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for May 26, 2021


Here is one of the biggest differences between Democrats and Republicans: Democrats are in it for the power, Republicans are in it just to have an office to sit in. Democrats plan and play a long game. The Democrat's agenda is always going forward, sometimes and break-neck speed, it never rolls back and is never rolled back when the Republicans are in the majority. The Democrats control the apparatus of Washington, they control the apparatus of education and they control the apparatus of media. As long as there is a weak-kneed Republican party of as long as their leadership isn't ready to fight, you can elect a Donald Trump or a Ronald Reagan, but the entire machine is going to be against that person and one man is only going to get so much accomplished.

Andrew Wilkow always says that "Democrats hold power, while Republicans hold office." Hence my initial sentence in this blog. A lot of Republicans are happy just to elbow shine the nameplate on their door and then just strategize on how to get re-elected. Whereas most Democrats come in with an agenda and if they don't have one they just fall in line with those that do anyway.

I saw an article Monday that was headlined: "AOC Says She's in Therapy Following 'Extraordinarily Traumatizing' Capitol Protests". Can I say it? I have to say it? AOC is the most childish woman that ever climbed up on Capitol Hill. She whines, gripes and complains everything she experiences "hurt" feelings. Then she bit**es and moans when not enough cameras are on her while she gets ready to Bit** and moan about how white supremacy and white privilege is the enemy of the state and the ultimate terrorist ideology in the world. Even her voice is grating and is like fingernails scrapping a classroom chalkboard.

Anyway, in this article the writer said that AOC said she has been in therapy to learn to cope with the “extraordinarily traumatizing” Capitol protest in January. The Communist twerp appeared on the Latino USA podcast where she opened up about the trauma she experienced.

“You have this transition period of escalating violence, which really culminated on the 6th, for which was an extraordinarily traumatizing event that’s not really being discussed,” she claimed despite the media and Democrats focusing on the events ad nauseam since January. She also said that it was Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) who pointed out she had experienced trauma. Hey, got to keep it all IN THE SQUAD!

AOC said: “She was like, ‘You need to recognize trauma,’ Ocasio-Cortez relayed saying Pressley told her it’s “important to pause” because “that’s how you process it.” The ever ongoing opened mouth whiney baby compared coping with the aftermath of the Capitol protest with dealing with the death of her father. Oh Gawd!

Then, the "Destroy America First" Communist who is always into high gear overdramatizing even the most trivial of events, wasn’t through overdramatizing the Capitol protest either. She goes pm to describe how the “terrorists, insurrectionists got into the Senate chamber,” said the country was roughly “60 seconds” away from “a martial state,” and added the protest “was an all-out attempted coup.” She stopped short of saying the coup was orchestrated by Trump and Conservative, all-white, Christian men. She did dabble in the constant claim that Trump supporters involved in the protest were motivated not by election integrity but by her favorite boogeyman – white supremacy.

How anyone older than a Millennial can listen three seconds to her none stop banter is beyond me.

Well this morning, while trying to get out of bed, I came across the latest on AOC's therapeutic observations. It seems that she is  now arguing being on the U.S. Capitol grounds the day of the riot is equal to "serving in war."


Katie Pavlich of noted that AOC was speaking to the weekly public radio show Latino USA on Friday, and said members of Congress effectively 'served in war' during the traumatizing event that had "deeply affected lawmaking" and impacted the legislative process."

Well, let me remind my three loyal readers that the lying Communist B**ch wasn't in the U.S. Capitol at all, but in the Cannon Office building blocks away. She also publicly berated a police officer for attempting to take her to a safer area. Remember, she claimed she feared the Capitol cop who was sent to evacuate her from her office during the January 6 riot because he looked at her 'with hostility' amid accusations she 'exaggerated' her experience because she was never actually in the building that was stormed, and after accusing Sen. Ted Cruz of trying to have her 'murdered'.  

On January 6, AOC was in her office in the Cannon Office Building - which was evacuated but not breached - when rioters stormed the Capitol Building 0.3 miles away. 

Hey you Twerp! Listening to your lies and hearing your toxic voice forces me to need therapy. Quick, where is Dr. Gallaway when you need his psychiatric prowess?

Now this kind of lying is typical of all Democrats. They lie, lie, obfuscate and lie. It is their way of life, their mantra. AOC is the queen of grossly exaggerating lies. And SHE, is being touted by many young Democrats (those under 35) as the next Democrat Presidential nominee in 2024. She does have a very large following and comes in second behind Kamala Harris should Joe Biden decide not to run for re-election. She is also poised to challenge Sen. Chuck Schumer for his seat next year in the New York Senate race.

It would be sooo inspiring to have this non-stop talker in the White House, spouting her Marxist views and proposing her $100 trillion spending programs and guaranteed income to all people of color and of the female gender. We will enjoy hearing how she is advancing the cause of wiping of white supremacy with all her might.

I can't wait! Can you? My one wish is that someone would roll up a pair of their dirty smelly socks and shove them into her enlarged mouth. I feel the sameway when I hear the voices of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and the laughter of Kamala Harris.

Democrats, Democrats
all is not well;
Democrats, Democrats
Go to ...

In other news of the day, I spent the morning reading and doing a little laundry. Then, I decided to go to A. J. Gator's for lunch and had one of their great chefs salads along with a couple of glasses of sweet iced tea. So far, this day is somewhat relaxing, although I won't spend much time outside today. As of 2:30, the temperature is 92 degrees and the heat index is 70. Computing that to Heat Index and you have 98 degrees! But a front is coming, without much, if any rain, and this would make 16 days without a drop of rain! My grass is dying and the only good thing about that is I haven't had to cut the grass in two weeks. The only thing growing in my yard are weeds. Pretty soon, my yard will look so ugly with dead grass and vibrant weeds that I will have to cut the weeds, and sweat off about 10 lbs . while doing it.

OK, I guess I am done for today. Tomorrow I will head back to church and do some office work and make a couple of visits to a couple of members. Que sera sera!

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