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for November 17, 2020

What Is In A Name?

Names originate from other languages and different nationalities that, along time ago, identified the carrier of the name by who he was or what he did for a living. "Corson" is from two different languages and nationalities which, depending on the lineage, carried an array of interesting facts and legends. Their histories are intriguing.

"Corson" could derive from the Scandinavian side (more especially Swedish) and was originally spelt Koursen and meant a court bailiff or other official hired by and working for the King.  "Corson" could have also derived from the French side and was originally spelt Corasene or Cosene. The former meant a short-circuit rider; the latter means "court." I hail from the Swedish side and many of my ancestors moved southwest from Gothenburg and across the North Sea to the Netherlands in the 15th century. The family name at that time was changed to the Dutch equivalent of Cornelissen after settling in Rotterdam and the name's meaning remained the same: "Official of the King's Court" (although there are no records of the family serving in this capacity).

Now the French clan came over after the French Revolution and settled in New Jersey. Some even decided to move along the Lake Champlain in Vermont and a little north into Quebec where a small group of French speaking people had already put down roots. After Vermont became a state in 1791 a group of Corsons settled on Grand Isle near the Canadian border. Many of these died out or relocated to Louisiana or back to New Jersey.

After the death of one Jan Cornelissen van Rotterdam in 1643, his third son, Cornelius, would become the adventurer and would later move to New Amsterdam, which is present day New York. While making his first settlement in the New World, Cornelius changed his name to "Cursonwhit". We worked with various merchants until he was able to purchase some land near present-day Boston. His children, grand-children and great-grandchildren would locate throughout New England with Cornelius finally settling in the Piscaqua River area from Boston, Massachusetts in the 1670's. By 1685 Cornelius was given a grant of land at Cochecho Point in what is now Rollingsford, Strafford County, New Hampshire.

Whatever his ancestry, my common progenitor was Cornelius Cursonwhit. His father added the "whit" to his name as it was a Dutch term meaning "little son". He was the youngest of three children and hence the "whit." He kept the name long after settling in America and, in fact, did not drop those last four letters until the 1680's.

It is so interesting, not from a genealogical point of view, but from an occupational point of view. I won't bore my readers with my genealogy, for that you should consult my oldest son, Bobby. He has the lineage all the way back to Cornelius. But for my purposes, I just thought I would reveal that my ancestors, although not of royalty, were somehow involved with a royal's court. So, for the Corson's, you can say we were keepers of the court.

I personally think that history teaches us all something, if not about ourselves, then certainly about our customs as well as our outlook. History has a way of repeating itself as we are all prone to go back to the things with which we are comfortable. I will never work in a courthouse, nor be a clerk for a judge. Maybe one of my grandchildren will aspire to such a calling, but just to know that my family were Scandinavians and had fair skin, blue eyes and made a trek from Sweden to the Netherlands to the U.S. by way of England gives me a sense of pride.

It also gives me a sense of guilt. After all, the Snowflakes of the Cancel Culture, the Radical Left and the Woke want me to feel guilty of being white (i.e. European) and repent of my whiteness. Repentance requires change and since it is impossible for a leopard to removes his spots and a tiger his stripes, neither can I remove my whiteness, nor can I deny my lineage. Failing to repent, they say, will result in my losing my job, my status in society, not be able to purchase food, not be able to speak, not be able to have due process and I shouldn't be allowed to live (unless it is a prison cell).

Yes, I am a European, white Christian heterosexual male and these aspects alone should be sufficient enough for the far-left to burn my house down, kill my dog, beat me over the head, steal my TV and electronic equipment AND push down a sewage hole. Well, much to the chagrin of my far-left Communist crazies let me just say, I am proud of who I am and you can go ...

Oh, say, if you don't hear from me again, please look for my remains in a New York dumpster or in the Chesakeape Bay. Tell the authorities that the Democrats' little underlings have "disappeared" my butt.

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