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for November 13, 2020

Friday the 13th

I woke up this morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks: It's Friday, the 13th!

Please don't think of me as superstitious. I really am not. I am suspicious, yes, but superstitious - NO! I am so suspicious that I am moving to Georgia next week! Why? You ask. Well because there was this clarion call to move there. Far-left idiots like Andrew Yang is issuing this call. It is going out to all Snowflakes, Marxists, Progressives, Far-Left Loons and Gen Zers and Millennials who have been properly indoctrinated in Marxist education camps called public schools. They are to move there quickly, find a motel, a rental, a tent or look for other far-leftists to put them up for a month or so, establish residency there (which only takes 30 days) and then, on January 5th vote in the two special runoff elections slated to take place on that day. Then, you can go back to where ever they came from.

They are all answering the call in order to vote for the Democrats in those elections and thus give the Democrats control of the Senate and give Socialists and radicals complete control over the government. I am answering the call to do the opposite. Vote Republicans! The current occupants of those seats, David Purdue and Kelly Loefler are being challenged by Stacey Abrams puppets who would go to Washington and push for all  those American-ending programs that would cost tax payers 10 to 20 more trillion and double the national debt overnight! The price of a dollar will be less than a nickel's worth today.

Don't think for a second there would not be at least 25,000 moving there just for the purpose of getting those Republicans out. Democrats are dirty, destructive, dastardly, and demonic. They lie, cheat and do whatever they can, including the breaking of any and all laws necessary, to stay in power. "Evil" is a strong word, but not strong enough to describe the Socialists and Progressives who runs the Democrat Party.

So, I guess, Friday the 13th evokes in my mind, Democrats. They are collectively (a word Marxists love and an ideology to which they completely subscribe) Jason Voorhees. Who? Jason, of "Friday the 13th" movie fame. He wields knives, axes, machetes, spears and the like, killing unsuspecting kids and adults, just because he is completely a sociopath without one ounce of compassion for anyone! - Yep, sounds like Democrats, doesn't it.

Anyway, aside from this being the 13th, I am looking ahead to the 23rd. Early that morning, I get into my car and head for Deltona, Florida to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. For the first time in almost eight years I will be with my two sons and their children. It is hard to get them all  together because they are spread out all over the country. Brad (My youngest son) lives in Wyoming. Chandler (his oldest) lives in Clemson, SC and attends the university there. Wesley (Brad's youngest) lives with his mother in Charleston, SC. My oldest son, Bobby, lives in Deltona and is hosting this get-together. His two oldest children live with their mother in Jacksonville. And, of course Bobby and his wife Emily have the two other kids living with them. With all the various step-families, extended families, former in-laws and out-laws and the obligations to be with them over holidays and the like, it is hard and very, very rare to have them all under one roof at the same time. It's happening this year and I am so enthralled about it that I will not take any time off from my visit to write rants here. Hey! After all, family is most important.

In other thoughts: I was sitting on the side of the bed this morning, putting on my socks and readying myself for another day and my mind immediately went to this blog and I wondered: "What am I going to write about today?" Obviously, it being Friday the 13th had to be mentioned [CHECK]; a usual bitch-session about Democrats had to be made [CHECK]; a thought about the upcoming Thanksgiving week and my pending trip [CHECK]; but then I thought about writing a memory from my time living in Mt. Auburn, Illinois. If you have read the "About Me' page or my blog of October 29th, you would see mention of this big metropolis (my attempt at humor). As I thought about, I decided that what I had to say could wait until a day when it snows (because there was a lot of snow when I lived there). But, it rarely snows here and this year's long-range forecast is calling for the warmest winter on record. So I can't wait for a snow-day. But, what I have to say and the reminiscence I want to do here is just not falling into place. I know what it means to have "writer's block." I do have a lot of memories and I would like to share them, and will. Maybe tomorrow.

While still sitting on the side of the bed, my eyes looked out toward my windows and see it is still cloudy. There was a slight misty rain before I awoke, so the ground and road in front of my house are wet and for the second day in a row, I feel the urge to listen to classical music, mull, and all the other things I spoke of yesterday. Then, it dawned on me: I have to get up, go down to Starbucks and get a caramel brulee latte. I need one so bad, my taste buds are trembling. Besides I have a challenge in which I can enough stars to get a free one on my next visit.

So, get off the side of the bed, put on your shoes and get moving! So, upon my return, I sit here, latte in hand, penning these words. Oh, what a day! In a moment, since it is too wet outside to get any work done on the yard, I will turn my attention to watching a couple of episodes of "Hunters." Courtesy of Amazon Prime, "Hunters" is a series set in New York in 1977 starring Al Pacino as head of a secret group of Nazi hunters fighting a clandestine war against a cabal of high-ranking Nazis who are in hiding throughout the United States. There has been only one season of episodes produced and the second year seems to be on hold, courtesy of Covid-19, but it is a very intriguing series.

So, for now, I am outta here and will mull, muse and gripe about more tomorrow.

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