in rural areas. Urban areas offer residents public transportation and much shorter commutes. However, the backbone of America’s economy is small and medium-sized businesses run by people who still have to drive from suburban and rural areas to get to work and buy groceries to support their families.

The burden of a VMT would fall disproportionately on those red state, rural Americans already struggling and least able to afford a new tax. My question is will the government require all cars to be retrofitted with a device that records the actual mileage driven? I know cars made after 2015 have computer chips that record such figures, but what about the 1998 Chevy Venture my wife and I have and still drive on vacations? Will we be required to keep a log and submit it on Schedule A at tax time? Will we be required to submit a photo of our odometer each month to the IRS for taxing purposes?

Every time the government comes up with a program to raise revenue it always hits to consumer in the pocketbook. And every time a Democrat is in a position of power he unites with fellow Communists to create the program without considering how to run the bureaucracy that will be needed to steal the citizen's money. Name one government program, one government organization, one government office that functions the way it should and as properly as it should. You can't! Every time to government starts something, it lasts forever and never runs well.

Here is a little known fact ... Democrats have started, funded and increased the size of every department, every executive and Congressional agency, and every welfare and human service program since 1849! Now you can look at it from the angle that Republicans don't know how to organize and fund anything, or that they are opposed to every thing under the sun. Or you can look at it from the angle that Democrats love to spend your money and grow a humongous government apparatus all in the name of running your life. Me? I just think Democrats are out of their ever loving minds and are too caught up in the ideology of Marxism.

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