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for November 11, 2020

Yet Another Holiday

As I spend time before my computer typing these words, I ponder the meaning of this national holiday known as Veteran's Day. All the while, I wonder what the next national holiday will be, and bet your bottom dollar, there are many special interests out there whose supporters want to take the day off and celebrate. I wonder when the first Monday in August will become a holiday.

What? you ask. What happened or whose birthday falls around or near the first Monday in August? Barack Obama's birthday is August 4th. When will that be designated a national holiday? After all, he was the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. Never mind he did more to end the Republic and create a socialist nation and divided this country beyond recognition. Perhaps we deserve this day off to celebrate what would become the beginning of the end. Probably we have to wait for the millions of eulogies that is certain to come upon his passing. I don't hope for his death one bit. In fact, I hope that this nation will be saved and before he dies, the truth of his treason will come out and he serve some jail time. Call it vain, but I don't want the Communist to die. But he stands a good chance of having a holiday in his honor/memory sometime down the road.

But enough of the predictions of the next national holiday for now. It is Veteran's Day and even though I have never served in the armed forces, I am proud to observe it and am happy there is a day set aside to pay tribute to those who sacrificed life and limb for this country.

Ever since 1919, each November 11th, Americans have been celebrating the anniversary of Armistice Day. It was on that day (just a year before in 1918) that the an armistice was signed between the Allied Forces of France, Britain and the U.S. and Germany in Compaegne, France thus ending the "War to End All Wars". It was in 1919 that President Woodrow Wilson issued a message to his countrymen on the first Armistice Day, in which he expressed what he felt the day meant to Americans. He expressed "To us in America the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service, and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of nations."

It took seven years before Congress adopted a resolution requesting then President Calvin Coolidge to issue annual proclamations calling for the formal observance of a national holiday set on November 11 and calling it Armistice Day. It wasn't until after the end of World War II in 1945 that the name was changed to "Veteran's Day."

Veterans Day is distinct from Memorial Day. Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans, while Memorial Day honors those who had died while in military service. Another military holiday that also occurs in May, Armed Forces Day, honors those currently serving in the U.S. military. This one is not a national holiday.

So today, we honor and remember the veteran's who fought in wars, defended our country and suffered loss of limbs, sight, hearing or life. World War I was called "The War to End All Wars" because it was the first - and hopefully the last - global war. It wasn't, as we all know history well. Nevertheless, Veterans, whether active, inactive or retired, should be honored and we should be proud for their service.

Now, looking at the calendar, as of 2020 we have ten national holidays:

  • January 1 - New Year's Day
  • 3rd Monday of each January - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 3rd Monday of each February - President's Day
  • Last Monday of each May - Memorial Day
  • July 4th - Independence Day
  • 1st Monday of each September - Labor Day
  • 2nd Monday of each October - Columbus Day
  • November 11th - Veteran's Day
  • 4th Thursday of each November - Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25th - Christmas

Soon, possibly as early as next year, one of these will become a different type of observance. Then, an eleventh day will be set aside as a holiday. During the last year, the far-left, Progressives, Snow flakes and the politically correct have called for the second Monday in October to become "Indigenous Americans Day". They argue that native Americans were here on the American continent first and they were "colonized" by Christopher Columbus and those who followed and therefore they should be recognized and remembered instead of the evil white conquerors who came over from Europe and brought pain, enslavement and death to them.

Then, there was the proclamation made in sixteen states this past year calling for the 19th day of June to be observed as a holiday. "Juneteenth," as it is popularly known, commemorates the actual day on which the last of the slaves were freed following the Civil War. It is also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day. It celebrates the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States. Originating in Galveston, Texas, it is now celebrated annually on the 19th of June throughout the U. S., with varying official recognition. It is commemorated on the anniversary date of the June 19, 1865 announcement by Union Army general Gordon Granger, proclaiming freedom from slavery in Texas. It is an observation and celebration day now, but in the next year or two it will become the 11th national holiday.

We will have two new holidays, one to celebrate Indigenous Americans (for the red race) and Juneteenth to celebrate the end of slavery (for the black race). All that is needed is a national holiday to celebrate Hispanic Americans (the brown race), and another to celebrate Asian Americans (the yellow race). Identity politics wants to play the race card until we are all separated and develop an internal hatred and distrust of all people not of our own race.

One may argue that African-Americans were given their first holiday in 1986 when Martin Luther King Day became a national holiday. Truth be known, that holiday was not only to celebrate the first and biggest of Civil Rights icons. But it is for all Americans who have come to learn that King's call for judging people "by the content of their character, not the color of their skin" was a universal call of unity and love. His was not a call to make white people feel guilty and to stand up and be judged.

Holidays are nice, but what if there more holidays are added to the calendar? What if the various other days of observances already on the several state's calendars were added? When would anyone work? Altogether, there are over 200 special days set aside for some sort of celebration. You can check them all out here.

Democrats have already created a couple of generations of lazy people with the provision of 72 means-tested welfare programs and the enacting of mandatory paid family leave and other like laws. They want their constituents dependent on them. They like the idea that they will give them something for nothing because they will always come back to them come election time. I remember back in 2007, while living in a predominately black county in southern Virginia, that the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Democracy Now, MoveOn and the Centers for American Progress would go into the many black churches there to hold voter registration and to teach African-Americans living there on how to enroll in the many public assistance programs the Federal and State governments offered to them. Two friends of mine, both African-American, shared with me that at the various voter registration sites, the teachers and helpers would show and teach those present that when it comes time to go to vote, they have to remember, when seeing the candidates listed, look for the letters following each of their names. "Always vote for the candidate with the 'D' after their names. Remember the 'R' stands for 'racist', the 'D' stands for depend. You can 'depend" on them."

You can depend on Democrats? No, the "D" stands for dependency. You will be dependent on them to provide your every need and if they deem you a burden on their ideals and programs, they can easily forget you exist.

WWOW! Does anyone think that holding this type of "voter registration" wherein all Democrat candidates are endorsed and all Republicans are called racist, happens to violate IRS regulations prohibiting churches from endorsing or causing the endorsement of candidates for public office under penalty of being stripped of their tax-exempt status? One could argue the church didn't endorse, but the outside groups brought in are doing the endorsing. But I quickly remind you that the churches are the ones inviting the endorsing groups in to do it for them, thus the church is responsible.

I know, you ask how did we get to voter registration, endorsement and racial politics from the observance of Veteran's Day? The answer is quite simple. Our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen did not and do not fight and lose life and limbs for Identity Politics, racial or otherwise. They fought for and fight for our country, for America. And by fighting for America they have taken a stand to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. That Constitution established a Republic wherein its citizens are guaranteed rights that are currently being eroded by the far-left. The far-left wants dependency, they want a dumbed-down society wherein no one questions their actions. Democrats would just as soon dump Veteran's Day as it commemorates those in the military - a branch of the Federal Government they had just as soon eliminate and forget. They hold those who wear the uniform with contempt. After all, every one in the armed forces swore to protect and defend the documents Democrats have determined to destroy and replace it with a Soviet style constitution, one that eliminates private property, the family, the church, and control all of the economy, education, media, healthcare and everything known to mankind.

As I have said over the last fifteen years, the Democrat Party has been completely taken over by demonic forces, bent of destroying all our freedoms and ruling over us from the womb-to-the-tomb. Maybe soon, our Veterans will have to fight against our far-left government instead of nations overseas. The attacks we are experiencing now in America are coming from within. They originate in the sinister minds of the far-left and, like a cancer, will kill us.

Happy Veteran's Day from my heart to those wearing or have worn the uniform. I respect, love and thank you for your service. I will never malign you, hold you in contempt or seek your demise because you fought to uphold the Constitution of the United States, defending us from all hostile forces, alien and domestic.

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