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for May 2, 2021


I promise you, if there is one Sunday that goes off without a hitch that I will spare you of having to read about the mess that often goes off at Windsor Baptist. Today, we had a couple of glitches, but we (and I mean those who work mostly in the shadows to pull off as flawless a service as possible) made it through.

Today, it was the video, in particular the extended display (as it is called on a Windows PC) that casts the video onto and through our two projectors in the sanctuary. There appears to have been a mismatched resolution problem which caused the features on the PowerPoint slide show to shut down and the projectors to display the desktop of the PC. Victor would fire the PowerPoint back up, it would display for a few minutes then go berserk again. He did it again and a fourth time - three minutes into each attempt the extended display went out. Victor was careful to adjust the resolutions each time and by the time the fourth crash came, he has gone through each possible resolution as well as the display percentages allowed in the Windows settings.

We got through it though as I had to repeat the answers to each point of the message as well as a couple of the sub-points. You see, I put my sermon outline in the bulletin each week with a few blanks for the folks to fill in so as to help them remember and to give them reference should they ever need it in the future. The answers are always called up on the PowerPoint and the people write them in. Today, I had to be repetitious. Again, that is OK.

Well, how did it go over all? You ask. It was OK. it was about a half-step above mediocre. The attendance was a half-step above mediocre, although less than last week and the offerings were two times what the budget calls for, but that is always the case on the first Sunday of each month. We will be below the budget the next three week because that is the way it is. Probably it will be about $300 below next Sunday, $550 below the next two Sundays. Oh No! There are five Sunday's in May. That will hurt.

When the church service was over, there were a lot of the folks hanging out, talking, walking around, having a good time. Several of the women went to the back in the fellowship hall where they have preparing for a silent auction. There are a huge number of items that are going to be auctioned off and several of the people stayed after to see what is being offered and some of the bidding is already taking place. I believe it concludes in three weeks and there has been a lot of interest outside the church as well.

I was "waylaid" (as I call it) at least six times. People wanting to talk to me about the upcoming building program, about the contractors, the placement of the bathroom in the remodel, and such. Then there were those who wanted to discuss other items, like the problem with the projectors and computer, about getting together and looking for what is causing the interference and whether we should rewire the sound system, etc. Then there was another person who wanted to confide in me a couple of things and finally another lady who is making a contribution to the church of money to buy new appliances for the new kitchen we will be building. She told me that another lady or two were wanting to have a dishwasher installed, which is not part of the plans. Dishwashers are nice, but when almost all of our church dinners are carry in, most people usually just grab their dishes afterwards and carry them home to wash. Actually, if the food brought to the church has been eaten, leaving nothing left in the dishes, they are rinsed and put into whatever container the people bring from home and that is that.

But we have two ladies who want that dishwasher! Now there are three things that they don't seem to grasp. 1) The lady making the donation is not buying one. What they heard mentioned was that the donator is giving $10,000 for two stoves, a commercial refrigerator, a freezer unit, two microwave ovens and a triple sink. They also understand that we have priced these together as being in the ball park of $8500 to $9000 and they want to know why we don't use that extra $1000 to $1500 for a dishwasher. Well, first of all, she is donating the above mentioned appliances only! We just happen to be saving her the $1000 to $1500. Second, it is not up to them, or anyone else, to ask her to buy a dishwasher. What gall, right?!?!

2) Running a dishwasher through a full cycle will take an hour and fifteen to an hour and thirty minutes. Is anyone going to stay around and wait for that to finish? Will the two ladies who want it stay an hour or so after everyone has left?

3) Since the dishwasher will not be used on a regular basis, but rather six times a year, will those ladies thoroughly clean the little pieces of food particles that remain and wipe down the basic parts inside it to keep the mildew from forming? I mean, will they pull out the racks and get their heads inside so they can reach up and back to clean it thoroughly?

Now I don't have a problem with a dishwasher, but I do have a problem with anyone who thinks that if there is money left over that they should use it for something the donor didn't specify. So, tomorrow night at the final meeting to chose the contractor and accept his offer, we will be deciding on this dishwasher issue once and for all. It was talked about and rejected at the last meeting but these two women, who are not on the committee and team responsible are insistent upon it. We have three women on the team and all three voted against the dishwasher. Both of these ladies have their husbands on the team and they voted against the dishwasher. But, the most adamant of the two is making her husband miserable and putting the forceful speech in his ear which he will bring once again to the table tomorrow night.

Here will be my resolution: If the team decides to stay with their original vote and not count the dishwasher in the plans then we will have to expect it to be added as an amendment to the motion at the called Church Conference to approve the construction. If the team chooses to add the dishwasher my position, as will be the position of the lady making the appliance donations, that the two ladies wanting the dishwasher will have to pay for it. They will have to go and pick it out and have it delivered at their own expense. They will have to pay for the installation out of their own pockets and if they use it, as they say they will, they will have to stay the whole time it is in use after the dinners, and thoroughly clean it out after every use.

They want it that bad, have at it, but it is no one's responsibility for their for its purchase, installation and upkeep.

When I decided to go into the ministry I knew that there would be those things that certainly don't make me feel that I am lying in a bed of roses. My preaching professor - an pastor with 39 years experience in small, medium and large growing churches - prepared me and literally a hundred other young men for things like this. This often occurs in many churches and mine is no exception. But when these things occur, or anything like this, in my church it is rare. I am certainly lucky because mine doesn't have demanding people. We have a couple who just get up on a hobby horse and ride an issue or a pet peeve into the ground every once in a while.

My phone just rang and the man on the other side is a member of the church who is blind and lost his wife about six years ago. He has other issues but the main one is loneliness. He has a sister and a father, both of whom live several miles away and have their own lives to live. Neither one can give up their homes and jobs to become a full-time caretaker for him. He had a girlfriend who would come and stay off and on but, she too, has a job and a life with commitments. Our man here is somewhat demanding, but he doesn't understand why there is no one who will give up their lives and livelihoods to come and take care of him.

He is on the line right now crying over the fact that his girlfriend broke up with him. He was being unreasonable as I know he can be. He is very demanding on people in the church, calling at the most inopportune moments asking to be taken to the bank or the store or to the doctor or any place that he needs to visit and these request are made at the last minute. Unfortunately, he has pushed so many people away with his cries for help when no one knows what to do for him. I know what he wants. He was companionship, and someone to drive him to his various places of need, to clean up around the house, fix dinner and do some general yard and house work for him. And his one real request about that companion is that it must be a woman. This man wants some semblance of a home and a male companion-aide will not cut it for him. As I am listening to him via speaker phone, he has asked me not once, twice or three times, but now five times, what do I want him to do. To tell him to give me until tomorrow when on a Monday I can make phone calls in his behalf to state and local agencies is too long a wait for him. He wants answers this minute and he has just asked me, in a round about way, if I or my wife can stay with him until he can get some help. He is now asking if there are any friends I may know that can come and be with him for the night. I understand his despair, but he is making conditions that are totally unreasonable and he won't listen to reason.

I am still listening to him as I type these words and I know it seems that I don't care, but these calls are frequent and the issue is always the same. But, in fairness, I should stop now and post this and listen to his cries and pleas a little more intently. I don't know what I can do for him at this moment and he is begging me to do it tonight.

Whatever happens, I am sure I can't give him anything more than a temporary fix, a band aid, so to speak as he will as surely, as he has done several times in the past, will not satisfied and the help given won't be enough. He does need prayer, but he also needs a "come to Jesus" moment where he begins to realize he is not the center of the universe. If help is given, he must learn to accept it on reasonable terms, not just on his terms. He is blind, for sure, and his handicapped does calls for some sympathy, but to require everyone to meet his demands and without due consideration for the ones making sacrifices for him, especially him waiting til the last minute to be somewhere and not giving the companion time to get there, that is asking too much.

Until tomorrow ...

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