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for May 28, 2021


I received a book in the mail today which I believe will be a very good read, very informative and very enlightening. I know it is going to be good based on the dedication. Here it is ...

Dedicated to the millions of inner-city kids forced into Democrat failed public schools, which year in and year out deny them a shot at the American dream; the inner-city inhabitants of America's violent-crime zones run by the Democrat Party and its criminal-friendly officials; the innocent victims of criminal aliens in this country thanks to the Democrats' sabotage of American's borders; the European and Asian Americans denied equal rights and opportunities by the systemic racism of "woke" institutions; the small-business entrepreneurs and employees of all ethnicities whose lifework and livelihoods have been destroyed during the virus by Democrats' dictatorial shut-down orders; and American patriots betrayed by Democrats' contempt for America's constitutional order and shameless support for its foreign enemies - Islamic jihadists, China. and Iran.

The author? David Horowitz.

The book? His just released title: The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America.

I have only read the first chapter so far which is entitled: "White Male Christians." I don't have to spell out the details of what this book contains to be guaranteed and to guarantee you that it is going to have some eye-opening pages.

First of all, David Horowitz is a former Communist, the son of Communist activists parents and was once a close friend to Huey P. Newton, the founder of the Black Panther Party and was a member of the Trotskyist International Marxist Group and in 1968 he became the editor of the New Left magazine Ramparts.

He had a huge conversion over to Conservatism due to the ideology and Presidency of Ronald Reagan. He was first part of a movement of a few like him calling themselves Lefties for Reagan, but his full turn was complete in 1986 when he wrote an article in The Village Voice entitled "Why I am No Longer a Leftist."

Since that time Horowitz has written 35 books and over 500 articles in journals and news magazines taking the stand against the LEFT, Progressives and Marxists of all flavors. His writings between 1980 and 2015 have been collected into a nine-volume series of books entitled The Black Book of the American Left, a see-all, tell-all of everything he knows and studied about Communism.

He is the purveyor of a massive website called "Discover the Networks" where you will find literally over 11,000 pages of information, including the most comprehensive assimilation on George Soros ever written. He is also founder and President of a think tank - Freedom Center and editor of its publication entitled FrontPage Magazine.

Born of Jewish heritage, David is an atheist, but sees the demise of Christianity and practicing Judaism as the leading indicator that America is in deep trouble. His previous book, Dark Agenda, The War to Destroy Christian America caught even me by surprise that he would use the decline and certain eminent silencing of Christianity as proof that the far LEFT and their totalitarian push to end America is real and pervasive.

I can't wait to get into this new book. From what I have read by others, Horowitz lays out how we have ended up in the worst national crisis since the Civil War. He details the LEFT's embrace of Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism - the underpinnings of their totalitarian ideology. He also looks at the decades-long infiltration of our education system by ideologies hostile to America, our institutions, and our freedom.

I am looking forward to how he deals with the Obama administration and how it marked a point of no return in the division of America into two irreconcilable political factions.

One thing is for certain, Horowitz has no love for what the Democrat party has turned into. He spends a couple of dozen pages talking about their unprincipled campaign to destroy a duly elected President and their political exploitation of the coronavirus. David Horowitz never lets me down when I read any of his works.

So this evening I am going to watch The Blacklist - it's an all new episode. And then read the second, third, fourth and maybe the fifth chapters of this book. You can now see why I am not writing too much in this rag tonight. Tomorrow I will fill you in on some of the details to the book.

Until then ...

Oh, by the way: I just remembered that I was going to say something about the zoom meeting last night with my pastor friends. Only two others were online with me last night and it turned out being a group moaning session about the nation falling apart. We talked for an a hour and forty-five minutes or so. Joe held forth about 60% of the conversation, I for about 39% and Dennis about three minutes total.

There was nothing new and the promises that Joe was going to write an article or two each week, and no promises of anything from Dennis. As for me, I will write an article and make a blog entry every three days until vacation time. Afterwards, I may or may not participate further. I just don't know. Joe did let us know he would not be available next Thursday and I told them I would be on vacation the following Thursday, so there will be no zoom meetings the next two weeks. Everything is just up in the air.

Gotta go do some reading.

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