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for November 15, 2020

Catch Me on Parler

If you are a conservative, a Republican and/or believe in the Constitution and loves the United States of America, Liberty and common sense, then leave Facebook and Twitter and come to Parler (yes, that is how it is spelled).

In the last three years, Facebook and Twitter have increasingly censored and "Fact Checked" postings made my conservative pundits, commentators and Republicans to the point that they have actually kicked these people off of the platform. Say a real bad thing about the Democrats and Radicals and you get put in Facebook jail (7 to 14 days suspension). When Democrat minions riot in the streets, loot and burn business and you show the video, Facebook and Twitter will use George Soros funded Fact Checkers to say these were Conservatives rioting and that Democrat minions merely protest. Then they cover up your video with the censorship that your "facts" were wrong and do not meet community standards to be posted on their platforms.

Facebook, which I now call the Nazi Propaganda Ministry and Twitter, which I now call Pravda, have now fully place themselves into the pockets of the Democrat Party and the Marxist Progressive movement. They are now officially aligned with CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and their new found friends at FOX News.

Slowly, but surely, one by one, the information we have come to rely on for the dissemination of truth in news has crumbled down. News has become opinion and news networks are now only hiring opinionates, analysts and commentators of Progressive persuasion and Democrat operatives who target conservatives and traditionalists as evil and bent on destroying America.

Historically, Conservatives have never been destructive. Why their very names means "preserving the status-quo." The status-quo is the Constitutional Republic to which we have belonged since 1787 and have continued to be up until the time Barack Obama became President. The erosion began 96 years before that when Woodrow Wilson, with his utter contempt for the Constitution, became President and ushered in "The Progressive Era." Obama just brought Progressivism into its intended Socialism and it took only 12 years later (2021) to bring Socialism into it ultimate fruition which is Communism. Under Communism, there will be the complete control of everything from our education, healthcare, money, energy and housing under the thumb of government bureaucrats doing the bidding of the elite who will control 99.9% of the economy.

Government control over media has always been by a takeover. Newspapers, radio and later television said and portrayed whatever was mandated by the government. This time, the media was compliant. It has always been "liberal" or sided with liberal causes, but with the Marxists infiltrating and then taking over the Democrat Party (which has always been buttressed by the press), the media has fallen inline with them without coercion, being forced or taken over in any hostile manner.

You are not going to hear anything about this, nor be shown how this is coming to pass on Facebook, Twitter or any news outlet the media controls. But you can learn more and talk about it on Parler. There will be no censorship of your words or thoughts, no kicking you off for offending a Snowflake, no repercussions for not being politically correct or for not joining the local union of Social Justice Warriors. Join me there and kiss Facebook and Twitter goodbye, or rather tell Facebook and Twitter to kiss your ........

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