John Corson's Blog

for May 29, 2021


After seventeen days of dry weather, we finally got some much needed rain. Last night we had two main showers associated with a front that came through, both dumping about a tenth of an inch each. There was a little bit of very light rain early this morning.

Then came a good soaking rain with a few lightening bolts near the area this afternoon which brought us close to an inch and a quarter of rain. I'd say so far we have had a total of an inch and a half. We could do with another half-inch and we could get that overnight!

We were about two and a half inches below normal for the month as the total rain for the whole month of May was only .31 inches. If we get that inch overnight, we will be average for the month.

The temperatures are also supposed to plummet tonight, going down into the low 50's and the high tomorrow is supposed to be about 63 degrees. What a way to end the month of May.

I am still in the midst of reading David Horowitz's The Enemy Within and am not ready to talk about it yet. Don't worry - I will definitely write a few words about his work in revealing what the LEFT is doing to ruin our country.

I normally write about my apprehensions of the next day each Saturday, but I really am not feeling much in the way of misgivings or worry about the service tomorrow. I already know we will have a few of our regulars gone for the holiday weekend so I won't be surprised by the low attendance. My usual workers have all said they would be there so I am not concerned about being a one-man show tomorrow.

What concerns me is the large number of people who have told me they were not going to be in town or at church on June 13th. That is the Sunday I will be gone to Florida to visit my oldest and his family. I just hate bringing in a guest speaker when so many people will be out. It's truly embarrassing. It also happens about three out of every four times I'm gone.

Earlier today Janice and I went to Belks so that I could buy a replacement shirt to the one I ruined in the washing machine yesterday. It was nearly a brand new shirt too. I accidently left an Omega-3 pill in the shirt pocket from the day before and it broke open while in the wash. Fortunately it messed up the pocket and didn't effect any of the other clothes being washed.

So I bought a replacement. It was not too much like the one I messed up and I couldn't find one exactly like it. I also bought a couple of other patterned shirts, a pair of shorts and a pair of dark grey slacks to replace a pair that I ruined last fall when I was cutting some limbs off of a tree and splattered little droplets of chain-saw oil on them. At least I can use those for outdoors work next fall and they were replaceable too.

After the trip to Belks I came home, worked on another blog site, read a little and grilled some hamburgers after the big rain moved out. Right now, I can still taste those onions I put on the burgers and they burn the back of my tongue.

I am making this short as I want to get back to reading my book and settle in for the evening. Not doubt tomorrow's blog will contain a few grumblings about church and a couple of good things as well, but we will see.

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