John Corson's Blog

for May 27, 2021


Today is Reggie's birthday! The little man was allowed to sleep in this morning and only got up when he saw me moving about the bedroom. He was ready, albeit slowly for a fifteen year old Bishon Frise, to get the day started.

After going outside to do his business I fixed him some breakfast which he did not eat. Breakfast is not his favorite meal of the day. It's like he doesn't want to eat right after getting up. I wrapped up his food and put a bottle of water along with his food dish into a bag and grabbed him so that he could spend the day with me at the Church office. He did eat his breakfast about an hour later.

The day went by rather fast as I got all my office work done. I spent some time working on next year's budget. Although it is too soon to put the numbers together I did take some time to make some prognostications. The initial budget proposal doesn't have to be done until the first week in October.

Well the real big aggravation of the day was the traffic coming home. I truly thought I would be home about an hour earlier than normal, but NOOOOO! There had to be not one, not two, but three accidents on the road I usually take to come home. Actually, there were two on Route 58 and one on the road I took in town as a detour to avoid sitting in the traffic. As I write these words, (three hours later), I look at the GPS Google map and see that there is still red in the area of one of the accidents which means that traffic is still backed up. I got home an hour and forty minutes after leaving the office in what would have otherwise been a twenty-two minute drive.

I got home about fifteen minutes ahead of Janice. She had texted me earlier and said she was not fixing dinner this evening, that she had had a very busy morning at work, checking in a very large number of patients at the hospital and doing insurance work as she is doing two people's jobs for the next two or three weeks. The woman she worked with in registration was promoted and is actually Janice's boss now. They get along so well together and it was Lisa's job now to find and hire her replacement. She had one lined up and she decided at the last minute not to take the job. There have been no other applicants as yet, so Janice is stuck. And that means that for the fifth time in seven vacation weeks, she has had to work due to either no replacement availability or, as in the case when she was supposed to accompany me to Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada, she was transferred to a new position to start that week. I have gone on five vacations since 2017 without her. There have been a couple of weeks where I didn't go out of town on vacation and she worked both of those.

Janice is Ms. Nice Girl. She doesn't rock the boat at work and doesn't let anyone know that she was supposed to leave on vacation. Her bosses have really never looked at the calendar when they ask her to work - except for the trip to Canada. We had paid a lot of the trip ahead and didn't take out insurance for it, so I had to go or we'd have been about $1400 out of money. The hospital doesn't not reimburse for canceling someone's vacation and they do that rarely. But Janice has been there so long and hasn't said or complained about it in the past that they probably think that it is no big deal to cancel her vacations, or, as they say, give her another week.

Me, on the other hand, get truly ticked off and threaten to call the Chairman of the Board - a good friend on mine - who the President of the hospital answers to, but Janice said that if I called Rick, she would kick my flabby rear end all over Chesapeake. We have both agreed that I will just schedule my weeks of vacation - I get four a year, and she will go if and when she can. From here on out, I just make reservations for 1 unless I am going to see one of the boys.

Since Janice said to me earlier that she wasn't going to cook supper I immediately knew that she wanted me to order something from somewhere and then go and pick it up. When she wants to have supper that neither she nor I fix it is always carry out. She doesn't like to go out and sit in a restaurant much anymore. She comes home, plops in front of the TV, watches a couple hours of Law and Order (the original show) or reruns of Blue Bloods and relaxes. Today is no exception.

So I make a run over to Subway and get ordered up her favorite half-sub: Turkey and pepper jack cheese on Italian Herb and Cheese bread with a number of fixings. I go next door to the Chinese restaurant and ordered a chicken and broccoli combo with pork fried rice and brought them home. I woofed mine down so quick I didn't have time to burp.

Now, I am here typing this nonsense - full of food and with a funny oily taste in my mouth. You know what it is? It's the MSG. Why do the cooks in Chinese restaurants have to use MSG? When I was working for the public radio station in Norfolk, I would order food two or three times a week at a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place called Number 7. The owner and manager of the place was Xahnxang. We called him John and he and Ngaw, his main cook, made the best chicken and broccoli and Chicken Chow Mein on the face of the earth. There were no side effects from eating his food as he never used MSG. He once told me that just about all others use it, but he would not use it in China and most of those living in China don't use it, so why use it here?


I was given my "File 13" papers in September of 2004 from WHRO and not too long after that John sold his restaurant and moved back to China. Man, I miss that place!!

Later on this evening I have my weekly meeting with the team of pastors who Zoom together discussing the latest war stories from Washington D.C. and the Democrats war on Christianity, conservatives, white folks and middle-class tax-payers who happen to be heterosexual, family men. All the things the LEFT hates and tries to wipe out!

It's the same old thing almost every week. We have a website that is supposed to contain downloadable guides and information for Christians and pastors, issues-oriented news and opinion pieces, newsletters, blogs and such, but the five or six fellows who helped to get this ball rolling has dwindled down to three and I am the only one regularly contributing articles, blogs and updating the web page almost on a daily basis.

We will talk tonight about what issues need to be addressed. Joe will tell me he is working on a article and a blog (which he always says he is and sometimes it takes him more than a week to send one over to be published), Dennis will just sit and listen as he has yet to write anything, Roy has passed on his responsibilities of producing the monthly newsletter as he has taken on a family responsibility to care for his aged mother. His brother Charlie contributes only by way of his own blog which he has sent over to us for us to publish online. John (not me) joined us one time and he was a prime candidate to make frequent contributions, addressing the collapse of the country and what Christians can do in the demise. He has not been online, in Zoom, or made a contribution since the first meeting we had back in early January. We have one more, Larry, who recently joined us. He is a Christian Bible College President who wants to make a few contributions by way of opinion pieces on the institution of education and teaching, but he is wrapping up his college year these last three weeks. He may be online tonight, but I will wait and see.

Other than Joe and myself, there has been very little interest. I know everyone has other pressing engagements and obligations, but darn it, I do to and I make 75% of the contributions to the cause. I am really getting burned out. And you just wait and see, the week I am gone to Florida (June 9 through 16)! I guarentee you there won't be a single change or addition made to the site. That is when I come back and say, "Fellas, I have had enough."

I guess I will drop in a word or two about tonight's meeting when I blog in tomorrow's rag. In the meantime,...


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Blogs are about the blogger. It's as if he or she merely toots their own horns about the things they do, say and love.

My life is boring. I read, I watch Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. I listen to Andrew Wilkow. I engage in some conversation with those who are willing to listen (they being masochistic and enjoy killing themselves with my banter).

I plan on just laying out the things that bother me and the things I love. Nothing in-between. I hope you find whatever I put here amusing.