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for March 30, 2021


Another Tuesday with a well attended Bible Study this afternoon. A good attendance always helps my spirits out, especially if someone in the group brings banana pudding! Barbara Alexander did just that and that sets the blood sugar a flaming! Thanks Barbara - It's just what I (not the doctor) ordered!

It is a beautiful day. What am I doing inside? The temps are at 68 degrees and gentle easterly breeze if blowing and this is all before the storm. Sometime overnight or early in the morning another cold front comes our way and will bring a lot of rain and a drop in temperatures afterward.

I am going to make this one brief so I can go back outside while the sun is still up and enjoy the last couple of hours of daylight. I was thinking on the drive back home from church this afternoon about 1979. The year 1979. Why? Because I was listening to some music off of Spotify that I have put into a playlist that all were on the charts in that year.

I singled out 1979 for no other reason that it was the year my first child was born. I can remember the songs that played on the radio that I used to sing to him while cradling him in my arms. Those familiar favorites were catalogued so that I could go back and reminisce when the mood struck. It struck today as I heard one of those songs playing on the radio when I left church and decided to keep the year going. Here are the many songs I used to sing and still enjoy hearing today - over and over again:

Hold the Line by Toto
Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' by Journey
Take the Long Way Home by Supertramp
We Don't Talk Anymore by Cliff Richard
Lonesome Loser by Little River Band
Babe by Styx
Sad Eyes by Robert John
Time Passages by Al Steward
Romeo's Tune by Steve Forbert
Jane by Jefferson Starship
Get It Right Next Time by Gerry Rafferty
Just When I Needed You Most by Randy VanWarmer
Crazy Love by Poco
I Was Made for Lovin' You by KISS
Heart of Glass by Blondie
Dirty White Boy by Foreigner
Rise by Herb Alpert
Don't Bring Me Down by the Electric Light Orchestra

These were great tunes and as I drove the 32 mile ride to Lincoln Christian Seminary or on the back country roads between Springfield and Decatur or from Illiopolis to Taylorville in Illinois, these tunes were always in my head. Four of them, Take the Long Way Home, Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin', Lonesome Loser and Babe were the tuned whose lyrics I would change as I sung to my little guy and make him smile.

The year was 1979, the town (or hole in the wall) was Mount Auburn, Illinois and the occasion was the beginning of fatherhood. There was good music for a great year and even though Jimmy Carter was President and we had runaway inflation, a growing tax rate, high unemployment, run away deficits, rising gas prices, the stock market was tanking, the Iranian's were taking over our Embassy there, and many unions were on strike making the prices of food and other commodities go through the roof, I had my first born to keep my mind off of the bad stuff.

Singing songs that make you think of good times is always a winner.

Now to take my Bluetooth stereo speakers outside and play some more of those tunes from Spotify. What a nice day - and quite a contrast from the previous two days, huh?

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