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for March 28, 2021


Church attendance was one of the worst since I arrived in Windsor nearly ten years ago. The morning started out with thunderstorms dancing around the area for about forty-five minutes, but they were pretty much over by 9:00 am. Our church services don't start until 10:30 am. Could it be for fear of more rain? No, certainly not! The skies cleared out by 10 am, it was sunny and became very pleasant.

We have more thunder showers heading our way soon, but at this point it is almost 4:00 in the afternoon. Could it be that the threat for afternoon showers kept people away? No way!

We have some people who are under the weather, but we always have a few under the weather. This group of four this week, merely passes it on to another four the next week and they to another four the following week and so on.

Where were the people. Dave Palagyi, one of the men who helps with the sound system and sings in the choir is also one of my regular soloists. He prepared and sung a seven minute song called Watch the Lamb which was a great presentation. Nearly a dry eye in the building - but of course, there weren't many there today. Those who were out missed something really special.

Then the choir had a Palm Sunday special called The Day He Wore My Crown. They did a tremendous job and the few present gave them a real hearty clap and several "amens" rang out.

I preached a message on the Seven Last Words (sayings) of Christ on the Cross. As I looked out over the scant crowd I told them that I had never preach on the Seven Last Words in one message before and then said, "You can call this seven sermons in one." After a couple of laughs, one of my men said from his seat, "Hey, will it last as long as it takes for you to preach seven sermons?" I shot a look back at him and said, "Hold on to your seat!" He then laughed and said, "Too bad Irvin is not here." More laughter!

Irvin is one of my men who I always tease about the length of my messages. He is absent on average of one out of every two weeks. Sometimes he truly doesn't feel well and stays home to rest, other times he and his wife take off for Charlotte, NC where his daughter and son-in-law live with their two kids. When Irvin shows up, I will say to the crowd, "It's good that Irvin is here today because I have a long, long message prepared." When he is out, he usually hears from someone that I preached a shorter than normal sermon. He always says, "That' usual for him. One day I am going to show up and sit in the back room and listen in and when the sermon is over 10 minutes later, I am going to come in and tell John, good sermon today. I stayed awake the whole ten minutes."

In case you are wondering, Irvin and I take Christian jabs at each other just to keep a smile on each other's face. I could have really used Irvin's presence today. Not only would he get a shorter than usual message (24 minutes to preach 7 mini sermons), but I would not have felt so down as I do right now.

At the conclusion of the message, Janice sung a duet with our pianist, Irie Palagyi - Dave's wife) their sung took us into the Communion part of the service as it set the stage for our observance of the Lord's Supper. So, in reality the service consisted of three musical special and the seven sermonettes.

Really I am not so much as down as I am mad. What is wrong with my folks today?

I usually spend about half or a little more of my Sunday musings here in this blog with the weekly report from church. Every other week or so, it is sad, bad or just plain horrendous. The other Sundays, like last week, are fine and go over with little or no problems. Today, even though I had most of my workers there, I was tremendously busy up until the time the service started. When it began, my heart started to shrink. "Where is everybody?"

I realize this is symptomatic of what is going on in a large number of churches today. So many church folks have gotten used to staying at home and watching services over the internet, Facebook, YouTube and not having to gas up the car and drive over to the church. I know that we have about 10 to 12 people who used to attend almost every week who will probably not come back because they are used to watching the services on their devices. If we were to stop doing what we have been doing since May of last year, broadcasting live over Facebook and YouTube, broadcasting over an FM transmitter for those who live within a half-mile of the church and who show up to listen over their FM radios in their cars or trucks, I don't think most, if not any, will come back on a regular basis, if at all. Why? Because they have become complacent in their "new normal."

I have read and heard other pastor suffering the same thing, some are in worse conditions. I have also read and heard that there have been a significant number of pastors leave the ministry over the discouragements of low or no attendance at their places of worship. Seeing so few people, no matter what the circumstances, is a detriment to a pastor's well being. A pastor questions his effectiveness and usefulness with and among his people. I am feeling the strain. It is both disturbing and despicable.

I'll tell you what ... between the far-Left destroying my country and the lack of people regularly attending our church these days, it is a wonder than I even want to get out of bed on a Sunday to go and face empty pews. It is affecting many of my regular attenders. They are worried about me. One said to me this afternoon, if this keeps up, you will probably leave us. I can say with assurance that that won't happen. I have had dreams and musings that I will be the last preacher Windsor Baptist will have. I believe God wants me there, if not to help prune the vine so that the "tree" will grow again, then at least to see the church through to its funeral.

Nobody can ever know how it pains me to have said what I did in the last sentence. Tonight, when Janice goes to bed, I will mostly likely be out at the flower garden where my beloved Princess is buried and I will carry on my usual conversation with her. I will tell her about the day, how the attendance was low and how the workers (the choir, David Palagyi and Janice and Irie practiced and worked real hard to present their songs and I my message to a handful of people. I will ask Princess if she thinks it's time for me to pack it all up and call it a day. She won't respond, I know, but my mind will be thrust into overdrive.

Truly, I am exhausted with those Sunday's (which happen at least twice each month now) wherein I have a bad day. Sunday's should be wonderful days, days of enrichment, of purpose and mutual support. I have those on occasion. But not so much now. I just wish I could get my people back. I wish they would be happy and just show up and have a good time with each other and grow a little - spiritually.

Our far-left leaders, from the Congress and President to our state leaders (all of them Democrats, most all never darkening the door to a church or synagogue) have created a complacent and apathetic generation. They have encouraged the young to do their own thing and have discouraged the elderly from socializing and attending church.

An old preacher friend of mine, who I believe has passed away, used to always be in good spirits, even when his attendance was way down, he would always say "It's a great day to be alive!" And he truly meant it. Oh, how I wish Bob Neal were around now to perk me up. Honestly, for me, today was not a great day. Not in the least!

I wrote yesterday that Janice and I were having lunch with the oldest lady in our church who was celebrating her 93rd birthday. She went to lunch with us as well as another couple in the church. In fact the other couple was Dave and Irie, already mentioned). Oh yes we had a good time and enjoyed the food and the socializing. But it didn't turn my mind permanently away from my disgust. Sometimes I think and know that something is wrong with me. Today, something was wrong with about half of my active membership.

Yes, I will be doing a lot of talking to Princess tonight. Psychologists may say that me talking with my deceased pet dog is a true sign of depression. I think of it as my personal get away. I want, no, I truly need, to get away from disappointments. They seem to happen far too many times these days. I blame the Left, who do their diligence to push people away from God, morals and a righteous lifestyle and I blame weak-willed individuals who let the Left, and their god Satan, run their lives.

You see - I am trying to put the blame where it should be. Satan! But in reality, Satan does not have the power to make my people stay away from church. Those people stay away because they want to stay away. And the quicker we all admit that we just want to do what we want to do and not blame it all on the devil, the better it will all be. How? Because the real truth starts to come out.

I would just as soon people tell me that they didn't come to church because they don't like the sermons, don't like the music or just don't like me, than to make up excuses. Excusers are losers and excuses are nothing more than lies painted with lipstick. Just tell me you didn't want to come to church! I won't ask for a reason and you shouldn't feel compelled to give me one. Don't lie about it! Tell me you think I suck, or I should eat poop and die. Don't lie to me and don't worry about hurting my feelings. My feeling are already hurt because you just don't show up. It's worse when you make excuses.

Yep, I had a bad, sad and horrendous day. I hope it will be a long time before I have another. But if the current trends both in society at large and my church members in particular continues in this pattern, I will mostly likely have many, many more.

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