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for November 19, 2020

Wear That Face Mask - Or Else ...

Have you seen what the Pennsylvania Governor has mandated now? You have to wear a facemask in the privacy of your own home if you have anyone visit you who is not a resident of the house in which you live. Pennsylvania already has a statewide mask mandate, limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings and occupancy restrictions at bars and restaurants.

But the new rules go even further. Masks are required outside where it isn’t possible to maintain at least a six-foot distance from others, according to the order, and inside where people from multiple households are gathering, even if they can maintain a social distance. Every person ages 2 and older must wear one.

My question is: how in all that is God's creation is he going to enforce this order? Will the governor's order require neighbors to turn on their fellow neighbors? What will happen if the neighbors failed to turn in the neighbors? Will there be spy cameras placed in everyone's house to watch them as they eat, sleep and look at the TV in order to make sure they are wearing their masks? Will police be able to easily obtain a search warrant to get into one's home to check for the wearing a masks? What will be the penalty for not wearing a mask in your own home? Fines? Jail time? The taking of your own private property?

This order explicitly says: "...every individual, age two and older, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall wear a face covering when Indoors or in an enclosed space, where another person or persons who are not members of the individual’s household are present in the same space irrespective of physical distance ..." So a person could be upstairs at one end of the house and if a non-resident person is downstairs at the opposite end, he has got to wear a mask! How would you know there is an infraction?

A study came out Wednesday that basically warns that "expressions of love, gratitude and friendship is illegal because it is a threat to society as it could expose and kill people." Human contact is an enemy! So when in the presence of other human beings, please cover your face so you won't kill someone. In reality you are to cover your face so you won't reveal emotions or ideas or be able to communicate with your face. You have to be masked up! For what? For comfort? It seems you now have to fear the people you have always trusted.

Here is the thing --- The Left does not want you to see who you are. They don't want you to see it, they don't want others to see who you are. They don't want you to recognize the infinite and God-given potential and rights. The Statists are demanding that we all wear masks. It's their way to rob you of your identity.

I believe the mandate to wear cloth masks are just a test to see how compliant we will be when we are ordered to wear other masks. They demand that you submit and be part of a group, the collective, and they are going to decide what groups and classifications there are. They will tell you the masks you will wear in order to place you into one of their classified groups. If you are a liberal, you were a mask that says LIBERAL. If you are a conservative, you wear one that says CONSERVATIVE, If you are a worker, you wear one that says LABORER. If you belong to a union the mask you will wear says UNIONIST. You're a TRANSEXUAL, you're a HOMOPHOBIC, You're a ONE-PERCENTER, you're a REVOLUTIONARY, You're a TRUMP SUPPORTER, You're a JEW. You see how this works? Masks will have "messages" on them, just as some do today, like VOTE, MAGA, BIDEN, ANTIFA, BLM, even "Save The Dolphins." One day soon, our Marxist overlords will require us to have an image of something they want to use in order to identify us with it. The image will be stamped on those masks. Remember the Nazis stamping Jews with the Star of David in yellow with the word "Juden" in the middle? We just may one day soon be categorized into the group that the elites want to put us in and there we will stay. Maybe we will wear a mask that is stamped VACCINATED, or IMMUNE, or CATHOLIC, or EVANGELICAL, or ATHEIST, or TRUMP SUPPORTER or JEW.

Line 'em up! Here is a wall for the EVANGELICALS and JEWS to stand up against. Here are the shower stall for JEWS and TRUMP SUPPORTERS to stand in. Here are the rocks for CATHOLICS to chip away at.

The Left is demanding that we all wear masks because it dehumanizes us. That is the intention. Without our humanity, our connection as sisters and brothers, we are not able to ascend to our place in God's kingdom. I will not comply. I will wear a mask because I have common sense and know that it helps (to some degree), but I will not wear one because you tell me to do it. I will not let you tell me what to do, especially in my own home!

So go ahead Democrat governors. Send in the storm troopers. We all know the police and elected Sheriff's will not comply - you know that too. You will soon be able to order the U.N. Peacekeepers to bash our doors down and, without a warrant, will arrest those who do not comply. You can arrest, try, fine and jail me for life without parole if that is your pleasure. You will not take away my dignity just because you want to play God.

Stay tuned as the democrats plot more ways take over your life!

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