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for May 1, 2021


'Twas the day before Sunday, and all through my mind;
I was wondering about tomorrow, how many people will I find.
The church is already for dozens and dozens to attend;
Wanting our attendance to rise and start a new trend.

As I sit here contemplating a good day;
I wonder and hope as I set out to pray.
May all my workers and loyal people be there;
And may they all have a heart that truly cares.

The above words, of course, as set to the timing of "Twas the Night Before Christmas." It just came to my mind while I sat out to write something for today's blog. You all may know me enough now to expect some words about the upcoming Sunday experience I go through called: "Church." Over the last three or four weeks, with only minor hiccups, there have been some pretty good days. With attendances have been up, the offerings are up and most of our workers have shown up to do their parts.

As for tomorrow, I already know our organist will not be present. I received a phone call from her husband that she was involved in an automobile - tractor accident on a back county road and her car was totaled. The discs from the rotors of the combine went through her windshield as she attempted to pass the tractor, speeding up in the process and not moving far enough over to keep from hitting the farmer. Gloria sustained major cuts and bruises to her face and shoulder and had her eye socket broken and some damage to her right eye. She is in the ICU at one of the local hospitals and her prognosis is good, but a slow recovery is expected. She had sustained no brain or internal injuries which is a real blessing. But she won't be a part of the service tomorrow and will probably be out for the next five or more weeks.

Other than that, most of our people are doing well and very few are or have been recently under the weather. I trust I will see just as many, if not more, folks in the service tomorrow.

This is another beautiful day. A secondary cold front pushed through during the middle of the night and dropped the temperatures to 50 degrees overnight. Right now, at 2:45 in the afternoon, it is sunny, light winds and 67 degrees. Tomorrow the winds shift to the southwest, pumping in warmer air and by Tuesday the dew point should be in the 60's with a sticky feel and pushing the humidity up to where you will feel like you are taking a shower without the water pouring on you and without taking your clothes off - summer is here! (Darn it!). I am not about to go on a tirade about our TRIPLE-H weather here just yet. I will save that for the first 100-degree heat index day of the year, which should be coming down the pike by the first week of June. For those of you who don't know what TRIPLE-H is it is Hazy, Hot and Humid. TRIPLE-H was a term that meteorologist Lorene Boatman used to say on WAND, Channel 17 in Decatur, Illinois back in the late 70's. He was able to save a lot of breath and words by simply saying TRIPLE-H tomorrow, instead of for tomorrow, Hazy, Hot and Humid. In July, the typical way for him to announce the weather forecast was like this:

For tonight, DOUBLE-H and warm, temps will be in the upper 70s. Tomorrow TRIPLE-H and 102 degrees. Tomorrow night DOUBLE-H and very warm, the low will be around 82. And the outlook for Wednesday, TRIPLE-H and a high of 103.

Looking ahead to Thursday, Friday and Saturday. TRIPLE-H, highs around 101 to 104 and about a 10% chance of showers each day.

"Boats" as they called him, saved all of his breath explaining why we were in for long dry spells with triple digit temperatures and TRIPLE-H conditions and would always call out the possibility of unsettled weather because of the humidity and the clashing of pop up systems that could bring some quick, yet severe thunderstorms, you know, the kind that last 4 minutes, dump an inch of rain on you, followed by sunshine, and immediate evaporation of the rain with 100% humidity!

I remember one time, the "humiture" or heat index in Springfield, IL (dead center of the state) reached 124 degrees, a reading that only gets that high in Vietnam! Here is an interesting fact, the previous winter (1977-78) we actually experienced a record wind chill recording in the Champaign-Urbana area (not far from where I lived) of -68 degrees! THAT'S 68 degrees BELOW ZERO!!

Ah, good times!

Well, upon my rising this morning, Janice only had a few things she needed me to do and I was able  to get in an enjoyable grass cutting. Enjoyable because the weather was so perfect for outdoor activity. Janice worked in her flower garden for the first five hours of daylight. She got out of bed around 6:45 and was out the door by 7:00. I didn't get up until 8:30. The back yard is looking better everyday, even if Janice comes home from work on a week day and puts in only 30 minutes.

After doing some weeding, trimming and grass cutting I settled down for a nice Philly steak sandwich for lunch and now I am penning these words. Should I rant today about those destructive animals called Democrats? Do I dare complain about the ruination of the country brought on my twinkle-toed sissified emotional Lefties who cry about the unfairness of having to do something to earn a living? You know I want to. but the last two days have been somewhat cheerful without getting my blood pressure elevated and running the risk of having blood gush out of my eye sockets.

I do have one thing to rant about that I noticed this morning while looking over the news headlines. From Fox News came this headline: "California Plans Early Release of 76,000 Prison Inmates -- Including Violent Felons." The first thing that came into my mind is "pull out those guns folks, the state is turning felons loose on you and you'd better be ready!" But wait a minute. Isn't is a capital offense for a law-abiding citizen to have a gun in his house or on his person? I know, not really, but gun ownership in that state is next to impossible and if you have one, you are either a criminal or an honest citizen trying to hide his protection.

What I wonder is, why release all of these felons? Now I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I do talk about conspiracy facts and I do address and talk about things the Left are doing and have done which infringe upon the rights of regular law-abiding citizens. I am truly wondering (not predicting, but wondering) if the state leaders are releasing these felons to make room for those folks who, when ordered to turn in their guns under a gun confiscation law of order, fail to do so. In other words, will gun ownership or possession be more punishable than murder? Listen, I don't believe for one moment they are going to let those prison cells be empty. Someone is going to jail, someone is going to spend time in prison and if they are letting hardened criminals (murderers, rapists and arm robbers) out, who else would be brought in?

To the Left, there are three types of people who they consider the bane of the country: White males, gun owners and Evangelical (Conservative) Christians (also orthodox Jews). I believe that if there were a way make and enforce a law that prohibits the free exercise of gun ownership, church attendance and driving/walking around while white, they would do so in a heartbeat and the prisons would be full of these people. I really do believe that. I know that California Senator Dianne Feinstein believes that no one (except her and her body guards) should have guns. She is also on record as saying she believes that those who, when ordered, fail to turn over their guns should receive harsher penalties than the average felon. Being a member of the Senate judiciary Committee she is on record as saying that she supports judicial candidates who would render the 2nd Amendment as an allowance of gun possession only for those in a duly summoned and organized militia, approved by the President and Congress only and thereby rendering gun ownership to these special elite troops and punishing those who have guns "severely".

Did I ever say in these blogs that Dianne Feinstein and her ilk (meaning Leftist Democrats) are imbeciles and a**es?

Alright, so California is letting 2nd and 3rd degree murderers, rapists and armed robbers out of prison and perhaps they are readying them for the new laws about to be passed for those who are not WOKE enough to be free folks. Your church won't host a gay marriage ceremony and your pastor won't perform one? Well, it's off to prison for them. Your father won't turn over his guns when ordered to do so by the new laws passed? Well, it 10 to 20 years without parole for him. You are white, have a good job and a descent salary but decide to protest the higher taxation of that salary which would be redistributed to the poor brown immigrants coming across the border? Well, you get 20 years just for being "unfair" and racist.

Now I went and did it! Here I sit letting my juices stew because the LEFT has tripped me up again to rage against them. And boy, do I rage!

Let me stop now and take a laxative. Maybe I should put my ear buds in and listen to rock music all afternoon so as to blast out the bleatings of the Communists. Perhaps I should watch a couple of episodes of Golden Girls or Barney Miller. Sometimes I wish I drank. Maybe I could "drown out" the whining of the LEFT.

God, please get me out of here!!

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