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for November 1, 2020

Welcome Back Pastor John!

Well, it was my first Sunday back at Windsor Baptist following a two-week hiatus. Yesterday was actually the first day back at work as the church Brotherhood Group held their annual (and perhaps the last) Yard Sale. I was originally scheduled to be back from vacation Saturday afternoon, but when the group had to make a necessary change in the schedule, naturally my vacation had to be cut short, albeit just a few hours. That's OK. Pastor's do make sacrifices and ones such as these come often for most pastors.

Today, however, was not only the first day of the month, but the first Sunday of the month which means we celebrated the Lord's Supper, otherwise called Communion. Since May, we have had to use a factory prepared communion set where the wafer and the juice are packaged together into one serving and is disposable. This is a great work-around so that our volunteers do not have to prepare it themselves while still concerned about spreading the Coronavirus. I have always held Communion in high esteem and believe that this ordinance draws us closer to our risen Lord. I truly wish and pray that our members feel and even know, just how true this is.

I received the usual welcome back pats (nods, because of Covid) and was told how much Janice and me were missed. We were asked how we enjoyed the vacation, where we went, when did we get back, how many family members we saw, where did we stay, etc. etc. I did not get to spend much time answering the questions and telling about the travels as I had to swing back into the many things I needed to get done before the worship service was to start.

It was a chilly, overcast day and by the time the service was over, the rain came pouring down. It lasted for about forty-five minutes. There was a brief meeting with my Deacons in preparation for our annual Church Conference just ten days away. We had a couple of items to go over and then, off we went. By the time that meeting was over the rain started coming down in buckets. A few short minutes later and as we drove from the church, the rain started slowing down and thinning out.

We ended up going to a Steakhouse Restaurant, owned, and operated by a Greek family. That is important to me because ever since my Mom and Dad introduced me to the Greek-cooked hamburger steak, I became convinced that the Greeks are the only ones who can cook it to perfection. I had been craving one since the preceding weekend while on vacation in Tennessee. We stayed at this motel located next door to a Greek establishment and I thought: “Yeah, let’s go next door for a hamburger steak;” only they did not serve them there. Their specialty was gyros and served them in an atmosphere where it looked as if they only wanted to cater to the younger generation. We settled for a Bar-B-Q restuarant down the road from Johnson City in a place called “Piney Flats.” I used to live next to Piney Flats back in the early 80’s - a time when there was just that restaurant, a barber shop and a gas station on the three mile stretch of land from Bluff City to the Washington Country line. Now there is every fast food place known to mankind, six gas stations, a Food City grocery store (not even nearby Bluff City has a grocery store, other than a mom and pop establishment), the barber shop is gone, but a Dollar General store is available. Settling on Pardner’s Bar-B-Q was the next best thing for me as it was an establishment I frequented when I lived in nearby Bluff City.

Anyway, back to the hamburger steak … Janice and I were joined for lunch by Bobby and Shirley Crocker. Bobby is one of my Deacons, a fine man with a big heart and a penchant for guarding the old ways of doing things. When I first came to Windsor Baptist, Bobby was living in the early 1960’s. I finally got him into the 21st Century about two years ago and although it is frightening to him, he has adjusted as best as an 80+ year old gentleman can.

Shirley is a retired schoolteacher. She taught for about 35 years in the Newport News, Virginia school district – the same one I attended from 1st through 12th grade. She taught elementary school – 2nd, 3rd and 5th grades throughout her career and the interesting thing about that is, she taught just one elementary school up the road from mine. That means she ALMOST became one of my grade schoolteachers. When we talk about that near-miss, she rolls her eyes back and says: “Praise God I was down the road teaching and not at Hidenwood Elementary" (where I attended). We have a good laugh about it. She misses teaching school, but not the way the teachers have had to adapt today – with the virtual and online teaching, hybrid teaching and abbreviated in-presence learning, complete with the 30 minutes between classes to scrub down the tables and chairs the students use during classes.

After a nice lunch and conversation which lasted about two hours, we went our separate ways as Janice wanted to get back home to watch her beloved Green Bay Packers lose to the Minnesota Vikings. As I have said before, I am boycotting the NFL and even though I keep up with the Baltimore Ravens (on my Yahoo Score App on my phone), I refuse to contribute another viewing uptick on the Nielson Ratings because I really want the NFL to return to normal and quit playing Social Justice Warriors. Between Mr. Enormous Afro Colin Kaepernick and Commissioner Roger Godell, the NFL is a lost cause.

Well, here I sit writing this rant and, according to my Yahoo Score app, the Ravens have lost too so, this day can be chalked up as a good day for church, a bad day for football and a washed up day thanks to the rain. Tomorrow is a new day!

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